10 Inspirational Sports Movies to Watch

As per my experience, watching inspirational movies gives extraordinary energy. I am listing below a few of the top inspirational sports movies that can boost your gusto.

Alex & Me

Alex & Me (2018, 1h 20m) English – The highlight of the movie is the presence of Soccer player Alex Morgan. The international soccer player was idolized by Reagan. Most of the movie happens between the accidental appearance and disappearance of Alex Morgan in the life of Reagan. It is one of the enjoyable and inspirational sports movies to watch.

Mary Kom

Mary Kom (2014, 2h 2m) Hindi – Evolution story of Mangte Chungeijang Kom, daughter of a farmer from Manipur to a world renowned sports icon. As a young girl, Kom accidentally stumbles upon a boxing glove which draws her towards the sport. Little support from family and pathetic condition of her home didn't help her cause in the early days. From convincing her coach to keeping her passion for the game oblivious to her father, she endured dramatical transformation. Marriage, pregnancy or age couldn't defy the glory that's her forte and to is named “Magnificent Mary”. This biographical essay is one of the most inspirational sports movies not to be missed.

Irudhi Suttru

Irudhi Suttru (2016, 2h 30m) Tamil – The movie which has a Hindi version titled, Saala Khadoos portrays the politics and partiality existing in sports facilities. Prabhu, a gifted boxer was victimized and loses a ticket to '96 Olympics. Years later, as a national women's boxing coach, he went to Chennai to search for fresh talents. His pursuit stops at Madhi whose sister is a boxer. Zealously committed Prabhu goes the extra mile to train the aggressive Madhi en route World Boxing Championship. The film was later remade into the Telugu language as Guru (2017)


Champion (2018, 1h 48m) Korean – Mark, a former arm wrestler returns to S. Korea to look for his mother who gave him on adoption. During the course of his stay, he partakes in many competitions and also realizes that he has a family there. For Mark, now it is not about winning a match but supporting a family too.

Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable

Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable (2018 1h 40m) English – It is a biographical documentary film on a naturally talented girl, Bethany who loves surfing. With the support of her family and friends, she turns out to be a popular surfer. At the age of 13, her superbly soring career is tragically halted. As the world would read the headlines “Bethany was attacked by a tiger shark” and her left arm is severed. After losing her arm she could have lived a simple and normal life. But her determination, hard work and passion did not pin her back. She was soon back where she floats fine.

The Brighton Miracle

The Brighton Miracle (2019, 1h 22m) English, Japanese – Japan's rugby coach Eddie Jones's task is cut out before the Rugby World Cup 2015. It is a top-class inspirational sports movie based on true events. Jones has to confront cultural and language differences along with the lacklustre training attitude of the Japanese rugby team. Imposing an enormous amount of pressure at training their skills, the coach is pushing the team to its limits. With the sole aim of making his team the champions at the World Cup 2015, Jones' scripts history.


Campeones (2018, 2h 4m) Spanish – Inspired by a true story it is one of the most touching and inspirational sports movies to watch. After a suspension, Coach Marco is sentenced to serve community service coaching a team that has members with disabilities. From an awkward and out of place start the coach and team find a rhythm. With all ups and downs, the rapport between the coach and players grow stronger. And the ability of the players to turn the tide in their favour becomes remarkably evident.

Italian Race

Italian Race (2016 1h 58m) – The story is about an unexpected death of teen rally driver Giulia's father. The death leaves a vacuum in her personal and professional life. Her elder brother Loris returns to her and her younger brother Nico after a decade. Drug addict and always delirious, Loris's presence is initially uninvited, yet Giulia could not send him away. Gradually his tips and skills come in handy for her to improve her rally rides. But, as a family, they have a financial crunch to ease and a race to win.

The Way Back

The Way Back (2020, 1h 48m) English – An alcoholic and undisciplined Jack Cunningham is given the responsibility of coaching basketball team at Bishop Hayes School. He had been a star player in the same school. He has to not only tame and train the team but bridle his own temperament and alcoholism. As a coach his rapport with different boys in the team and their families is vital. Progressive change in the coach and team makes the story one of the top inspirational sports movies to watch.

Olympic Dreams

Olympic Dreams (2019 1h 23m) English – Story of a messed up dentist and failed cross-country skier at the backdrop of 2018 Winter Games in South Korea. It is a volatile but a realistic-looking love story that blossoms between Penelope (Alexi Pappas – a real-life Olympian) and Ezra amidst Olympics. Unlike all the titles above, it is one of the uniquely inspiring sports movies to watch. The reason is mainly because of the Olympic Village backdrop.  However, more importantly, the movie throws light upon two individuals with a lack of vision and purpose. Yet, by the end, they determine to come back more convinced (maybe in the Beijing Olympics in 2022).



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