Conversation with Debanjan – A Travel Enthusiast

“Swaying through the Mountains
Winding across the Rivers
Flowing with the Winds
Dashing into the Seas
A mind of a Travel Enthusiast
Refreshes in Delight”

— Few Words from my Heart

The words popped out spontaneously the moment I started writing about the conversation I had with Debanjan Ray – A Travel Enthusiast.

An ardent traveller, Debanjan has a special fascination for exploring the unknowns. Nature's enigmatic beauty entices him to discover the mystery concealed. The zeal drives him to venture out into numerous destinations. The obvious reason I found his profile quite interesting and worthy of appreciation.

As usual, I am always in appreciation for individuals who possess a special passion and interest. They are an inspiration and motivation for many. I want to spread across their thoughts and creativity to my readers and friends. Let the world appreciate their feelings and their desires. The future generation can imbibe energy from them and expand their horizon more and more.

Let me not speak much about my thoughts. Sharing the wonderful conversation I had with Debanjan – A Travel Enthusiast. Please read about his experiences and his recommendations. I am sure if you will appreciate his astonishing journeys and meaningful suggestions.

Conversations Excerpts

Which was your favourite travel destination?

This is going to be a very close choice between Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Manali, Himachal Pradesh. I will go with Manali because I have this old love affair with mountains and hill stations. I believe there is an intoxicated enigma that makes me go back to Manali. Ornamented with soulful Beas, the lush green valleys, the pine cedar forest, snow Cladded Mountains, the Mall road, the roadside café, the culture and the warmth of people.

How many places have you travelled till date?

Till date, I have travelled 13 states & 3 Union territories In India.

  • North India: Haridwar, Rishikesh, Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Chandigarh, Vrindavan, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer.
  • West India: Gujarat, Daman and Diu
  • East & North East India: Assam, Meghalaya, , Odisha, Sikkim
  • South India: Kanyakumari, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Chennai

And also very special, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Share your prominent travel experiences

My prominent travel experience has to be scuba diving in North Bay Island, Andamans. This was indeed a surreal moment of being truly alive and a tale of conquering fear. A moment where time stood still and I had waited my entire life for this moment. Exploring corals was epic. The adventure and adrenaline rush was unparallel. My “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” (the Famous Bollywood Movie) Moment.

Also, the epic snow adventure in Rohtang Pass was one of the prominent travel experiences. Passing through the tunnels of snow was amazing. It seemed like I have been teleported to a land of snow.

What are the essential things one needs to take care of during travels?

  • Health: First priority is to take care of health during travel. Thus, always carry essential medicines.
  • Important Travel related Documents, paperwork & wallet: These are valuable belongings so double-check on these. Always carry your ID, Passport and wallet.
  • Mobile & Camera: For memories to treasure. Double-check on whether the camera is working. My camera stopped working on day 1 of Rajasthan Trip. Carry Mobile, portable battery, charger and headphones for those long flight hours.
  • Make sure you carry a few Essentials like umbrella and raincoat (if you are travelling during the rainy season or places like Cherrapunji‎), sunglass, winter wear (depending on the location and season). Always carry a water bottle.
  • Shoes: Carry the type of shoes you would require according to the place.

How do you select your places when it comes to travelling?

I am drawn towards mountains and hill stations so hill stations find a priority in my selection of places. Also, I generally make it a point to visit places where I currently stay. For example, I had to stay in Gujarat & Tamil Nadu for work-related purpose; I made sure I travelled & explored in and around the states. Apart from that, few places were in my bucket list like Andamans.

What are your future plans for travel?

I had planned Kedarkantha Trek in winters but it does not seem feasible right now amidst the COVID-19 situation. I would like to experience paragliding and skydiving next year provided the situation returns to normal. Also, I would definitely make it a point to travel more often and try solo travelling.

Who or what inspired you to venture out on travelling?

I think the inspiration to travel was born during my childhood when every summer/ Durga Puja vacation I used to travel with my family. And we used to travel for long duration spanning up to 25 days. I think when you travel for so long duration and stay in a place for a longer period you start feeling the essence of a place. So when I was on the road travelling for so long, I discovered travelling is what makes me truly happy. Since then I have been travelling.

Any tips of tricks for the travel enthusiasts?

Research about the place you are visiting. Do a research on the best time to visit, check the location of the hotel and plan accordingly. Try staying a little longer in a place you visit in that way you can feel the essence of that place. You must try for the local cuisine, wear/buy local dress if feasible, talk to some locals. In many cases they will tell some unheard stories you will not find in Google.

Always carry your ID, wallets, medical essentials, Portable charger, and camera with you in a single backpack which you can carry with you always so that you don't have to leave these highly necessary belongings at the hotel. Also, buy a local artefact which would remind you of that place.

Thats ends the conversation I had with Debanjan – A Travel Enthusiast. Hope you enjoyed reading abut his fabulous travelling adventures. Do follow him in Instagram at

to read more about his experiences, his journeys and his incredible photographs.


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