6 Breathtaking Palaces in India

India has been a land of kings, queens, warriors, royal palaces and buildings. Carved in intrinsic architectural design and incredible craftsmanship, the palaces signify the brilliance of the designers, architects and workers. Their immense hard work and dedication in creating such amazing structures have been appreciated worldwide. I had the privilege of visiting many of

10 Best Traditional Dishes of Bhutan

Before my trip to Bhutan, I had no idea about the varieties of traditional dishes of Bhutan. I was more focused on the natural and scenic beauty of the place. But when I was acquainted with the delectable food items, I was astounded at the diversified spread. The culinary skills of the Bhutanese locals are

Featuring an Enthusiastic Traveller – Jhanvi Bhatt

We are extremely glad today to feature an enthusiastic Traveller – Jhanvi Bhatt. You will be glad to learn about her zeal for travel and the numerous places she has visited. We were thrilled reading about her experiences and as a traveller how she considers Travel as a means to explore the unknown. She is

7 Best Oscar Nominated Movies

The 93rd Academy Awards ceremony took place in Los Angeles on 25th April. In spite of the pandemic forced constraints, the carnival of the film industry did take place this year. Although with less aplomb and glitter, and with less number of guests for obvious reasons. Besides all the categories, Oscar nominated movies to take

Top 6 Animation Movies for Young and Old

Guest Post on Top 6 Animation Movies for Young and Old Animation has long been an art form and in the game of its production. New players have entered that make it technically and in terms of fiction. As a result, the animation is now a particular category of the Oscars since 2001. Until then,

8 Renowned Places to visit in Washington DC, USA

The first country to visit as I stepped out from my motherland India to explore the world was the USA (United States of America). The purpose was work and business, yet I never wasted a single moment in travelling to numerous destinations in the US. Today as I recollect the wonderful memories of my visit,

9 Phenomenal Books of William Shakespeare

Literature had been my passion since childhood. Books had always been a part of me. My parents ensured I am fully stocked with different kinds of books to keep me engaged. I was introduced to William Shakespeare, the notable English writer during my school days. I still treasure his books and stories in my heart

Best of Charming Frozen Finland

For someone like me who is from the tropical region, frozen Finland is nothing short of a wonderland. Being in the Gulf sector means deserts, camels, sandstorms, and temperature averaging 45°C are normal. Quite the contrary is the scenario in Finland. Icy lakes, reindeer, snowfalls and freezing temperature rule the roost. With multiple natural locations

7 Unusual Restaurants in India

We bring to you a list of 7 unusual restaurants in India. Besides food, we are looking for an impactful experience that will be etched in our hearts forever. I am sure this list will ensure that some of these are up there on your bucket list. Tihar Food Court, New Delhi Tihar Jail is

8 Enchanting Deserts in the World

Oceans, mountains, rivers and valleys are favourites among globetrotters. But the world is gifted by some spectacular and enchanting deserts; mesmerizing the adventure minds of travel admirers and nature lovers. There are both hot and cold deserts in the world. Visiting these wondrous places will rejuvenate you for sure. The view of a desert in

Vishu 2021 – Celebrating New Year in Kerala

For children, the month of April is marked with happy days on the calendar. School summer holidays begin in April. Summer is a season of several fruits like mango and jackfruit maturing in Kerala. And there are religious festivals like Easter, Vishu, Eid, Thrissur Pooram etc. happening in April or May. Vishu is one such

Baisakhi 2021 – The Harvest Festival of India

This week starting from Monday 12th April is quite significant. Baisakhi 2021 will be celebrated in a gala way (following the COVID-19 norms) all throughout India. Also known as Vaisakhi, it is the harvest festival of the country. The Hindu religion follows a different calendar other than the normal English calendar. Baisakhi 2021 will mark

8 Renowned Mosques in India

The holy Ramadan has started this year and will continue till May 12th. On this auspicious and divine occasion, I would like to trigger your traveller’s mind and go for a virtual tour of 8 renowned mosques in India. These spectacular and astounding mosques have been alluring globetrotters from different parts of the world. Devotees

