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As my blogging journey is nearing its anniversary, I am overwhelmed to share many beautiful experiences and learnings I have acquired till this day. I have met experienced bloggers and writers in a different genre. Some have turned out to be good friends whom I know I can trust and collaborate in future as I move on with my progress. To celebrate my journey, I have decided to host a small toast to myself and my esteemed co-bloggers by featuring their blogs and their wonderful blogging journey on my website.

My First Interview was with Monidipa Dutta, a lifestyle blogger from India. Before I share with you her blogging experience and journey, I would like to touch upon the meaning and concept behind a “Lifestyle Blog” and a “Lifestyle Blogger”.

Lifestyle is essentially a mix of different aspects of a person's life, that eventually drives the personal interests of a human being. It includes personal wellbeing, fashion, home decor, hobbies, food, photography and even travels. A lifestyle blog represents a person's interests and thoughts in a digital medium, provoking human minds to work their brains on the essence of life. A lifestyle blogger is the curator of such a blog, engaging the audience by sharing his or her personal experience in dealing with the various facets of life.

Let me now introduce Ms Monidipa Dutta, a lifestyle blogger and the owner of the website I had a one on one question and answer session with her, the excerpts of which are shared below.

Name of your blog or website and the purpose of its creation

The simple answer to this, I wanted to connect with people who have similar thoughts like me

Share briefly on your blogging niche

A way of life blog is best characterized as a computerized content portrayal of its creator's regular daily existence and interests. A way of life blogger makes content motivated and curated by their own advantages and day by day exercises. And Mind blog is fundamentally an asset for people living with psychological wellness issues, however, can be helpful for friends and family and others firmly engaged with the lives of the individuals who have dysfunctional behaviours.

Why did you choose the niche blogging area?

My Website basically covers Lifestyle as well as Mental Health. As a way of a lifestyle blogger, I make substance enlivened and curated by my personal interests and everyday activities. I share an expansive assortment of substance based on and enlivened by my own life — most prominently family, home, travel, magnificence, nourishment, plans, style, cosmetics, structure and so forth. And I began Mental Health Blog since I believe self-articulation is most likely the primary motivation to blog about my encounters as a counsellor. I additionally needed to associate with other people who are in comparable circumstances. Online journals or blogs as we know can be an approach to bring issues to light about little-known conditions.

Share your blogging journey

I did not have a smooth journey. My site had been hacked twice. I had seen hard days but good days as well. My reviews regarding certain restaurants have helped them. My mental health suggestions have helped people. And I love helping people.

Tips and Tricks for blogging

I just plan and schedule my posts. Keep things original. No other tricks.

Your blogging achievements

I was nominated in infinity blogging awards in 2019 but my site got hacked in the last moment due to which I could not win.

Your future plans on blogging.
To work more hard.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blogging journey and experience of Monideepa, my lifestyle blogger friend and collaborator. Do not forget to visit her blog to read interesting articles on Lifestyle and Mental Health.



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