A Day Trip to Nelliyampathy – Palakkad, Kerala

A short and untiring family outing; or a solo ride is always soothing and reinvigorating. Hill stations like Nelliyampathy provide just the perfect ambiance. Perched exquisitely in the bosom of nature, Nelliyampathy is an ideal location when planning to spend a day with your family or trek alone. When you think of hill stations to

New Dubai Attraction – Museum of the Future Dubai

The people of Dubai keep bringing out mind-boggling and breathtaking attractions and the world can’t seem to get enough. The latest attraction that is capturing everyone’s imagination and attracting crowds from all over the world is the Museum of the Future Dubai. After a few delays owing to the pandemic, the museum finally opened on

Interview with Rwanda-based Augustine Tours

Two years ago, the Covid-19 pandemic surged and brought many business sectors to a halt, particularly the tourism industry. And here we are in 2022, and life goes on- thanks to the health workers, and everyone who contributed to producing Covid-19 vaccines. Despite the challenges that the pandemic has brought, the East African tourism industry

6 Special Festive Sweets of India

India is a land of festivals and celebrations. The diversity of the vast country is reflected in its festivals. Paraphernalia of customs, decorations, traditions, rituals, and food are associated with these festivals. Indeed, food is an essential feature of any festival in India. Special festive sweets of India associated with festivals make you long for

6 Famous Gold Mines in India

Possessing gold ornaments and jewelry is a fascination and craze among Indian women, and also among the menfolk. Since ancient times, gold had been the trademark of prosperity and affluence. Kings, queens, and members of the royal households used to take pride in the quantities of gold owned by them. With the passage of time,

10 Best Biryani Houses in Kolkata, India

Kolkata and Biryani are intertwined with each other since 1856. It is believed that Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, the tenth and last ruler of Oudh, had brought biryani to Kolkata all the way from Lucknow. The biryani from Lucknow is popularly known as Awadhi which follows a slow and even cooking of the meat, rice,

An Exhilarating Bike Ride – Palakkad to Munnar

Spontaneous decisions can turn out to be awry. They can also bring forth astounding results. For my colleague insta@shifasmohammed, his random decision to travel by bike proved to be awesome. A 150 Kilometers trip between Palakkad to Munnar through the hilly and winding roads is just magnificent in itself. From Muthalamada town in Palakkad to

8 Best Films of Satyajit Ray

Today is a very significant day in the Indian Film industry. 2nd May, the birthday of the legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray. He is the winner of Oscar awards and a pioneer in creating some incredible films in India. Besides being a filmmaker, he is an author, lyricist, screenwriter, illustrator, and music composer. A rare and

The Top 6 Incredible Beaches in the World

For all my beach lovers’ friends and readers, I thought of sharing the top 6 incredible beaches in the world. I am sure a pristine environment, enigmatic views, and soothing air allure you. And if it does, then you will truly love to enjoy a virtual tour of these amazing beaches. A haven they are

Top 10 Summer Holiday Destinations in India

Summer is in full swing in several parts of India. Many places are experiencing scorching hot weather. People are struggling to keep themselves hydrated and active. Travel freaks are craving vacations to the mountains or cooler places in the country. Summer vacations will soon commence probably by next month May onwards. Hence I thought of

Earth Day Special Feature – Meghalaya in India

Earth Day is an annual event observed on the 22nd of April every year, to show support for environmental protection. In 1969, peace activist John McConnell proposed a day to honor the Earth at a UNESCO Conference in San Francisco. The United States Senator Gaylord Nelson proposed the idea to hold a nationwide environmental teach-in

Top 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

On Monday 18th of April, World Heritage Day was celebrated. I am late though in celebrating the day. Wanted to share the top 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites in India. India is truly a country wrapped with eccentric beauty and ancient historical glory that is unparalleled and alluring. It has unlimited places to visit each

10 Traditional Bengali Dishes – Celebrating New Year

Recently on 15th April 2022, the people of West Bengal in India celebrated New Year as per the Bengali calendar. The day is popularly known as Poila Baisakh, the 1st day of the month of Baisakh. The Bengalis usher the New Year by offering pujas, greeting friends and family, and especially cooking various traditional Bengali

Vishu Sadya – A Fabulous Feast in Kerala

Two contrasting events fall on the same day. April 15th is Good Friday – a day to commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus for the Christian community. Coincidently, the same day has a jubilation twist attached to it this year for those from Kerala, India. The harvest festival of Vishu is celebrated today in Kerala. In

4 Best International Feature Films at Oscar 2022

The same stage of Oscar 2022, albeit a different category of award. There were four films nominated in the category of Best International Feature Films. It would have been interesting to have more international movies nominated. However, only four movies did feature in the Best International Feature Films at Oscar 2022. The four movies representing

