10 Exhilarating Amusement Parks in India

The rush of adrenaline, the squeals of laughter and giggles and the thrill flowing across the body. Defines the amusement parks in India; entertaining millions of people of various generations with their wonder rides and limitless fun activities. Even though I am a mother of an 11-year old boy; the eagerness and enthusiasm of boarding a ride and testing my energy level have not yet vanished. Let me share my zeal with a virtual tour of the top and best amusement parks in India.

Essel World, Mumbai

Spread across an enormous area of almost 64 acres of land; Essel World is one of the most prominent amusement parks in India. It has earned several awards due to its wide gamut of rides and plethora of activities. There are 15 rides for the kids to enjoy and have fun. 14 rides are for families that can be availed by people of all ages. The thrilling and adventurous rides count to 11, that can really freak you out. The key attraction of the park is “Monster in the Mist”; a scary ride that tests your tenacity to brace the horrors. Several food stalls, beverage shops, dance floors, bowling alley and shops are present to keep you occupied the entire day.

Appu Ghar, Gurugram

Appu Ghar essentially earned its name from the 1982 Asian Games mascot “Appu”. Later it was closed and reconstructed in Gurugram. The key attraction is “Skyfall” ride, one of the tallest in India. With its store of stimulating and electrifying rides, it is one of the favourite amusement parks in India. Tourists visiting Delhi, the capital city of India, must ensure spending a day at the park; intoxicating their heart and mind with the limitless fun activities. And in between munch in at the multi-cuisine restaurants and gulping in some cool and hot refreshing drinks at the beverage stalls.

Imagica Adlabs, Lonavala

Arranged systematically into three different zones with the unique theme of their own; Imagica Adlabs is one of the preferred and popular amusement parks in India. The Theme zone houses the exhilarating and spine-chilling rides; swaying you through an unparalleled abundance of lightning and energetic experience. The Water zone consists of the water rides for both the kids and the adults including wave pools, rain dance and swimming alleys. The Snow World transports you to a sensational wintery feeling as you scale through the rides across the whitish snow.

Wonderla Amusement Park, Bengaluru

The best among the amusement parks in India, Wonderla in Bengaluru is a treasure trove for fun and entertainment; mingled in an incredible fashion. a total of 60 thrilling rides both land and water are in its store; transporting the human minds to the seventh heaven of delight. The Recoil is its star attraction, the reverse looping roller coaster that operates at a lightning velocity backwards and forwards. The Giant Ferris Wheel stands tall in high, an iconic landmark in the city. Cafe, food stalls, beverage shops are present in plenty to savour your hunger and quench your thirst.

Nicco Park,

The Disney Land of the state of is one of the renowned amusement parks in India. All throughout the year, it attracts the locals and the visitors from far-flung areas to drench in its exotic store of pleasure and delight. The park has a wondrous combination of thrilling rides, rides for kids, family rides for relaxation and a scintillating water park Wet-o-Wild. A joyous toy train ride and a gondola ride offers you a beautiful tour of the entire park. Kids can enjoy a lovely time at the park amongst the see-saws, swings, slides and many more.

Wonderla Amusement Park, Kochi

Wonderla Kochi earlier known as Veegaland is crowded with vacationers and locals almost all weekends. It booms with activity and entertainment especially the water rides and the wave pool. The Wonder Splash is its key attraction where you board a slide entering a mysterious cave and then ending by splashing in a huge pool of water. The park has 50 rides in its store to keep you occupied in merriment throughout the day. If you love movies then do not miss out of its 3D-movie theatre.

Queens Land, Chennai

Apart from owning exciting land and water rides, Queens Land in Chennai has a go-karting track. Spread across a whopping area of almost 70 acres of land, it is a perfect destination to spend a fabulous time with family and friends. For relaxation and peace, you can sit at their lush green compound. Children will not be left disappointed, a park with numerous rides awaits them at the park. People of all ages can avail its land and water rides, almost 51 in number.

Oceans Park, Hyderabad

A colourful park vibrant with activities, quite popular among the amusement parks in India. Spread across a vast area, it offers a huge collection of rides for both the kids and the adults. The park has some interesting water slides, twisting and turning at varying levels of speed. Wave pools, rain dance floor and swimming areas are present for a delightful experience. A recreational area is especially present for the children to engage in different games, events and activities.

Worlds of Wonder, Noida

It is known to be one of well preserved and maintained amusement parks in India. Situated inside the Great India Place Mall in Noida and spreading across an area of 10 acres of land, it entertains both the young and old, adventurous and peace-loving visitors. “La Fiesta”, a special zone inside the park is its key attraction hosting several games, shows and events. There is a dedicated arena for sports where you can enjoy go-karting, ice hockey, video games on car racing etc. Turbo Tunnel and Rapid Racer are its key attractions among the rides.

GRS Fantasy Park, Mysore

Operating for more than 13 years, GRS Fantasy Park is a perfect destination for spending weekends. People from the adjacent areas flock in large crowds for entertainment in this fun-filled park. There are ample rides for thrill and amusement both for the kids and the adults. A musical water ride, Music Bob, is an awestruck experience. Kids spend a lovely time in the park dashing and splashing in the water slides and pools.

The list goes on, I found it bit tough to short list them. All the amusement parks in India are packed with stimulating rides and lively entertainment. Hope you enjoy reading them.



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