An Interview with Poet Vachaknavi Sarma (Hiya)

In my recent articles, I have shared my conversations with experienced bloggers and travellers. Today I will be sharing an interview with poet Vachaknavi Sarma (Hiya).

I have known Hiya from last year 2019. We met in social media on Twitter first and then on Instagram. The moment I started reading her , I realized how passionate she was. Her words are like a bird flying in the sky, speaking out her beautiful thoughts.

She entertains her audience with her melancholy verses. We appreciated each others works and that created a bond of friendship with her. I am very happy for her achievements as a poet. She has published her book of poems, an encouragement and inspiration for any budding poets. I wish her all success in her future life.

Having said this, let me share an interview with poet Hiya.

An Interview with Poet Hiya

What or Who influenced you to become a poet?
Life and whatever I've had to face in life.

On which genre do you focus while writing your poems?
Anything to everything that inspires me.

When did you write your first poem?
I wrote it in 2013 beginning.

What is your greatest achievement as a poet?
My award as the woman writer of the year 2020.

When did you first publish your first poetry book and how was the experience?
My first book WILD IMAGINATION was published on 24th December, 2017Experience was great. I had been through a rollercoaster after the publishing from positive to negative criticism.

Please share your journey as a poet
I've only grown as a poet. In writing and imaging and watching and listening and understanding words and everything else around me.

Any tips you want to convey to the budding poets?
Just write your heart out. Do not bother about impressing anyone. Just express yourself.. just think of your feelings.

What are your future plans?
To keep on writing my feelings no matter what.

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I hope you liked my interview with poet Vachaknavi Sarma (Hiya). Please keep visiting our blogs for more interview with poets and writers.


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