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COVID-19 pandemic has lead to a prevailing uncertainty in the Travel Sector. Travel enthusiasts are struggling to control their wanderlust minds. Each day is a wait for them to venture out into the world. Why not try some alternative way out for a real-time travel experience? Have you ever thought of touring the fabulous places to visit in Barcelona from your couch?

Wondering how is it possible? The answer is oQQur's 360-degree tour of the historical and prominent places to visit in Barcelona, Spain. The tour provides you with a live experience of exploring the architectural marvels of the city. If you love history and treasure in learning the myths behind a place, this tour is sure to entertain you.

Details of the Tour

Tour Guide: Patrick, an American born ex-pat. He had moved to Barcelona 10 years ago. He has substantial knowledge on the history and heritage of the city. Through the tour, he guides his audience to the intricate details of each of the places. You can feel your minds floating into the magnificence of the wondrous tourist spots. He will walk you through the renowned public squares, depicting the ancient grandeur of the city.

Booking the 360-degree tour of the places to visit in Barcelona: Its a complete hassle-free booking process with secured payment. oQQur has a well-defined refund policy. You can opt for a short demo or free tour to paint an idea about the trip. For an additional 10% discount, please avail the code KUNTALA10.

Places to visit in Barcelona – Covered by the Tour

Gothic Cathedral

The iconic building was constructed between the 13th and 15th centuries. It has undergone several renovations. You can witness the Gothic style of architecture. The interiors and exteriors of the cathedral are curated gorgeously. They illustrate the exquisite work of the architects and craftsmen. The cathedral is one of the prominent places to visit in Barcelona.

Plaça del Rei

It is a public square and one of the popular places to visit in Barcelona. The place is phenomenal in hosting the welcome event of Columbus. Columbus had then completed his New World Voyage. You can check the history museum residing inside the square. It hosts the ancient Roman ruins.

Sant Felip Neri

It is a square, part of the Church of His Highness Saint Philip Neri. You can observe the Baroque style of architecture in the carvings. A fountain beautifies the rustic old charm of the place.

Plaça Sant Jaume

The place is significantly renowned in hosting several traditional festivals. It is one of the happening places to visit in Barcelona. You can often find huge assembly of people at the square.

Plaça Reial

The historic square attracts many tourists every year. It hosts open-air musical concerts, soothing the air with melodious tunes. Several festivals and celebration bashes are hosted at the square. It is a perfect place to entertain yourself with its plethora of restaurants and nightclubs.

Pre-Book for a Astonishing Experience

You must try out the 360-degree real-time tour of Barcelona at oQQur. You can feel your presence within the city as you traverse your minds into the tour. It is interesting and filled with breathtaking information. The guide is equipped with all the relevant details of the places. You can relax your mind as you walk along with him into this stunning trip.

If you need any further information on the tour please visit https://oqqur.com/.


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