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Travel News: Rent Campervans in Maharashtra

Last few months, travel industries have encountered substantial downfall in their revenue figures. The pandemic has halted many travels. People are daring to risk and venture outside. No doubt the travel freaks around the world are in dismay, craving for the outdoor adventurous expeditions and exploring many other unknown places. MTDC, the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, in India have brought in enlightened news for the travel mongers by introducing rent campervans.

The Recent Inauguration

The initiative of rent campervans was inaugurated and flagged off by Mr Aaditya Thackeray, the Minister of Tourism and Mr Aditi Tatkare, the Minister of State for Tourism. The state government proudly embarked on the venture assuring people safety and security in the COVID-19 situation spread worldwide.

It is a joint venture of MTDC and Motohom, the pioneers of Moving Hotel in Wheels in India. After the inauguration on 6th September 2020, Mr Aditya Thackeray tweeted about the campervans inviting people to book and avail its beneficial rides.

What is a Campervan?

Well, you must be wondering what is a campervan and over and above the concept behind renting campervans. You must have heard about caravans. A campervan is essentially a motor caravan which is used for transport, accommodation and for sleeping. Majority of them have washrooms within them and separate compartments for living. A small kitchen is provided with gas burners and refrigerator. The roofs are either fixed or rising ones.

Motohom Rent Campervans

Two types of rent campervans are available in Motohom. The mini one is suited for one of two persons and the bigger version is perfect for small families. The minivan has a seat at its back that can be converted into a bed for sleeping. Its living space can be detached, providing extra space on the roof. The larger version has a kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom. At the roof, there is a space for sitting and relaxing in the terrace. Both are equipped with a proper waste disposal system.

The vehicles are protected with robust security features. CCTV cameras are fitted inside, GPS tracking is enabled and emergency siren for SOS – all facilities are provided. Source: TimesofIndia

Bookings can be done online from the Motohom website easily. The minivans cost around INR 4,000 per day, and the bigger version with a driver costs INR 21,000 per day. The route is restricted within the state boundaries and not beyond.

An alternate option is too provided for the tourists. You can lease your vehicle to Motohom. The company modifies it to a campervan and pay you an amount monthly. There will be a contract period within which you can take out your vehicle for 2 trips in a year including other benefits. After the end of the contract period, your vehicle will be returned. Source: cntraveller

A Boon for Travellers

The rent campervans have come as a boon for travellers to roam freely without worrying on the pandemic unrest or the fear of being infected. You don’t need to board a train or a public bus for visiting the tourist spots within the state. Simply board the van secured for you and your family only and enjoy the road trips. A quite innovative thought from MTDC and Motohom, assuring the travellers a tension-free journey energizing their minds again into the world of exclusive travel journeys.

The Future Travel Trend in India

MTDC and Motohom have laid the foundation of the future travel trend in the country. Rising concerns about being infected and doubts of safety are preventing travel all over the world. At least India has brought in an innovative trendsetter in this distress times, bringing in smiles in the faces of at least those who love road trips. Hope it turns out to be successful and the objectives are fulfilled.

The pandemic situation is testing time for surviving mentally along with physical fitness. And with the rent campervans gifted to the people of Maharashtra, its a respite from the everyday monotonous life. Wishing all the best to this wonderful venture and hope similar initiatives are followed across all other states in India.

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A blogger interested in travelling and exploring new places and sharing ideas with all. Curious about the unique features of a place and its ethereal beauty.

By Kuntala

A blogger interested in travelling and exploring new places and sharing ideas with all. Curious about the unique features of a place and its ethereal beauty.

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You’re right, this is such a great way to travel during the pandemic! I think a lot of us feel like we can’t do anything but there always seems to be a workaround in some way, whether meeting virtually or, as you’ve pointed out, traveling via campervan. Thank you for sharing!

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What a great way of escaping from our daily routine. I definitely agree that the covid situation can be very challending for many so why not plan a trip where you can stay safe as well… a great idea.

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