Featuring an Experiential Traveller – Brian Cicioni

Who is an Experiential Traveller? A globetrotter or a travel enthusiast who constantly explores new things during his or her travel journeys. Discovering cultures, traditions, local food delicacies, historical heritage and other unique characteristics of a place. Through their experiences you can enjoy a virtual tour of the region, deciphering the beauty of the place.

A Village Tour in West Bengal, India

The daily mundane life tires my mind; seeking solace in a peaceful and refreshing environment. A place where I can unwind my soul and mingle with the freshness of nature. Freedom from the regular hustle and bustle of life; maybe for a few hours yet still was my desperate need. So out I went and

7 Exotic Camping Destinations in India

Have you ever thought of mingling with nature in close proximity? Isn’t it a fabulous feeling to sit amid nature and witness the surreal beauty? Indeed it is, and the perfect way to experience such an intriguing charm is to spend a wondrous time at a camp in between the heart of nature. Today let

7 Amazing Eateries in Darjeeling, India

 The world knows of three things about the Queen of Hills:  Darjeeling has the majestic Kanchenjunga looking over the town, the iconic toy train (Himalayan Railways) and the Darjeeling tea. Well, Darjeeling is even beyond that. There are numerous places to visit. One can splurge into shopping from exotic curios to pocket-friendly shopping local stores.

22 Languages in India – Unique of its Kind

21st February World celebrates International Mother Language Day. On this day, I decided to offer my tribute to my country, India. A country diversified uniquely with 22 languages at its disposition, spoken by its citizens residing in different parts of the country. Amazing right? Yes, that’s why I thought of acquainting my readers with the

7 Exquisite Fruits Varieties in Kerala

Those who grew up in the background of villages will have tales of umpteen rustic experiences to share. Pleasant memories can emanate the sweet aroma of fruits enjoyed as children from the backyards, fields, and orchards around. We didn’t have to visit a mall to buy any of these. Walking around the yards and neighbourhood

Saraswati Puja (Vasant Panchami) 2021

16th February 2021 – India celebrated Saraswati Puja or Vasant Panchami, the way the religious festival is known in different parts of the country. On a lighter note, the day is also considered in West Bengal (eastern India) as Bengali Valentine’s Day. The fact that young girls drape themselves in bright yellow sarees and glittering

Featuring Food Bloggers – Purvi and Karishma

The beautiful part of our blog and our authors is that we are all foodies and we love good food. Our readers must have already checked out the food articles we post frequently in our blog. We have interacted with many talented and skilled food bloggers during our interaction in the social media platforms. Purvi

Valentine’s Day Poems – My Compositions

I normally do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. But love composing some Valentine’s Day poems or prose from my imaginations. So here is a small effort to celebrate each day; the way I perceived them in my thoughts and ideas. Rose Day Dazzle like a “Rose” Gleaming in your magnificence Shining in your brilliance Metaphorically embracing

7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Are you confused about what to buy this Valentine’s Day for your man? Well, then you are reading the perfect stuff now. We have a list of 7 Valentine’s Day gifts which are both special and of utility. Fossil Smart Watch Time for each other in our busy schedule is what matters most. As a

Romantic Places In UAE to spend with your Valentine

Romantic moments are often associated with romantic places. When you are in love with someone even the usual places can appear differently. How much more beautiful can romantic places be when you are with your loved ones? When you are in a country like UAE that gives ample freedom to be who you are, explore

Shopping Experience at Mumuso India

Shopping is an inherent part of our lives. I am not an exception. Especially if I am introduced to a store which has a plethora of creative and enticing travel-friendly products and accessories. I am ready to spend a quality amount for a purchase that eases my travels. For all my readers, you must be

8 Famous Suspension Bridges in the World – My Experience

I travel not to solely spend a vacation. I travel to explore the unknowns. The natural wonders, architectural marvels, religious beliefs, traditions, customers many more. Be it natural or be it man-made, they are a source of immense knowledge and learnings. The instinct to decipher the truth, tale and mysteries concealed within them is something

10 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Let’s have a more optimistic Valentine’s Day this year. The way 2020 has affected our lives, we all need a little more positivity and love in 2021. Express what’s in your heart this year on Valentine’s Day, the universal day of love. This Valentine’s Day, let her see the world through the rose-tinted glasses. I

7 Best Romantic Valentine Movies – A VDay Special

February is a phase when love becomes the theme of every thought and deed for many. Yet, the history of this special day doesn’t have so much romance and fancy attached to it. February 14th is the commemoration day of a few martyrs in some Christian denominations. There are several tales accounting to the origin

