9 Best Family Movies to Watch during Lockdown

Although there doesn't seem to be an imminent silver lining in the foreseeable future as far as a traveller is concerned, multiple ways of entertainments are still possible.  We already have shared a list of activities to do during a lockdown. Family Movies to watch during lockdown is the second topic in a list of movie-series that will cover other topics as well. Certainly, many have already signed up for Netflix account or are hooked to top TV series, while many have been re-watching their fav movies from the past.

Watching movies from different countries opens a vista to their socio-economic culture, family and spiritual outlook among many other perspectives. My objective here is not to give a critical analysis but present an objective view of good family movies to watch during lockdown.

Little Forest (2018, 1h 44m) Korean

Back to her home village, South Gyeongsang Province, after unsatisfactory city life, a young woman begins to realize what she missed. Although her mother is not at home anymore, she discovers the ‘Little Forest' her mother left behind. She soon understands that life can be simple and beautiful even in the countryside with good people and good food. After all, Song Hye-won only has to experiment with her mom's recipes to live a happy life. It is indeed one of the best family movies to watch during lockdown.

The Teacher's Diary (2014, 2h) Thai

Life-transforming stories of two different teachers posted in a forlorn village boarding school – a dilapidated houseboat, anchored in Lumphun. Ann was sent on a punishment transfer to the village school for not removing a tattoo on her forearm, while Song was sent as a replacement to Ann once she moves out. Ann's diary turns out to be the connecting link between the duos. Notebook (2019) is the Hindi remake of The Teacher's Diary. I definitely term it as one of the thrilling family movies to watch during lockdown.

The Insult (2017, 1h 54m) Arabic

In a small town in Lebanon, a petty incident involving Tony and Yasser – a Lebanese Christian and a Palestinian refugee – takes an ugly turn and escalates it into a major dispute. Unable to amicably solve it, the conflict reaches the court and tension builds up between two communities. Both the families and their present and past stories take the plot forward.

What Will People Say (2017, 1h 46m) Norwegian, Urdu, Hindi

A free-spirited, Norway-brought-up teen's dreams are shattered when her father sends her back to her parents' homeland. On the contrary to her relatives' and parents' wishes, Nisha doesn't mend her ways to be traditional and pious. She's later flown back to Norway and her parents arrange her marriage. Does she now worry about what will people say?

Bento Harassment (2019, 1h 47m) Japanese

The movie is about a Hachijo-Jima based single mother's attempt to developing a fruitful rapport with her rebellious second daughter. Each lunch box she packs for her daughter delivers different, annoying and inspiring messages and instructions hoping to win her back. While her classmates are excited to check out on each day's ‘bento' box themes, Futaba takes it as harassment by her mother Kaori until the final bento box is opened.

A Hidden Life (2019, 3h) German, English

The plot is set in the late 1930s Austria where a war breaks out and the men in the villages are called up to join the army. However, the farmer family of Franz Jägerstätter living in the beautiful countryside of St. Radegund, faces the Nazi wrath for holding on to his conviction. Letters are written by Jägerstätter to his wife and her replies encourage and strengthen each other while he is in prison. His denial to pledge allegiance to Hitler despite his family being ostracized by the neighbours and him being pressurized the Bishop proves to be fatal.

The Intouchables (2011, 1h 53m) French

Philippe, a quadriplegic affluent man in Paris has a naïve accidental meeting with Driss. Owing to his disabilities, Philippe is hiring help and Driss is one of the interviewed. Against his wishes, Driss gets hired. The men, despite their differences, form a steady bond sharing each other's past and passion. The movie was inspired by a true story and was later remade into Telugu, Tamil and Spanish languages under different titles.

Android Kunjappan Ver 5.25 (2019, 2h 20m) Malayalam

Adamant, aged and widowed, Bhaskara Poduval has a tight grip over his son Subrahmanyan and never wants him to leave home. However, after getting a good job in Russia, he leaves his father and his home town in Kerala. On a holiday trip from Russia, he comes with a robot that can take care of his father. The old man gruffly rejects the idea of being helped by a machine at first but as the story develops a rapport is fashioned between the two. The story was inspired by the movie Robot & Frank (2012).

The Way, Way Back (2013, 1h 44m) English

Duncan finds it hard to get along with his mother's boyfriend and his daughter on a summer vacation in Massachusetts. Although they all seem to be having fun, Duncan remains the odd one out with little care from his mother. In an attempt to get away from the annoying people, he goes out, and chances upon Owen from a nearby water park. Duncan is offered a job at the park and he soon feels happy and accepted among his colleagues. On the last day of their vacation, his mother and others discover that Duncan was working and how the park had transformed him.

If you go by the ratings or box-office success, these movies might not impress you. However, these drama or family movies to watch during lockdown, will not disappoint you.

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