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Blogging has now become a passion for me. Every day when I wake up in the morning, I find it impossible to resist myself in looking up my blog and its health. Each day when I see the success meter rising up, an immense satisfaction rings my heart. I feel accomplished and motivated to move forward, leverage techniques of improvement. Some are self-learning and some are acquired from experienced bloggers, with whom I interact or seek help almost daily. Today I take the privilege to express my gratitude and thanks to a successful and experienced coach and a Lifestyle Blogger, Ar'nie Krogh.

Ar'nie is the owner of, a website where she guides and mentors women to live a meaningful and sustainable life. Her recommendations are essential to motivate people to live like a Goddess and that had impressed me the moment I had read through her blog. The articles are inspiring, a lot to learn and apply in your personal and professional life. She along with other experienced bloggers have been a great help in promoting my Travel blog among interested readers and in social media platforms. I had earlier introduced one of my friend and a lifestyle blogger in my Interview series to celebrate my upcoming blog anniversary. Today I am introducing another experienced and wonderful lady, who has helped me significantly in my blogging journey.

Let me now present you the conversation which I had with Ar'nie, a Lifestyle blogger and certified Therapist.

Name of your blog or website and the purpose of its creation

My blog is and it started off years ago as a private diary for all my family and friends worldwide. Way before Facebook allows long-form post. Then it became a website for my coaching and therapy clients before I migrated the content to this new domain. I love sharing things I learn, wisdom gained, my lifestyle and a lot of motivational stuff for every woman who's looking for her inner goddess.

Share briefly on your blogging niche

I am not too unique in sharing my lifestyle, travel and wellness stories but unique in the sense that I'm writing as a certified therapist and life coach. It's all about helping a fellow woman find her inner strength and beauty and to be inspired to do more in her life and to achieve greatness. 

Why did you choose the niche blogging area?

These are my personal and professional interest. I come from a family that's always been in holistic wellness and I started travelling on own since I was 14. I also love fashion but more on personal styling, makeup and beauty. 

Please share your blogging journey

Ooh. it's been haphazard! I never thought of it as someone else who started recently and doing it as a business and for the purpose of making money. They are probably more focused than I am. As I shared above that I started this blog purely as a channel to share photos and diary of my international living, ex-pat family for extended family and friends, it's hard to make the transition to being a professional blogger. I had to remove the mental block. 

It's only when I wanted to get serious with my YouTube channel that I decided it was time to finally took all the blog posts I had done as a therapist and tweaked it for the new website. I use my blog as a means to share my YouTube videos while typing out the information for those who prefer to read. It's been going great though as a mum of 4 and also running a data science company with my husband, some days it gets hard. Especially now with the pandemic, I haven't had any time to write. I've only had time to record my vlogs and post to YT. 😔

Tips and Tricks for blogging

1) Set aside time to write. Though having said that, when the ideas strikes and you haven't got any time to sit down and write, make a short note (or even voice note) on your phone so you can get back to that idea later. 
2) Take lots of pics of interesting sights you see so you always have copyright-free photos to use. Though I have an account on Dreamstime for copyright-free photos, I have barely used them for at least a year. Canva is also a great app to use to get photos and graphics done. Be very careful about using other people's photos from Google. The cost of being sued is too high. 
3) Join my groups like Boost Your Blog or Social Media Boss Collective to get insights and help with blogging and SEO. You'll find lots of helpful members willing to share their knowledge. 
4) Take a break if you feel your creative juices a little dry. There's no point pressuring yourself to create when you're stressed out in your life. Blogging is a creative work and creativity takes time. When a blog is not authentically creative, I can always tell as passion is not felt. 

Your blogging achievements

I won the runner up prize in 2018 for Best London Mum Blogger! At that time I've just (re)launched TheGoddessStyle website as a new lifestyle blog so it was a complete surprise. I was very thankful for all the votes that came in despite being grouped with 9 other amazing female/mum bloggers who've been doing it professionally for years. 

Your future plans on blogging

As I'll be moving internationally from Spain to Singapore soon, I hope to cover more of Asian nature, the multi-ethnic culture, the beautiful women and our way of looking after ourselves as well as the amazing array of food! I'll also be looking to press on with becoming a professional blogger despite being busy with my 4 growing kids and their schoolwork and growing my tech company. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the experiences of Ar'nie, a Lifestyle Blogger and an inspiration for many. Please do visit her website to read many interesting articles written by her and learn to lead an energetic and healthy life. As for me I especially like her positivity and warmth in her conversations, you are bound to be a fan of her.



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