9 Fantastic Places to visit in San Francisco

Guest Post on 9 Fantastic places to visit in San Francisco, California, US San Francisco is the go-to place for epic film areas, Victorian-style homes, sizzling air balloons and extra such loopy experiences that almost all vacationers love. With a lot of historical past hooked up to the world, the bayside metropolis has lots in

6 Aww-Inspiring Themed Resorts in the UK

Welcome to our second edition on Themed Resorts. Our today’s focus is on Themed resorts in the UK. Every year the United Kingdom welcomes thousands of guests and tourists from all over the world. The country has a plethora of sightseeing destinations – some are natural, some are historical and some are royal. Globetrotters treasure

8 Amazing Themed Restaurants in India

We enjoy good food but what enhances the enjoyment is the ambience. This is the reason themed restaurants in India are gaining such heights of popularity. Modern restaurants today believe in serving an extraordinary experience to their clientele where food is just another element. Here is a list of 8 themed restaurants in India which

Top 6 Turin Attractions in Italy

After being ravaged by the pandemic, Italy is once again pulling tourists to the country. Turin, a city in northwestern Italy, significant in the history of Italy, continues to draw attention. Turin was the first capital of Italy. Being the capital city, Turin was adorned with castles and palatial structures. The top Turin attractions date

Himalayan Villages Series – Mana

Presenting the next edition of the Himalayan Villages Series – Mana To the top of the mountains,My heart yearns to wander. . .To places where the Sun shines the brightest. As we embarked on our journey from Joshimath, Uttarakhand, our car manoeuvred through the ragged, irregular roads spiralling upwards to the Garhwal Himalayas. We were

10 Incredible Arabian Experiences of Lifetime

Guest post on 10 Incredible Arabian Experiences That Will Take You on a Journey You’ve Never Imagined! Opened for worldwide guests solely in 2019, the gems of Saudi Arabia aren’t as standard as they need to be. House to glowing fashionable cities with beautiful engineering marvels in addition to huge mountains and plush inexperienced oases,

Holi 2021 – The Festival of Colours and Joy

Festivals are an inherent part of India. Every single state in India celebrates some or the other festivals with joy and enthusiasm. The festivals bear a unique significance and have a mythological tale associated with them. 28th and 29th of March are two such dates when India celebrates Holi 2021. It is a festival of

8 Popular Street Foods in Mumbai, India

Mumbai, the commercial capital of India is popular for several reasons. Varieties of food are one such pleasant reasons. Let alone the premium restaurants and luxurious hotels, street foods in Mumbai can fill your platter blissfully. A walk through different streets can offer you multiple choices of flavoursome street foods in Mumbai. The sheer variety

5 Aww-Inspiring Romantic Things to Do In Portugal

Guest post on 5 Aww-Inspiring Romantic Things to Do In Portugal Bounce On for a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride Through Pena Park at Sunset Nothing can be more heartfelt than a pony drawn carriage ride; one of the best romantic things to do in Portugal. This work of art and idyllic type of transportation will help

6 Astounding Themed Resorts in India

People travel for adventure, fun, knowledge or leisure. Staying in state of the art resorts are a desire and passion for many. And I count myself in for that choice and willingness. Its true I have stayed in many resorts in India mostly and abroad in few. Each one of them bears with it a

Himalayan Villages Series – Gajoldoba

There are some hidden hamlets at the Himalayan foot hills which will surprise you with what it has to offer. Gajoldoba, in the Jalpaiguri District of West Bengal is one such place. It is only 30 kilometers’ drive from New Jalpaiguri Railway Station and 50 kilometers from Bagdogra Airport. It is slowly gaining attention of

6 Historic Ancient Ruins of India – My Experiences

India is a powerhouse of history adorned by ancient ruins and architectural monuments and buildings. Ruled by multiple dynasties, embedded with varying cultures and traditions; the country is an encyclopaedia by itself. Such is its majestic historical value, that globetrotters stay dazed and amazed while traversing through various regions of the country. There are several