10 Incredible Offbeat Destinations in West Bengal

West Bengal, a state in the eastern part of India, is gifted with picturesque and historical places. Every year, tourists from various parts of the country and even from abroad plan trips and vacations in this state. I feel happy to belong to the state, adorned with rich heritage and culture. Well, travelers tend to

9 Best movies at Oscar 2022

‘Thappad’!! Not the 2020 Bollywood movie. A Thappad or a slap grabbed eyeballs and raised eyebrows at Oscar 2022. Did that distract you from the limelight of the event? Well, leave it as it may. Moving on…oh wait, the Oscar goes to none other than Will Smith! The 94th Academy Awards, 2022 held at Ovation

Takdah Diaries: An Offbeat Destination in West Bengal

West Bengal, a state in the eastern part of India, has a plethora of tourist destinations and sightseeing spots. But people tend to opt for the popular places more while planning a visit. I would like to acquaint you with an offbeat destination in the state. Its Takdah, a quaint hill station in the Darjeeling

Lunar New Year Celebration in India

India is a beautiful land of culture and religion. In India, there are numerous festivals, occasions, and rituals followed by Indians or Hindus. It is the beauty of hearts and down-to-earth nature that binds all of us together with invisible threads of love, happiness, kindness, and uniqueness. Indians are differently unique people living together as

7 Best Beaches in Ras al Khaimah, UAE

Ras al Khaimah has numerous attractions. But it’s no secret that the many beaches that go over its 64-kilometer coastline are among the most popular places to visit. Some of the most gorgeous Ras al Khaimah landscapes can be seen along its shores, and there are lots of local cultures to have right on the

6 Recommended Instagram-Worthy Cafes in Kolkata

In recent times, Kolkata has witnessed the emergence of numerous cafes for shutterbugs. Unique decor, theme-based concepts, and delectable food and drinks are alluring the young and old crowds unanimously for a quiet chill-out in the evenings. These Instagram-worthy cafes in Kolkata are a true delight, with some offering work desks too inside their premises.

It Is Now or Never at Expo 2020 Dubai in UAE

The adage goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Having been to Expo 2020, I wonder if a gallery of pictures and videos put together can speak enough about it. Can you imagine, in the last six months over twenty million people have been to the Expo 2020 Dubai? Don’t Dubai forget strict travel

Exploring The Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh

Rishikesh, the Yoga Capital of the World, has ashrams at every corner. Some of them are extremely popular. Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh is a different and special one. It is absolutely abandoned now, yet this derelict space is heaven for Beatles’ fans. It is a National Property maintained by Rajaji Tiger Reserve as it is

The Last Two Weeks of Expo 2020 Dubai in UAE

Vehicles beelined for as long as more than a kilometer to enter a parking area are not a good sign. Yet, that is exactly what we witnessed the last time we visited Expo2020. Obviously, the end-of-the-days of Expo 2020 are catching up with everyone. Visiting Expo2020 is always a fresh and exciting experience as the

5 Best and Popular Theme Parks in Dubai

Those who always travel with children, certainly cannot ignore theme parks. The United Arab Emirates is also not as expensive as other modern cities. And for that reason, many parks are simply affordable for the majority of tourists. The best theme parks in Dubai are indoor and beach complexes with points of interest, big and

The Ancient Chetla Choto Rashbari in Kolkata, India

The cultural and historical heritage of Kolkata is ancient and precious. The capital city of West Bengal can easily boast of hosting some of the offbeat and scenic tourist destinations; much to the awe of several travelers from India and abroad. One such place is Chetla Choto Rashbari in Kolkata. It is essentially a temple

11 Best Places to Celebrate Holi in India

The festival of colors Holi is finally here. India celebrates this festival with great joy and anticipation. According to the Hindu calendar or Panchang, this festival is celebrated on the full moon of Phalguna month; and this year it is going to be celebrated on 18th March. Holi is celebrated at the end of the

Kolkata International Book Fair 2022

Kolkata International Book Fair 2022 just ended on 13th March. Welcoming a huge number of book readers and book lovers to its massive ground showcasing bookstalls, writers, publishers, discussions, book releases, and many more. The event had been a huge success and being an ardent book reader, I was definitely a part of it. In

7 Unconventional Romantic Movies: A Review

Watching romantic movies is commonplace. By and large, we know how a romantic movie is scripted and directed. With the dramatic ups and downs, the usual romance and tragedy, loss and gain the movies conclude. Then, there are also unconventional romantic movies. When you watch an unconventional romantic movie, it is hard to see what

