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Few weeks more and I would be completing one year of my blogging journey. My gratitude and respect for my fellow bloggers have been increasing exponentially, essentially because some of them have been quite phenomenal in building up my confidence in the blogging world.

In part 2 of my Interview Series or you can say a Friendly Conversation series with bloggers who have turned out to be good friends and well-wishers, I would like to introduce Samar, “a Multi-Faceted Blogger“, admin and owner of the website

Now let me discuss briefly, what I actually meant by a Multi-Faceted Blogger. When a blogger possesses a talent to focus on multiple aspects of life and activities governing human life, I term it as multi-faceted. And that's what Samar does in his blog. You will be amazed to read interesting stories on the social life of humans vis-a-vis experiences of travelling through the world the way a backpacker does.

Sharing the excerpts from the conversation I had with Samar, where he shares his blogging experiences and tips.

Name of your blog or website and the purpose of its creation
The name of my blog is The Mood Recipes, I created the website to give people a platform, where they can share their thoughts, expression, feelings without thinking about different policies and their violations.

Share briefly on your blogging niche
The Mood Recipes covers the social niche. It's a broad one. I and the other writers write about what we think, which affects us the most. We love writing on relationship issues, fictional stories, and all that which we feel, without any filters.

Why did you choose the niche blogging area?
I neither planned it nor thought so much about the niche. I just wanted it to be a place or a platform, where I can write my heart out and connect with readers/people all over the world, on a personal level.

Share your blogging journey
I started the blog in 2018, November, it's been more than a year. I met some wonderful bloggers, talented writers and more talented rivals. I had many ups and downs during this journey. Explaining the journey will be very hard in a few words, But I must say it was really good and I have learned a lot.

Tips and Tricks for blogging
BE PATIENT (don't expect a million views in a month)
Work for long term relations, be it with your team or audience.
Dedicated time for your blog (be it daily, monthly or bi-weekly).
If you are not a full-time Blogger, make sure you have a team or someone who is dedicated to the work assigned (to avoid missing personal targets).

Your blogging achievements
The first time when the blog views crossed 50k.
I was appreciated by the media team of Holiday Inn (Location: Ao Nang) for my travel blog
Most importantly, I met people those who are very talented and keeps me motivated to keep the blog running

Your future plans on blogging
I want to reach more people, connect with them and write for them. There is no specific “target/plans” as this is not a professional project, TheMoodRecipes is an emotion for me.
However, we planned to start travelling for our travel blogs section in mid-2020 However, seeing the current situation, we will have to push it back a bit.

I hope you enjoyed reading the blogging journey and experience of Samar, a good friend and multi-faceted blogger. Do not forget to visit his blog to read fascinating stories, articles on social life and travel blogs.



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One thought on “Conversation with Samar – A Multi-Faceted Blogger

  • May 6, 2020 at 10:02 pm

    Samar and his teams actually writes really good. I hv seen his work. They r very much dedicated and talented. Way to go…


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