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8 Lipsmacking Delectable North Indian Desserts

North India is a hub of sweets. Yes, that’s what we term as desserts in English. Mouthwatering and delectable North Indian desserts are a charm for the people staying in those cities. Rarely you can find a household unaware of the sweets. Festivals, parties, ceremonial occasions, religious gathering, or a friendly meet, sweets are a must serve in the list of desserts. Majority of the dwellers of North India specialize in preparing the sweets, a pride to serve them to the guests. Exchanging or gifting a packet of sweets is considered an auspicious and authentic custom in majority of the cities. So now control your breath, here I present before you an awesome collection of the most famous and delectable North Indian Desserts.


Jalebi to me is an artistic sweet with twists and turns that need expert hands for that perfection. It is a fried variety, that imparts its crispy nature. You must have it at lukewarm temperature to feel the essence if its taste. The dough is made of flour, which is either poured inside a cloth or a container with a small opening at the mouth. You need to create a coil shape as you pour the dough into the oil to shape up the jalebis. Its a delight to watch the formations as they sway themselves into the hot oil. Once they are fried, they are dipped into sugar syrups for that extra sweetness.

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Gajar ka Halwa

Carrot in colloquial language is known as Gajar. The dish is a sweet made with carrots and is one of the most renowned North Indian desserts. The carrots are grated finely and then boiled in milk with a dash of ghee or butter. Sweetening it is must with sugar. You can add dry fruits like cashew, almonds, nuts for that added taste. Gajar ka halwa is served hot. Nowadays people even add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to it to enjoy a mix of the hot and cold combo.

Photo by Saveurs secretes on Pexels.com


Kheer is one of the delicious and appetizing North Indian desserts. Made from rich creamy milk and rice, its basically a replica of the English version of rice pudding. The sweet dish is garnished with cardamom, cashew and raisins majorly. Dipping a spoon into the kheer and enjoying it, will leave a soothing feeling inside your mouth. The creamy texture of it is mind-blowing, coaxing you to have it more and more. The preparation is quite easy, but the expertise lies in reflecting the creamy essence of it.

Shahi Tukra

Shahi Tukra is one of the rich and traditional North Indian Desserts. The word Shahi denotes royalty and Tukra denotes a piece. The ingredients are mainly bread sliced to remove the sides, milk, butter, ghee and sugar. The bread is dipped in sugar and coated with thick creamy milk. Some deep fry the bread and some prefer a shallow fry. Both ways it tastes awesome, a feel that is enchanting and succulent. Shahi Tukra is now becoming popular and common in the North Indian households.


Phirni is another variety of rice pudding, the difference being its made with grounded rice. The Basmati rice variety is the preferable one as its ingredient. The dish is quite popular among the North Indian Desserts. It is prepared in earthen bowls that imparts an added flavour to it. You must have it in sequence of small quantities to slowly intake and experience its rich essence and taste. The grounded rice brings in smoothness and richness in the taste buds.


The ball-shaped sweet is a powerhouse of delight with its lip-smacking taste and flavour. It has many varieties – boondi laddoo, besan laddoo, motichur laddoo, etc. The shape of the sweet dish is a treat to the eyes. The moment you watch them stuffed on a plate to serve, it is quite uncontrollable to hold your desire to savour them. Ghee is essential to bring in the flavour and proper binding. Dry fruits are optional but adding them imparts the extra essence.


Prepared with condensed milk, Rabri is one of the preferred North Indian desserts. The milk is boiled till it is dense and creamy in texture. It should be boiled in a low flame else the milk will burn. Kesar is used for garnishing the sweet dish. Nuts and dry fruits are also added as per preference and taste. Its is packed with the richness and aroma of milk, that tend to dissolve smoothly as you gulp in spoon by spoon inside your mouth.

Gulab Jamun

Ever tried hot Gulab Jamun with ice cream? An incredible combo that you should never miss to try out. Stuffed with flour and kheer and shallow fried in oil, its ball shape is priceless. A sugar syrup is prepared separately and the fried gulab jamuns are dropped into it for the sweetened flavour. The sweet should be served hot and you can garnish it with crushed nuts. I have a unique way of intaking the sweets. Break a small piece with a spoon and put it inside your mouth. You must not bite and gulp it fast, but roll it inside your mouth. Feel the pulpy part and then bite and swallow. Thats a heavenly feeling.

Hope you enjoyed our edition on North Indian desserts, will be back with more interesting dishes.

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