Interview with Shiva – Backpacker & Solo Traveller

Interacting and collaborating with Travel enthusiasts, backpackers, solo travellers interests me a lot. When I discuss or scan through their travel experiences, I sometimes wonder how many I need to explore more. A similar phenomena occurred when I started interacting with Shiva. A sudden conversation with a Backpacker and Solo Traveller, and thats how I came to know about his interests.

The best part of Shiva's travel journeys are his craze to venture into offbeat and unexplored destinations. I found his Instagram page to be really interesting where he shares his exotic travel experiences. I will be sharing today an interview with Shiva – A backpacker and solo traveller.

Interview with Shiva

  1. Name of your blog or website and the purpose of its creation – – The ‘Shiva' in Shivatells is not me, but my inner voice that inspires me to travel. It is the voice of ‘The' Shiva. I created this site to share my travel experiences and inspire people to travel(if I can in any small way) and explore so many amazing places our planet has to offer. I feel it is extremely important for each one of us to witness this beautiful world and get overwhelmed by it. 
  2. Share briefly on your blogging niche
    My articles are primarily about road trips, backpacking and solo travels. I try to write about as many off the beaten path destinations as possible, apart from the regular popular places.
  3. Why did you choose the niche blogging area?
    While travelling people just go to the popular places. They miss the lesser-known hidden gems which in my case are much cooler than the popular destinations. I always try to explore them and share on my website.
  4. Share your blogging journey
    I started off my blogging journey a few months ago. It started with a lot of negative responses from my friends and acquaintances. I heard things like “this is extremely difficult”, “you need a lot of technical expertise”, “you will lose a lot of money”, the market is saturated” and so much more. I even delayed setting my site up for a while after hearing all those things. But if you set your mind to it, I think nothing is difficult. There are so many ways and means to start a blog. The more I studied about it, the more certain I was that I needed to do it. One fine day I just booked a domain, and things started rolling from thereon.
  5. Tips and Tricks for blogging
    I am no expert in blogging to give out tips. But two things that cannot be compromised on are good content and consistency. Here only slow and steady wins the race:)
  6. Your blogging achievements
    I do not think I have many achievements till now. It is a fairly new website, which is a few months old, and there is a lot to be done:)
  7. Your future plans on blogging
    In a year, I want that when people think about planning to travel, they should think about going to Shivatells 🙂 I will also be adding video content in a few months.

Hope you enjoyed the conversation with Shiva – backpacker and solo traveller. We wish him all the good luck on his blogging journey. Please visit his page to learn more about his travel journeys and experiences.


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A blogger interested in travelling and exploring new places and sharing ideas with all. Curious about the unique features of a place and its ethereal beauty.

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