Exquisite Places to Visit in Oman – Masirah Island and Jebel Akhdar

Your tour to Oman is incomplete without visiting Jebel Akhdar and Masirah Island. Of course, there are many other places like Salalah to visit in Oman and things to do in the country. However, these places stand out due to their geographical, climatic, and historical features. When you are touring a country, you wouldn't be contented with the glam and glitter of city life alone, isn't it? By venturing into territories less modish, we have an opportunity to bath in the raw elements of these places. Jebel Akhdar and Masirah Island are two exquisite places to visit in Oman that leave you with refreshing memories.

My colleague Jino FB@jino.joy.52 in Oman has frequented these places several times and the photos and videos are shared by him.

Masirah Island

Located in the southeast of the country, the island is a beautiful tourist destination. Among the several islands in Oman, Masirah Island is the largest one. It is one of the nature-friendly and exquisite places to visit in Oman.

The very cruise to the island itself can be exciting especially if you are a novice at voyages. Marked in the Arabian Sea 20 KM off the east coast of Oman, getting across to the island is an experience in itself. Most often the huge hangars ferry vehicles and cargoes along with passengers.

Jino gives a commentary on the voyage in the video albeit in his vernacular.

From Shannah Port near one and half hours, ferry crossing takes you to the island. Do not forget that if you are traveling from Muscat, it is a touch above 500KM drive to the ferry point!

Why the hassle one might think. Once stepped out to the island, you will be enchanted by the diversity of the natural environment and enticingly clear-water beaches. The year-round pleasant climate and fertile soil, make the island a paradise for agriculture. We are still talking about one of the exquisite places to visit in Oman. The majority of the country is blistering-hot regions along with the neighboring gulf countries. Can you imagine that?

Other small islands surrounding Masirah like Marsis, Cha'nazi, and Kalban embellish the whole region. To further prettify the location, there are mountains in Ras Halif, Rasia, and Al Ija.

The island is frequented by family groups mostly. Not surprisingly everyone can feel contented with what the island can offer. The biodiversity, beaches, sunset points, agricultural land, greenery, and the climate.

There are a few hundred people settled on the island. Fishing and farming are their mainstay activities and sources of income. Befriending them on your visit would mean pleasure trips in their boats while they go fishing. The firsthand experience of sea-fishing is exciting enough besides castling a few fresh fish. Cooking and enjoying a meal with the fishermen on their boat while out in the sea can be memorable.

Exploring the island will take you to interesting spots. A spot with a pile of fossils washed ashore attracts many a few visitors. Sunkissed beaches are loved by photographers.

National Ferry service takes only one hour to cross. They charge per head OMR 3.600 and per vehicle OMR 8.500 and it leaves on schedule.

Local Jaguars charge OMR 8.500 per vehicle, and you can travel free, but the catch is they take off only when it is full.

Grateful to Benny FB@bennybaby.muth for the information and photos from the Island.

Highlights of the Island
  • Pristine beaches to stroll and swim
  • Uncrowded spots
  • Scenic spots unlike other gulf regions
  • Camping possibilities
  • Guesthouses and shops accessible
  • Watersports available – surfing being most popular.
  • Can spot rare turtles, whales, turns, seagulls, and hundreds of other migratory birds.

Jebel Akhdar

Another interesting place to visit in Oman is Jebel Akhdar, meaning “The Green Mountain.” The location is cut off from the hustle and bustle of city life and is 2.5 hours' drive away from the capital city – Muscat.

The arid plateau located over 2,000 meters above sea level is one of the best getaways and exquisite places to visit in Oman. More so if you are an adventure lover or would like to spend a quiet period in the lap of nature. Usually, visitors frequent the location during the summer season to escape from the cooking temperature everywhere else. In the winter, the region does shudder in cold.

Although termed as The Green Mountain, the rugged landscape would claim otherwise. However, once you are there, agricultural beds consisting of apricots, figs, olive, pomegranates, walnuts, and roses will enthuse you.

Not just the vegetation, if lucky you can spot the rare animals and birds too. How would you like to see mountain fox, Arabian ibex, or golden eagles?

Besides the green and colorful sides, the mountain range offers deep valleys, cliffs, caves, and springs. Indeed an amazing location for the adventure lover in you to wake up.

The exploration on top opens the vista to traditional villages in the region. The Fall irrigational methods used by the people there are thousands of years old. Even though at the point of near extinction, you can still see some of the dilapidated houses from ancient times. The villages have a rich and deep history. If only you are interested in spending more time to explore the nuances.

Growing Damask roses is popular in this region. The growers have traditional distilleries as well to in the villages to make rosewater.

Owing to the landscape, it is recommended to use 4×4 type vehicles to drive up the mountain. Since it is already a tourist destination, there are several hotels and tour guides you can go to.

Spending at least a day is worthwhile. And if you can spend another day, you would only feel more enriched and educated.

Highlights at the mountain
  • Pleasant climate
  • Hiking, cave exploration and rock-climbing spots
  • Expansive area just for you to relax
  • Can visit fruits and flower growing fields
  • Exhilarating panoramic views
  • Known for Damask roses
  • Visit to traditional villages and rose-water distilleries
  • March to April is roses gathering season



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