8 Popular Places to Visit in Venice, Italy

When you are in a scenically sublime city like Venice, the dilemma would be to pick which spot to visit first. Considered as one of the top romantic locations in the world, places to visit Venice are beyond description. Obviously, people touring the city prefer to stroll around leisurely to admire it. A metropolitan city unlike any other in the world. With century's old history and visually striking architecture and ambiance, Venice always exudes charm. Built on hundreds of islands, the places to visit in Venice do offer magnificent moments to cherish.

Besides being one of the top tourist destinations, the places to visit in Venice are popular for several other reasons. The canal network around the city, bridges, and the water fonts are some of them. Venezia comprises of six sestries: San Marco, Giudecca, Dorsoduro, San Polo, Santa Croce and Castello. Then there are beautiful islands of Burano, Murano, and Torcello far from the city center.

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Canal Grande

Grand indeed. When it comes to places to visit in Venice, the Grand Canal grabs your attention right away. Your sojourn in the city is incomplete without at least one ride by a gondola down the Grand Canal. While on the ride Gothic and Renaissance structures at the bank feed you visually. Palazzo Grassi, Church of Santa Chiara, Rialto Bridge among others keep you animated throughout. Dawn or dusk rides are preferred by tourists to enjoy the beauty of the city. Besides gondolas, water taxis and public vaporetti (water buses) are popular too.


Certainly, one of the more popular places to visit in Venice is the famous Piazza San Marco. Once there, you don't come away without spending a considerable amount of time at the Square. And why not? In addition to Basilica di San Marco & Santa Maria Della Salute, you can marvel at

  • Caffè Florian
  • Campanile di San Marco
  • Colonne di San Marco e San Teodoro
  • Libreria Marciana
  • Loggetta del Campanile
  • Museo Correr
  • Negozio Olivetti

The Doge's Palace is another iconic masterpiece that arrests your attention. Gothic architecture impresses you at first sight itself. La Maddalena is a church dedicated to Mary Magdalene from the 1200s. Considered to be one of the symbols of Venice, St Mark's Bell Tower is a ninth-century edifice.

Surrounded by open-air cafés and attractions, Piazza San Marco is a crowd puller on any given day.


A well-knit seven islands form the beautiful Murano Island. A sudden drift of ambiance can be felt as soon as you step on this fabulous island. Laced with colorful streets and glass shops, the island welcomes you to taking placid strolls.

Murano glasses are well known. Blown glass factories can be visited to see them making glass products.

The Light House is a favorite spot here. Visiting the majestic 7th-century Basilica di Santa Maria e San Donato gives a jaw-dropping experience.


Totally a tourism-oriented village-island off the coast of Venice. Picturesque narrow paths and colorful buildings attract tourists to Burano. To enjoy a relaxed ride through the canals, and witness stirring sights people choose Burano. Besides the rainbow attire of Burano, you can stop by to enjoy Piazza Galuppi, Lace Museum, House of Bepi. Since no motor vehicles in Burano, the small island can be explored walking around. A bell tower from the 17th century at San Martino Church is a place loved by photographers.


Continuing on from Burano, paddle your way to Torcello, another Island. Not a highly populated place anymore, not even by locals. From its commercially flamboyant past noting much is left now. Major attractions on the island include Torcello Santa Maria Assunta and the Museo di Torcello. The Devil's Bridge with its creepy past is another attraction. Compared to the buzzing Venice, the island of Torcello is almost always blissfully quiet.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is a 7th-century structure and one of the oldest in entire Venice. Despite the damages, the basilica continues to be one of the major attractions due to its sheer spectacular structure.

Shopping and Dining

Like any tourist paradise, Venice has no dearth of shopping avenues and cafes, and restaurants. Talking about souvenirs and ‘speicals', La Serenissima's own Murano glass and Venetian masks hold the aces. Although there are numerous shops selling these, you are recommended to for look genuine products.

As in all the Piazza throughout Venice, you have ample spots to dine and drink. Diverse cuisine, although slightly expensive, can be enjoyed.

San Giorgio Maggiore

San Giorgio Maggiore is another spectacular small island in the vicinity. Famous for Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Longhena library and Le Stanze del Vetro.

More Historic Spots

You have more reasons to stroll around these amazing islands. Venetian Gothic architecture, century's old yet imperially impressive edifices laden with history amaze you. Scuola Grande di San Rocco, Ca' d'Oro, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Palazzo Rezzonico are just some of them. The Arsenal and the Museum of Naval History, Palazzo Grassi, Gallerie dell'Accademia, and Teatro La Fenice are other iconic places to visit in Venice.

Best Time to Visit

Spring and autumn see many tourists speeding to Venice. However, it is summer that sees the biggest crowd in Venice. In four days, you can quietly cover all these spots.

How to Reach

By Boat

The water route provides the finest options. From the Port of Venice, Cruise Ships shuttle you to Piazza San Marco. The Cruise Ship Terminal is located at – Maritime Station in S.Marta offer free shuttle boat service from their dock to.

By Rail

A train station within Venice gives convenient options to reach the point. Santa Lucia connects most other major cities in Italy. From Tronchetto you can reach Piazzale Roma, Venice in five minutes by train.

By Air

The Marco Polo airport is the closest one to Venice. Treviso-Sant'Angelo Airport isn't very far away either.

By Road

Traveling by road isn't a viable option here. After reaching Piazzale Roma, taking a ferry boat or boarding train are convenient options.



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