5 Famous Bangkok temples – A Must Visit

Guest Post by Kim Aroon on 5 Famous Bangkok Temples

The foundation of today’s Bangkok lies down in Thonburi’s small town, nowadays part of the capital, on the Chao Phraya River’s western bank. General Taksin designated Thonburi as the country’s new capital in 1772 as soon as the Kingdom of Ayutthaya’s capital was mostly ruined in Burma’s war in 1767. A decade later, the new King Rama I, founder of the Chakri dynasty, who has ruled to this day, relocated the government to the eastern bank. He started the area called Rattanakosin, which was primarily inhabited by Chinese, to develop into the new capital, pursuing the former residential city’s example. Bangkok has exploded continuously after that, and the Chakri dynasty is currently ruling in the 9th generation. Today, I’m gonna share five famous Bangkok temples which you shouldn’t miss on your trip.

The Grand Palace

The grand palace is a distinctive spot that should check out if you’re in Bangkok. It’s a spectacular, shining, and twinkling palace in all the sense. The beautiful and complex architecture requires special mention. It houses the famous Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) within its complex. Although they are near each other, architecture is significantly diverse. It is one of the best and famous Bangkok Temples.

Grand Place is very stunning. This place has got a lot of temples within, and you get very brilliant pictures. Having said that, buddha photography isn’t allowed inside the property of the palace. Random people will stop you and inform you that the palace is sealed and make different stories like the king is visiting today. Ignore them and visit them. They want you to go with them on a city tour with a tuk-tuk or go shopping with their references. For more details about ticket price and dress code, check out this detailed post.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Wat Pho

The place is just beside the Grand Palace, and it’s accessible from Sanam Chai MRT station. With a few minute’s walks, and you will get to Wat Pho. There are plenty of points of interest within Wat Pho. But The primary attraction is the Reclining Buddha and a hectic portion of the temple but maintained and organized well, allowing sleek progress. It is one of the gorgeous Bangkok temples to visit.

Besides, there are plenty of others absorbing moments, possibilities where the variety of architecture, topiary, statues, courtyards relaxing in their own unbiased surroundings provide a fascinating path to the center attraction. These attractions are certainly worth your time to witness the elegance of Thai architecture and the legitimate and sincere attitudes of Thai people to praise buddhas. Every inch is protected with sophisticated art. Photos can never do justice to the sensations you will go through if you notice these places in person. The entry fee of this temple is 200 THB.

Image by Matt Carr from Pixabay

Wat Arun

Yet another stunning temple complex in Bangkok. You need to take a ferry boat, and it will set you back 20 THIB (one way) if you take a normal boat. Tourist ferries can be extra high. There are numerous walking tracks. It is even noticeable from the Chaopraya Stream. This place could get hard to navigate, particularly in the prime time when visitors altogether visit the place, so be all set. It’s also possible to try going to the place in the evening to get good pictures because it turns into a golden temple due to the lights. The architecture is fantastic, and it will impress you. You’ll relish the spectacular view of it. Its stairs are steep, need to be watchful. 50 Baht is an entry fee.

Image by Julian Hacker from Pixabay

Wat Ratchabophit

A stunning temple with the royal family cemetery. King Rama V, in 1869 constructed the temple. Its comprehensive style of the building facade is absolutely remarkable! Monks continue to have daily activities. When you visit it, you will realize it’s quiet as compared to the aforementioned temples. Stay away from walking with the monks. There are essential tombs for the royal family, which is very respectable and adored among locals. Therefore, certain parts of the place aren’t permitted to visit.  

Wat Mahathat Yuwaratrangsarit

It was crafted in the Ayutthaya Kingdom course before the city of Bangkok was founded in 1782. The temple was, at that time, referred to as Wat Salak. It is a perfect spot for families and feels like an authentic religious site rather than a tourist place. The place certainly has a strong local, not a visitor vibe. The only downside is entry is free as Thai people FREE, but Foreigners have to pay a small fee of 50 Baht! It is situated across from Sanam Luang and adjacent to Thammasat University in the old Rattanakosin area. The most convenient way to get there is by Chao Phraya river express boat. Get an orange or green flag boat and leave at Tha Chang pier.


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    Great post! I haven’t been to the the two, but will certainly check them out the next time in I’m Bangkok!

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    Wow Bangkok is really amazing place. I so wish to visit it one day. Thank you for this lovely virtual tour. I really enjoyed reading this.

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    Bangkok is a wonderful historical city and I wish I could visit it someday. Thank you for the collection and description of these temples worth visiting.

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    I had the best memories in Bangkok, i can’t wait to go back again, soon…

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    These temples are such nice places to visit. I will add them to my to visit places. They look so peaceful and they seem the perfect place to go for a walk and admire.

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    I have never been in Bangkok but seeing theses photos and reading your post makes me eager to visit that place but maybe after this pandemic. LOL!

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    I have seen that on a TV program that those people will try to fool you – It’s not so nice of them 🙂

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    This is a reminder that I need to travel to Asia more! You have showcased the magnificent temples of Bangkok.

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    These look like such beautiful places to visit. I would love to visit there!


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