8 Mysterious Abandoned Places in the World

Exploring known destinations is perhaps easy and convenient. Have you ever thought of discovering the mystery of some of the creepiest places in the world? It may sound quite eerie yet I can bet it will be a really thrilling and exciting experience. There are plenty of abandoned places in the world. I picked up 8 among them that I felt you may find interesting and eager to explore.

Kilchurn Castle, Scotland

Kilchurn Castle in Scotland can remind you of the childhood fairy tales of a witch imprisoning a beautiful princess inside a mysterious castle. Its truly one of the mysterious abandoned places in the world, sure to offer a spine-chilling experience.

Its construction dates back to the 1400s, established under the pioneer of the First Lord of Glenorchy, Sir Colin Campbell. There are 5 storeys, private chambers and a prison on the ground floor. It was abandoned in 1770. The tourists can visit it only during the summers. The unique beauty of the castle is its location. Present at the banks of Loch Awe, the vast lake in the Scottish Highlands, it has a charismatic aura of attraction.

Image by RomyJoo from Pixabay

Bannerman Castle, New York

We think of New York and we dream of the Manhattan skyline, the magnificent towering buildings and structures. Take my views, you must venture into Pollepel or Bannerman's island. The key reason is a visit to the ruins of the Bannerman Castle, certainly, one of the historic abandoned places in the world.

In the 1900s, Bannerman, a businessman had decided to set up the castle for storage purposes. His inclination for design and beauty resulted in the formation of this beautiful castle in a secluded location. The view at the front of the castle is mesmerizing encircled by greenery and the sparkling waterbody. The entire building was supposed to be a warehouse but later the family created separate residential rooms for their own.

Bodiam Castle, England

Situated in East Sussex, England, Bodiam Castle is one of the picturesque abandoned places in the world. Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, an English knight, is credited for building this stunning castle in the year 1385. The main purpose behind was to protect the South Coast of England from the French invasion.

The castle is present in the middle of a moat. A moat is essentially covered with water and serves as a ditch for protection against the enemies. There are three storeys and the shape resembles that of a square. The castle is accessible by two bridges connecting the moat to the land.

Image by Roman Grac from Pixabay

The Town of Kayakoy, Turkey

Kayakoy in Turkey is considered now a ghost town and one of the exhilarating abandoned places in the world. The Greek genocide in World War I had led to the devastation of the town. The entire town is in ruins with over 500 abandoned houses.

The town is under the protection and preservation of the Government. The key attractions of the town are the two churches, a museum and a fountain. Gazing and exploring the ruins of the town will make you feel the spectacular beauty that existed in the yesteryears.

Villa Epecuen, Argentina

The Villa served as a popular tourist destination. It was established in the 1920s and had a capacity to house almost 5000 tourists. But unfortunately, due to a natural disaster the entire village was flooded. It became inaccessible and unsuitable for a living. It is now falls into the list of the abandoned places in the world.

The town used to boom with restaurants, hotels, food stalls, markets, popular among tourists from all over the world.

Ghost Town of Kolmanskop, Namibia

Visiting the ghost town of Kolmanskop is a real thrill and I am sure my adventure enthusiast friends will really appreciate it. You need to walk through knee deep sand to explore one of the richest yet abandoned places in the world.

You may be wondering why do I say richest, isn't it? The place was renowned to be the hub for diamond mining. Miners from Germany settled here for the diamond mines but soon exploited them. The residents had to flee for survival and the place turned into ruins.

Ross Island, India

Ross Island is a part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands in India. The island was used by the British for the penal settlement of the Indian prisoners of the famous 1857 Mutiny. It suffered an earthquake and was then invaded by the Japanese military forces during World War II.

The island was soon abandoned. You are sure to experience one of the creepiest and eerie feeling while exploring the ruins. The special attractions are the graveyard, the ruins of a church and its exotic flora and fauna.

Hashima Island, Japan

Hashima island or Battleship Island was once rich for coal mines, way back in 1810. People started flocking in and established their residences. With the evolution of the industrial revolution, the coal mines started depleting off their resources. The place was soon abandoned by the dwellers.

The ruins attract the tourists mostly to observe the existence of the structures still intact even after years on non-usage. The exterior walls are somewhat renovated and repaired for the convenience of tourist's visit.

Image by Cassty1 from Pixabay

There is an endless list of abandoned places in the world. Some among them are not haunting but are beautiful. I will try to cover them in my next episode.



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