Interview with Fashion Model – Mo

I have been interviewing bloggers, writers and poets. It has been quite an amazing experience for me. But then I started interactions with professionals and individuals in various other genres. This is when the creativity of Fashion Model, Mo caught my attention. Normally we post a photo or a video in Instagram. Seldom we think of inculcating a sense of intellect to it.

Fashion Model Mo has a unique sense of presenting his photos in Instagram. Its well thought of and interesting. I especially appreciate when people venture out from the usual norms and try creating something different. It speaks about the person's passion and intellect to discover and invent something on his own.

Today I would like to share an interview with Fashion Model, Mo. Please read about his fashion modelling journey and his experiences. Do follow him and check out his innovative style.

Interview with Fashion Model, Mo

Name of your fashion business or business you are associated with

JMK ( Jean Marc-K)

When did you start your fashion modelling journey?

I started my fashion modelling journey since 2018.

What or Who inspired you to pursue the profession?

My inspiration was only my father and my beliefs on my dreams.

Share a brief about your fashion modelling journey

My fashion model journey is like starting the morning with a small healthy breakfast to ensure my good mood for all the day. After two or three hours I go for my usual workout as it's becoming a lifestyle. More than that, I shower and prepare myself for a shooting or a fashion show where I have to do the best of me. Finally, if I am not tired, I go outside with my friends for dinner or for a party.

Tips and Tricks for fashion modelling

Get prepared for any fashion show or shooting. Do not be shy or lazy when there is an upcoming show. Get a healthier lifestyle.

Your significant achievements

I am a certified coach and nutritionist. As well, I am a soccer player in a third division team.

Your future plans ?

My future plans is to get a post in a first division team and get my bachelor done.

I hope you liked reading about Mo. Visit his Instagram pages and appreciate his creative mind.

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Fashion Model – Mo

  • July 21, 2020 at 1:08 pm

    As already mentioned on insta “very handsome he is 😂 sorry Erik!” 😛

  • October 6, 2022 at 5:50 pm

    Looking gorgeous! This is a perfect look for work. I like the combination of a ruffle blouse with white jeans. Thanks and keep sharing


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