Introducing Fashion Enthusiast – Sonia Mehta

“Fashion Enthusiast” – A person with a keen interest and unlimited passion for fashion. That’s how we want to define our featured guest today – Ms Sonia Mehta. The zeal we have noticed in her fashion style is exemplary and truly remarkable. In fact, she is an inspiration and motivation for many. We recently got

6 Exemplary Bakeries in India – An experience

Bakeries have been my favourite place for food since my childhood days. The fascination never diminished even when I stepped into my college life and then proceeded into my professional life and married life. The passion for bakery food items is endless and limitless for me. The fact that I today planned to write an

6 Incredible Tea Plantations in India

Tea – an inherent part of our life. The most popular beverage in major parts of the world. I feel proud to mention about India my country as one of the largest tea producers in the world. Almost 70% of the tea produced in India are consumed within the country and rest are exported. I

7 Best Places for Digital Nomads – Worldwide

Companies present globally are slowly shifting to the emerging trend of remote working. Recruiting employees with niche skill and talent demands hunting talent across various regions in the world. Ring-fencing your requirements to a rigid full-time employment mode is not helping to achieve the much-needed benefits. Hence a paradigm shift to a digital nomad or

National Tourism Day – At Mumuso India Store

Tourism – a very popular word in my dictionary. Majorly because I am a travel freak and love travelling to numerous destinations be it National or International. The pandemic has led to serious loss of revenue for the tourism industry. People had to keep indoors and stop travelling with the lockdown in effect and other

5 Crunchy Snacks from Kerala in India

Being in your hometown ensures several pleasant perks. Besides staying with family and roaming with friends, we can savour the best of food that we love in our hometowns. Reminiscing the nostalgic moments would certainly have special flavours too. When you are staying away from your hometown you are bound to miss a lot –

Best 6 World’s cities for Street Art Graffiti

Street art, visible in some prominent cities of the world, is a reflection of a person’s mind and thoughts on a particular subject, an individual, social concerns, or political matters. The paintings and art forms adorning various walls and buildings and even the roads are symbolical in drawing the attention of the public. Yet the

Pongal 2021 – History, Significance and Celebrations

Being away from home country leaves you with nostalgic memories on special occasions. Festivals and celebrations back home are always missed. Away from family and friends means missing out on all the fun and live-action on those days. On a positive note, however, nowadays, it seems ex-pats celebrate such special days more meaningfully and colourfully

Lohri 2021 – A Winter Folk Festival of India

In my previous post about the popular harvest festivals of India, I have written about Lohri celebrated mostly in the northern part of India. The states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu indulge into the festival celebrated with great vigour and energy. It scientifically marks the end of the winter solstice and arrival

A Tour Guide of Greece and Gran Canaria

A Comprehensive guide for two amazing destinations in the world – Greece and Gran Canaria Tour Summary of Greece and Gran Canaria Starting location: Bangalore             Tour Duration: 11 DaysTravel Month: December (Christmas New year time)Number of People: Total 6 families 20 people including adults and kids.Athens: 4 nights                                    Santorini: 1 nightGran Canaria: 4 night                                                                                                                                                  Madrid: 1 NightExpenditure

National Youth Day – Swami Vivekananda’s Birthday

The twelfth of January (12th January) is a special day in India. Named as National Youth Day, celebrated all over India as the birthday of the great legend Swami Vivekananda. His vision for the youth of the country, inspiring and motivating them to think rationally and vividly, was phenomenal. Swamiji had tremendous faith in the

A Day at My Hometown – Kalady, Kerala

Kalady is a small town in Ernakulum district of Kerala. The town is more famous for being the birthplace of Sri Adi Shankaracharya; exponent of Advaita Vedanta. He is believed to have lived in the 8th century. The saint had left an indelible niche in history and Hindu theology. Kalady town over the years has

4 Traditional Harvest Festivals of North India

Festivals are an inherent part of Indian culture. Residents of all parts of the country engage in numerous festivities year round, enjoying the rich culture, traditions and customs embedded in the country for decades. Harvest festivals are quite a phenomenal part of the age-old heritage of India. The festivals are the testimonials of the fertile

Interview Series with Trekker – Introducing TravelwithTanny

We were waiting eagerly to host this interview series – a conversation with trekkers and hikers. Their ardent love for adventure is worthy of millions of appreciations. The brave-hearted people exploring the world with their daredevil attempts. Their zeal to fight the odds and reveal the unknowns are fascinating. The amazing part is to look