Travel News: Latest Travel Updates From The UAE

Travel rules and restrictions are still volatile and keep changing from time to time. While some of these updates are welcome changes, a few of them give us bad news. For an ex-pat, given the current scenario, to travel from one home country to another with fewer restrictions implies immense relief. Easing the Covid-19 forced

7 Best Places For Women Travelers in India

Solo traveling is now on the cards for many women. India, with its vast natural, historical and cultural wonders, loves to host women travelers from the country and abroad. Several tourist destinations in India provide comfortable travel and facilities for women, ensuring safety and security. India’s rich flora and fauna. incredible history and exotic cultural

10 Incredible Movies Based on Novels

Movies are the ultimate source of entertainment; carrying multiple emotions at a time making a story that reveals a thousand words at a time, communicating through characters, ideas, feelings, and music. There are many genres, patterns, storylines that a movie can follow. And books are the oldest, the most knowledgeable yet entertaining source for people

Top 7 Shiva temples in India other than Jyotirlinga

Today 1st March is Mahashivratri 2022. It is one of the Hindu festivals celebrated all over India with joy and prosperity. According to the Hindu calendar, the Mahashivratri is celebrated on Krishna paksha Chaturdashi of Falgun month. And that is the reason the date of Mahashivratri is not the same every year. There are several

Tibetan Market in Leh Ladakh

Passionate travelers are also known to be shopaholics. Traditionally they may not buy tons of clothes or jewelry. But you will find them hopping around the authentic street-side shops and stalls looking very souvenirs and gifts for their loved ones or as a memoir. The beautiful town Leh, the capital city of Ladakh, is one

Top 5 Places for Bungee Jumping in India

If you are an adventure lover or a person who loves to experience the adrenaline rush, then you must have surely gone for Bunjee jumping. And if you have not, I definitely recommend experiencing the thrill. And if you are an Indian or you are planning to visit India, then I want to share some

Khajuraho Dance Festival 2022, An Event to Watch and Enjoy

Khajuraho, the temple town of Madhya Pradesh, is known for its artistic sculpture and images. There are a number of Hindu and Jain temples belonging to ancient times. Its historical significance is remarkable and noteworthy. And it is special because of the wonderful intrinsic architecture that adorns the temples. Every year the town transforms into

10 Upcoming Web Series in 2022 To Keep A Watch

Web series are scripted series of entertainment in an episodic fashion that is more trending than movies nowadays, it’s more interesting as you watch it in your favorite genre. If you are looking for a place from where you could know about upcoming web series and want to add it to your watch list then

6 Best Valentine’s Day Movies To Watch In 2022

When in love you don’t need tips and pointers to cherish the time with your loved ones. Similarly, when you are not in love, any number of tips and plans wouldn’t suffice. The calendar marks in red another Valentine’s Day. Whether one is in love or otherwise, Valentine’s Day seems to evoke pleasant memories for

8 Fantastic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start looking for that perfect gift for your boyfriend. Sometimes, the best gifts are the most obvious ones. For example, you can never go wrong with chocolates and flowers because men deserve (and want) to be pampered too.  However, you may want to

6 Best Places for Chocolate Lovers in India

For all the chocolate lovers out there, today we have a special article for you. Today, 9th February is the chocolate day. Couples must be happily exchanging chocolates with each other. And imagine if you can visit a place with an abundance of chocolates. Isn’t it fascinating? I eagerly want to share the six best

6 Charming Places to Propose in India

Proposing the person of your dreams is a special event in a man’s or a woman’s life. Most are in a dilemma to select an appropriate place and proper ambiance for it. After all, it has to be a memorable event for life. To ease your anxiety, I am sharing today six of the charming

A Day at Alipore Horticulture Gardens in Kolkata

Today, 7th February is Rose day. Roses are the most beautiful flowers in the world. Who doesn’t want to be gifted by a bouquet of roses or even a single rose flower? Many poets have written poems praising the eccentric beauty of a rose and its impact on human emotions and feelings. Imagine walking inside

Shopping in Punjab, Check Out The Famous Items

Punjab is a vibrant and different state like many others in India. Certainly, shopping in Punjab is a unique experience too. The land of Sikhism and Golden Temple throw open in front of you innumerable things to shop for. If you thought shopping in Punjab involved just the textile, lassi, and Kara, you haven’t been

Saraswati Puja 2022: 7 Fun Facts

Like every year, Saraswati Puja 2022 will be celebrated on 5th Feb. Also known by the name of Vasant Panchami, it is an auspicious festival of India. Goddess Saraswati is worshipped with all devotion and dedication. In one of my previous articles, I had discussed the significance of the festival. You can read it to

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