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I had been interacting a lot with experienced authors, writers, poets and bloggers from last year. The reason being I had decided to venture into the world of literature. As I continue to progress in my blogging journey, I want to converse more and more with the talented people I have known till now. Today I want to share my interview with Author Sarah Neofield.

I have met Sarah through social media platform only, mainly Instagram. A humble lady and an excellent writer. She has immense experience in writing books and articles as you would realize from her interview.

Also, I specifically liked about her travel to various places in the world. Experience is the one that motivates and inspires a person to pen down interesting stories and articles.

I hope you like my interview with Author Sarah. Do visit her website to know more about her and her works. Her latest novel is in Amazon – Number Eight Crispy Chicken. Please do read and you will surely love it.

Sharing now the excerpts of my interview with Author Sarah.

The Conversation

What or Who influenced you to become a writer?

I have always wanted to be a writer, as far back as I can remember. I love discovering the world through books, travelling through words, and I wanted to help others do the same.

On which genre do you focus while writing your novels?

I primarily write satirical fiction which addresses serious social issues such as immigration, human rights, and propaganda.
My goal is to make people consider important topics that they might not otherwise engage with, by writing stories that make them laugh – and then think.

When did you write your first story?

I started writing stories as soon as I could write – around the age of four or five. But I didn't make a serious attempt to write a novel until I was much older.

What is your greatest achievement as a writer?

My greatest joy has been the contact I've had from readers who told me they enjoyed reading Number Eight Crispy Chicken, and importantly, that it made them think differently about refugees and the right to seek asylum.

When did you first publish your first book and how was the experience?

Although I published a number of non-fiction books and articles in my previous career, I published my first novel, Number Eight Crispy Chicken (the tale of immigration minister trapped in a foreign airport) earlier this year, in January 2020. It was wonderful to see my words in print and to receive such lovely reviews from readers all over the world, who told me that the book had made them laugh and think – exactly what I was hoping for. I couldn't have wished for a better experience!

Please share your journey as a writer

At the age of thirty, I quit my job as a university lecturer to travel the world. I've had the opportunity to see much of Asia, Europe, Northern America, and even some of India, and Russia and those travels have inspired my writing. I feel very fortunate to have visited so many beautiful places and learned so much about different societies, faiths, systems of government, and economies.

Any tips you want to convey to the budding writers?

The most important thing is to write the story you want to tell.

What are your future plans?

At present, like most people around the world, I am unable to travel due to Covid19. But I am using this time to work on my next novel, Propaganda Wars, which focuses on the dangerous ways in which language and the media can be used to persuade or manipulate.

I loved the interview with Sarah. It was interesting to learn about her experiences. Her journey as a writer has been amazing and I sincerely wish it will be more and more wonderful. I wish her all the good luck for her journey as an author and writer. Let us applaud her for her commendable work in literature. I am sure she will be presenting us with numerous interesting novels and books.

Hereby I conclude my interview with Author Sarah. Do follow her in social media to be notified of her recent publications.

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