6 Best and Educative Planetariums in India

A bit different topic today, other than the regular travelogues, cultures and traditions. Introducing my readers to the world of astronomical science. India’s credibility in astronomy dates back to the pre-historic times and now occupying the top rung of the ladder among the prominent countries of the world. We, Indians, especially respect and attribute the

Happy New Year Wishes 2021 – From the Team

Wish all our readers a very Happy New Year 2021 The year 2020 was tough for many of us. COVID19 has paralysed many of our lives. The New Normal has altered our lifestyle. But yet life goes on. Our zeal for survival with positive thoughts is still alive. We can conquer the unknowns how tough

7 Intriguing Highways in India

Breezing past stunning escapades, gorgeous scenic views and enchanting panoramic landscapes are a desire for every traveller exploring the world. And you can experience this spectacular beauty in its super form only when you hit the roads and whizz along the broad highways. You can witness this awesome ordeal in India, comprising of beautiful and

Charida Village – A Residence of Chhau Mask Makers

Many places in the world are celebrating the Holiday season and waiting for a year full of hope and bright. I felt why not reminiscing the inherent culture and tradition of the place I belong to. Artists and painters of my country, India, are immensely gifted with curating exquisite crafts and artefacts. These exclusive creations

8 Astounding Waterfalls in India

The gushing sounds of the waterfalls cascading through the gorgeous valleys and embracing the mountain walls, are an experience you can treasure for long. They intensify the eternal charm of Mother Nature, enthralling the human mind and soul. The sound of the waters splashing the grounds, presenting a vivacious atmosphere all around is noteworthy. I

6 Prominent Churches in India – A Must Visit

The History of India is colossal, influenced a lot by the colonial culture. The reason being invasion by voyagers from Portugal, Britain, France and the Netherlands. Cathedrals and churches form a major part of the Indian architectural treasure trove, proudly upholding the historical heritage of the country. Their intrinsic beauty and magnificence is worthy of

8 Delectable Savoury Kerala Christmas Recipes

Christmas is around the corner. Every country, every community has a different way of celebrating Christmas. Besides decorations, prayers, Santas, gifts and jingle bells, food has a prime place in every household. Christmas delicacies typical to each place is a treat to enjoy in its own way. It can be traditional or unorthodox or fusion

7 Traditional Paintings of India – A Heritage

Traditional or Folk, you can term them in any of the names. The paintings of India are a testimony of the country’s rich heritage and culture. The ideas depicted in the paintings are being carried forward from one generation to another, proclaiming the ancient beliefs, customs and habitat prevailing during those times. The point that

7 Best Christmas Movies to Watch this Year

Season of Christmas is here. In many places, the celebrations are already underway. Houses and streets are decked, cakes and pastries are ready, and Santa and sledges are on the move. Everyone loves this time of the year. However, as we know, this time around, it is going to be a slightly quieter holiday season.

7 Wonderful Christmas Books to read in 2020

The feeling of fresh-baked cakes and cookies, the gorgeously decorated Christmas trees, waiting for the arrival of Santa with his bag heaped with gifts, the chill of the winters and the delicious aroma of the gingerbread house. Well yes, Christmas is arriving this year with the hope of a brighter, happier and an eventful New

7 Best Ideas for Celebrating Christmas at Home

Christmas means a lot of things to us. ‘Holiday’, ‘Santa’, ‘carols’, ‘shopping and gifts’, ‘party and music’, ‘friends and family’, ‘food’ and ‘outing’ are some of the words that come to our mind the instant we think of Christmas. This year, however, it is a lot different. With the new normal we may not be

The Magnificent Kanyakumari Beach in Tamil Nadu, India

Kanyakumari is a town in the state of Tamil Nadu (southern India), located at the tip of the Indian peninsula. Flanked by mesmerizing beaches, pious temples, spectacular waterfalls and beautiful churches, it is one of the popular tourist destinations in India. Every year, the town experiences a heavy footfall. Locals, tourists from India and abroad

Himalayan Villages Series – Rishop

Early December is the best time to visit little Himalayan villages. The dropping winter temperature and the warmth of the cosy homestays with magical views make the best combination. Today I will tell you about Rishop, a Himalayan hamlet at an altitude of 8500 feet, in Kalimpong District of West Bengal, India. The village exists

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