Interviewing Travel Photo Blogger – Sreejith Rajmohan

Our interview series is being well appreciated by our readers and we are extremely glad about it. In this edition, we are extremely glad to feature Travel Photo Blogger – Sreejith Rajmohan. Sreejith is the founder & writer of the travel photo blog “The Picture Perfect Tales”. He is a passionate and dedicated travel photographer and blogger, a duo in one we can say. Pleased to share the interview with Sreejth amongst our readers.

The Interview with our Travel Photo Blogger

Name of your blog or website and the purpose of its creation

The Picture Perfect Tales was started to document my travel adventures through my clicks and words with a vision of providing other travellers and enthusiasts with information which will help them to plan their itinerary to a destination by themselves. I came across a lot of people who love to travel but have the fear of making it to a new country they never been to. My blog posts mostly try to cover details on what to do & how to do stuff which they can simply follow to make the trip with much ease. And also, the best way to familiarize a place before going there is through the pictures and videos from there. A picture speaks a thousand words so my medium of storytelling is the images I capture and with that, the people will have a brief idea of what to expect beforehand.

Share briefly on your blogging niche

It's mostly about travel, adventure and photography. Most of my blog posts will have a minimum of 15 to 20 pictures each and some have even more. Most people nowadays don't like to read much so I always try to keep the descriptions to a minimum but covering most of the points. Even though I used to put details like how to reach, transportation, a brief history of the location and sometimes even fun facts. In future, there will be articles on travel gadgets, photography and other technologies related to travelling.

Why did you choose the niche blogging area?

Travelling is always in my blood since childhood. I am the happiest when I am on the move whether it's domestic international or even related to my job. And photography is a passion which I will carry to my grave. When I was 5 or 6 years old a photographer friend of my dad showed me an off-camera flash and asked me to press a button on that. The bright light from the flash filled the room and the charging sound on that flash unit excited the kid in me and I thought I took a picture even though it was just a flash only. Ever since then started my love story with photography & cameras. So where ever I travel I used to click and eventually landscape photography becomes my favourite. So, two of my passions combined together and resulted in the birth of my Blog.

Please share about your blogging journey?

Becoming a blogger never crossed my mind until late 2018. Even before 2018 also I was doing a fair amount of travelling and was taking pictures. The actual thought of starting a blog was put into me by my best friend and travel buddy. In 2018 she started her blog and she was using some of the pictures taken by me during our travel. Her blog became very successful in less than 6 months; and was getting appreciation for my pictures in her blog posts. She used to share those comments with me. One day she shoots the question “Why can't you start a blog for your pictures”. That ignited the idea and decided to give it a try.

When I started, I had no idea on the technicalities and the process. So, I started reading a lot of blogs and watched hours and hours of YouTube videos. Then finally got confidence that I can do it. Organized all my pictures, sorted and edited it and come out with the title for my first story. And there I came face to face with the reality that I have to write a story around my pictures; writing was not at all my thing. Anyway, I gave it a try and let my near and dear ones to proofread it. With the confidence they gave I posted my first story and shared it on my social handles.

I got some good response from my family and friends and it motivated me to go ahead with my next stories. But after each blog post, I noticed one thing that my writing skills are getting improved drastically. The biggest challenge was not building the blog from scratch but to get an audience. So, I started to learn and working hard on Keywords, SEO and set up social media pages for the blog and that helped a lot in getting ranked in web searches. Still, my blog is on its baby steps but happy that something which I never thought of become a part of my daily life.

Tips and Tricks for blogging

I am not a pro in giving out tips but things I believe needed for a good successful blog is the consistency, quality and uniqueness of content. A blog cannot be successful overnight, it needs months or years of hard work and patience. It will take a lot of time to get desired results out of a blog so the main thing is to keep doing and not to desolate it on the way.

Your Blogging Achievements

My blog is just a few months old so there is nothing much but I started to get recognized as a photographer, it improves my writing skills, got opportunity to write guest stories on some successful travel blogs and to do collaborations with great bloggers like you. My blog is my portfolio which landed me on a few photography assignments like product photography, food photography, model shoots and also worked with some travel bloggers for destination shoots. Moreover, I become an “official travel planner” for all my friends, family and their friends also.

Your future plans on blogging

The major plan is to post contents more frequently. Because of the nature of my regular job I am getting very less time to work on my blog, so planning to however find and invest more time to create new contents which will be helpful for wannabe travellers. As a travel photo blogger, I have plans to add a section for travel photography guides, travel gadgets and photography related lessons for beginner photographers. Also, have plans to add some video contents in future.

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