Interview with Woman Writer – Esha Sharan

I am enjoying the interview series with bloggers, writers and poets. It is quite interesting to be acquainted with their thoughts and ideas. I really appreciate their journey in literature. The intent of my interview series is to showcase their immense dedication to their work. Along with it, I want to encourage readers to read their books and . Today I am happy to share my interview with Woman Writer – Esha Sharan.

I have interacted with numerous budding and emerging talents through various social media platforms. Their exemplary work generates a feeling of pride and delight.

Esha is one such amazing lady with whom I have interacted on Twitter and Instagram. She has the passion and talent worthy of limitless appreciation. She has a lot of potential yet she is so humble. I think that's the characteristic which drives you to be better more and more. I will now like to share my interview with woman writer – Esha Sharan. Hope you will enjoy her writing journey and her achievements.

Interview with Woman Writer – Esha

What or Who influenced you to become a writer?

I always loved reading, wrote a few poems for school magazines. That was it. Studies, reading and dancing(classical dance) took most of my time.

Once when I was talking with my Uncle about a movie, I mentioned a few things about its plot. He was the first person who said, “You should write, The eyes to see what before you in distinct shades is unique. It's a blessing”, he told. It opened a new chapter in my life.

On which genre do you focus while writing your novels?

My novels are Romance and Mystery. Whatever genre I read or write, Romance makes them special.

When did you write your first story?

My first story? That's a loaded question, I wrote them in 2017, a pure romance story, I never published them though. I'll soon.

What is your greatest achievement as a writer?

The greatest achievement as a writer, The feel when you breathe life into a thought born in your head, to see them through your words, giving a voice and meaning. 

When did you first publish your first book and how was the experience?

My first book published is  ‘Diary of a Dream‘ is a haiku poetry collection based on mysteries of sleep and dream. I was so happy and excited; I think I re-read the reviews more than 10 times.

Please share your journey as a writer

Happy, content and keep me grounded, like a best friend.

“Hope you are enjoying the Conversation”….

Any tips you want to convey to the budding writers?

I want to say, there will be many situations, people that try to pull you away or crush your confidence. Do one thing, write. There will be a lot of judging and criticisms, Just write. Even one sentence during your lost day is a grand achievement. Don't write something that will satisfy others, write ‘what satisfies you'.

What are your future plans?

My plans? That's the best question, “Write a lot……….. There is no full stop, one comma after every work.

That concludes my interview with woman writer – Esha. I felt extremely glad to know about her writing journey. Do read her book and follow her in social media. Her social media handles are mentioned below.



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