Top 10 Drugstore Makeup Brands in 2020

Are you searching for Top 10 drugstore makeup brands in 2020? Makeup is a new fashion nowadays. When it comes to choosing the best makeup brand, we know drugstore makeup is the best and affordable for everyone. The drugstore makeup brands are simply accessible online as well as your nearby shops and stores. Not only expensive makeup brands but also the most pocket-friendly Drugstore can give you a beautiful look, but you need to know the right one. It can provide you with reliable Mascara, eye-shadow, lipstick, and foundation. There are lots of drugstore brands available in the market, but all are not the same; every Drugstore cannot give you instant look that's why today I am going to tell you about the top drugstore makeup brands in 2020 that you can easily buy from your nearest corner.

Finding a genuine makeup brand is not like taking a snapshot. Pretty women, you don't need to spend a fortune on expensive makeup brands. The Drugstore also gives you the same satisfaction as Huda Beauty, Faces Canada, Nars, and all other does. If the product is highly pigmented and you don't have to apply it over and over again to get high coverage, you can consider it a trustworthy product.

Makeup is very costly, so it is unnecessary to spend your couple of money on high range beauty brands. I would like to suggest you go to the Drugstore because it is good; doesn't pinch your pocket and has the power to make you look beautiful. We mentioned ten drugstore products in this post so that you will know what to buy and what is right for you. Let's have a look on Top 10 drugstore makeup brands in 2020-

Maybelline New York

Maybelline New York is one of the top drugstore brands. Its products can complete your look and make you a million dollar girl. Few customers use its foundation, eye shadow palette, and Concealer while few of them claim that they are not cruelty-free. To be honest, Maybelline products are sold in China to test on animals, and they do testing if needed. But being known, you guys buy its product such as foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, and lipsticks because it has the right image in the market. So these things can change your mind, and you can go for it because the brand flourishes in the market based on the review, if it is quite suitable for you. I don't think you should neglect all the good things about Maybelline because I used its products such as Eyeliner, Eye shadow, and many more.

L. A. Girl

L.A. Girl is a well-known makeup brand. Eye shadow from L. A. Girl is just wow, I cannot resist myself creating different eye looks by it. L. A. Girl has a growing collection that recovers your complexion of skin, eyes, and nails, lips. Its long-lasting lip shade is capable of making you look hotter and prettier. Is it quite easy to find a suitable product for our skin? Dear, it is a very affordable brand. L. A. Girl offers tools from beginner to MUA you can purchase according to your need. You cannot get premium and quality colour cosmetics that are highly pigmented. Let me suggest you choose the right product that is rich in quality. If you are looking for a high definition foundation, you can purchase the L. A. Girl foundation it is perfect and ensures high coverage. As it is lightly weighted, you can consume it. I am sure it will make you feel comfortable.


L'Oreal is ranked in the top 10 drugstore brands as well as it has lots of collections to choose from. Whether it is L'Oreal shampoo and L'Oreal foundation, people have rated them 5 out of 5. From lip colour palettes to eye shadow palettes, L'Oreal is the most adored brand yet. Choosing L'Oreal is the best decision ever because its product comes with high coverage and excellent pigmentation. I used to wash my hairs using L'Oreal Paris shampoo; seriously, it is fantastic and makes my hair smooth and shiny. I love to use L'Oreal products, whether it is eyeliner, eye-shadow, and foundation. The tagline for L'Oreal, i.e. 5 Problems 1 Solution, is not only the promoting line but also defines the way it works. You can buy its makeup products from Nykaa, Purple, Amazon, and Flipkart.


NYX is a brand widely used by Makeup artists. You can expect a good quality powder, cream, lipsticks, and glitter eye shadows. NYX liquid lipstick is perfect as compared to other brands. NYX lipstick comes in various shades that are incredibly amazing. To be honest, NYX has both functional as well as lousy makeup products. If you don't have experience in the makeup industry, I must recommend you to start from NYX. NYX can give you a luxury look just at affordable prices. For professional makeup, you can buy an eye shadow palette from NYX. NYX also offers discounts on special occasions such as Diwali, Valentine's week, and New Year. Even though, it is an American company still customers love its contour palettes and all products.

Cover Girl

Maybe you didn't hear the name Cover Girl, but yes it is also a good drugstore brand. It is the brand you should spend your money. If you want to taste the whole makeup regimen, go for it, pretty women. The best Cover Girl makeup products such as Primer, Eyeliner, Mascara, and Foundation and many more can give you complete glamour look. The makeup products of Cover girl are reliable and safe to use. You can buy its sunscreen; it will surely protect your skin from sun tan. Nowadays, it is hard to accommodate makeup products within your budget, but I am sure once you purchase Cover Girl products, you would love it.


The old and well-known makeup brand is Revlon. Revlon products are available at a reasonable price with a large number of shades to last for a long time. Are you still looking for a brand that can doll you up for your special day? Yet you are in a dilemma to purchase expensive make products, then you should try Revlon. Once you try this, you won't resist yourself using its product again and again. You can find gel liner, foundation, and eye shadows at a lower price, that's why it is the perfect brand. This brand offers products within your budget.

Wet n Wild

When it comes to listing the top drugstore brand, Wet N Wild comes on second. Its products are very pocket friendly and travel friendly. Its photo focus foundation and lipsticks are lovely as compared to other high rate brands. You can create your complete party look using Wet n Wild makeup products. Its pressed glitter white eye shadow will make your eyes shine.


Neutrogena is an affordable skincare brand that offers you bright makeup products such as foundation, Concealer, and many more. Maybe this brand is quite new, but for the past few years, it had created the right image in the makeup industry. Using Neutrogena's eye shadow palette, you will be able to create Smokey eyes look, and glitter eyes look, and many more. The company sells its eye shadow infused with Vitamin E.


I am sure purchasing this brand won't break your bank balance. Milani is famous for its collection and mostly for blushers. Beauty editors and makeup artists recommend buying Milani products due to their high quality. Its Concealer plus foundation received a top beauty brand award for its products like Rose Powder Blush. Frankly speaking, it is different from others. Milani may be something that you want. I like its blusher that makes my cheeks real pink and charming. If you search for something realistic, buy the blusher from Milani. You can buy its makeup products online as well as from your nearby shop or store.

Physician Formula

Physician Formula is a makeup brand that has the power to enhance the beauty of your skin. Most of the customers use their lash booster, butter blush, and enormous products. If you choose Physician Formula, there will be a chance to boost your skin health. It sells its products after adequate full-proof testing, hence there is no need to worry about any reaction or side effects. Plenty of makeup products are available to establish a pretty look. Apart from this, the foundation, contour, and highlighter palette work amazingly on your skin. Butter blush is a broadly used product of Physician Formula.

To end the article, a drugstore is easily accessible and capable to offer you spectacular skincare and health.

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    I love Maybelline and L’Oreal, the others are a bit tricky to get here so I haven’t tried much from them but I do love PF and Milani too!

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    Hey Kuntala!

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    I love this blog! Thank you for sharing top beauty products. I hope keep posting.


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