7 Amazing Animal Movies to Watch with Family

Amazing animal movies like Jurassic Park, Anaconda, Mowgli, King Kong, Tarzan, Hachi, et al have left us with fascinating memories. Certainly, many of us are interested in watching and observing movies and documentaries based on nature, flora and fauna. A number of movies have been made in honour of some pet animals or based on

Featuring an Experiential Traveller – Brian Cicioni

Who is an Experiential Traveller? A globetrotter or a travel enthusiast who constantly explores new things during his or her travel journeys. Discovering cultures, traditions, local food delicacies, historical heritage and other unique characteristics of a place. Through their experiences you can enjoy a virtual tour of the region, deciphering the beauty of the place.

A Village Tour in West Bengal, India

The daily mundane life tires my mind; seeking solace in a peaceful and refreshing environment. A place where I can unwind my soul and mingle with the freshness of nature. Freedom from the regular hustle and bustle of life; maybe for a few hours yet still was my desperate need. So out I went and

7 Exotic Camping Destinations in India

Have you ever thought of mingling with nature in close proximity? Isn’t it a fabulous feeling to sit amid nature and witness the surreal beauty? Indeed it is, and the perfect way to experience such an intriguing charm is to spend a wondrous time at a camp in between the heart of nature. Today let

7 Amazing Eateries in Darjeeling, India

 The world knows of three things about the Queen of Hills:  Darjeeling has the majestic Kanchenjunga looking over the town, the iconic toy train (Himalayan Railways) and the Darjeeling tea. Well, Darjeeling is even beyond that. There are numerous places to visit. One can splurge into shopping from exotic curios to pocket-friendly shopping local stores.

22 Languages in India – Unique of its Kind

21st February World celebrates International Mother Language Day. On this day, I decided to offer my tribute to my country, India. A country diversified uniquely with 22 languages at its disposition, spoken by its citizens residing in different parts of the country. Amazing right? Yes, that’s why I thought of acquainting my readers with the

7 Exquisite Fruits Varieties in Kerala

Those who grew up in the background of villages will have tales of umpteen rustic experiences to share. Pleasant memories can emanate the sweet aroma of fruits enjoyed as children from the backyards, fields, and orchards around. We didn’t have to visit a mall to buy any of these. Walking around the yards and neighbourhood

Saraswati Puja (Vasant Panchami) 2021

16th February 2021 – India celebrated Saraswati Puja or Vasant Panchami, the way the religious festival is known in different parts of the country. On a lighter note, the day is also considered in West Bengal (eastern India) as Bengali Valentine’s Day. The fact that young girls drape themselves in bright yellow sarees and glittering

Featuring Food Bloggers – Purvi and Karishma

The beautiful part of our blog and our authors is that we are all foodies and we love good food. Our readers must have already checked out the food articles we post frequently in our blog. We have interacted with many talented and skilled food bloggers during our interaction in the social media platforms. Purvi

Valentine’s Day Poems – My Compositions

I normally do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. But love composing some Valentine’s Day or prose from my imaginations. So here is a small effort to celebrate each day; the way I perceived them in my thoughts and ideas. Rose Day Dazzle like a “Rose” Gleaming in your magnificence Shining in your brilliance Metaphorically embracing

7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Are you confused about what to buy this Valentine’s Day for your man? Well, then you are reading the perfect stuff now. We have a list of 7 Valentine’s Day gifts which are both special and of utility. Fossil Smart Watch Time for each other in our busy schedule is what matters most. As a

Romantic Places In UAE to spend with your Valentine

Romantic moments are often associated with romantic places. When you are in love with someone even the usual places can appear differently. How much more beautiful can romantic places be when you are with your loved ones? When you are in a country like UAE that gives ample freedom to be who you are, explore

Shopping Experience at Mumuso India

Shopping is an inherent part of our lives. I am not an exception. Especially if I am introduced to a store which has a plethora of creative and enticing travel-friendly products and accessories. I am ready to spend a quality amount for a purchase that eases my travels. For all my readers, you must be

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