14 Best Varieties of Mangoes in India

Mango season is synonymous to summer vacation in India. The reason being the delightful coincidence of the timings. With a past centuries-old, mango varieties thrive immensely in tropical countries. You can find the World's best varieties of mangoes in India. Most of the states in India has its own special varieties of mangoes to offer to entice the fruit lovers. Being in these states during summer means, ample opportunity to relish the best varieties of mangoes.

The mango has an intrinsic part in India's culture, religion, art, poetry and literature. More importantly, it has a prominent place in Indian cuisine and is the national fruit of India.

Indian mangoes with distinct flavours, tints and shapes, and innumerable varieties attract global fruits lovers. There are thousands of grades of mangoes available. I am listing down below the most prominent ones. From kids to adults, everyone enjoys the mango season and it is already here to feast upon.


From its shape to colour to taste, everything about this variety is so tempting. Once well-ripened, the buttery, juicy, sweet pulp is a real treat to enjoy. Alphonso variety is one of the most expensive and sought-after varieties of mangoes in India. History says that a Portuguese general named the mango. He was in India during the colonial period. The Indian state of Maharashtra is more popular for its production.


Totapuri variety of mango is mostly cultivated in Karnataka and other South Indian states. Its unique shape and succulent flavour make it a favourite among the mango lovers. It ripens mostly during the months of June and July and hence available in plenty in most states of India. India exports Totapuri to many parts of the world. It is considered as one of the best varieties of mangoes in India. It is popular for making pickles.


With its thin seed and very sweet, peach-yellowish flesh, Dussehri variety of mango is a popular fruit in northern India. The summer months become sweet and aromatic thanks to the availability of these fruits. It is also known as “mother” mango to many other varieties of mangoes in India. If you happen to travel to northern states of India between June-August, treat yourself with this oval-shaped, sweet fruit.


Langra is popular in northern parts of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. It is mostly available in the months of June and July. Due to its sweet and tart juicy flavour, langra variety is a favourite of many fruit lovers. It is easily available during the season. The desirable aroma of the fruit makes it an unavoidable fruit during summer.


Known as the Alphonso of Karnataka, it is one of the best varieties of mangoes from the state. The juice-rich, yellowish pulp and the distinct flavour make it a favourite fruit for many. It is abundantly available through July-August.


Deep yellow and delicious Chausa is a favorite variety of mango in North India and Pakistan. The uniform yellow-golden tint gives it a distinctive appearance. Instead of slicing many enjoy the fruit by sucking on the mango. Between June-August, the fruits are available in the market.


Mango aficionados should be happy about the hybrid between Dussehri and Neelam Mangoes.  First cultivated in , the hybrid variant is now widely available. The comparatively shorter tree bears small-sized fruits that have orange-red pulp. Its season is from May to June and yields fruits every year.


Neelam is a beautifully shaped, aromatic, and appealing variety of mango. India produces large quantities of this variety. Although South Indian states and Sindh region in Pakistan produce them mostly, they are available abundantly all over by June. The size of the fruit is not very large and has orange skin. The ripened fruit produces a sweet smell attracting the birds and animals.


One of the premium qualities of mangoes from Kerala, Priyoor is mostly available from June. Even when it is raw, you can relish it without feeling much tartness. Obviously, once ripened it has a deliciously rich flavour, not very sweet though. The medium-sized fruit has optimum flesh that you can enjoy.

Video by Jibin of Neelam and Priyoor mangoes


Banganpalli variety of mango is a common sight in the fruits market of South India. It is available mostly in the months of May and June. Banganpalli mango is a succulent treat for any fruits lover. It has been named after a town in Andhra Pradesh. The attractive features of the fruit are its edible golden yellow skin and almost fibre-free texture in the pulp. The large-sized variety of Baganpallis a must-try.


Sindhoora is a popular variety of mango from Tamil Nadu. Indians prefer to call it as ‘honey mango' for its sweet pulp. It is a popular choice to prepare jams, jellies and preservatives for the same reason. The key characteristics of the fruit are its Reddish appearance and yellow, aromatic flavour. This has made it a distinctly sought-after fruit during the season. Named after sindhura flower, it is a medium-sized, affordable verity of mango.


Available from April to July, it is a popular variety from Gujarat. Its buttery, sweet pulp makes it the right choice of fruit for desserts and juices. Bright orange colour and roundish shape make it stand out among the others. It is one of the expensive varieties of mangoes in India. India exports Kesar to different countries of the world.


Malgova is a tasty, sweet mango variety popular in South India. It has a round shape and large size. It is available throughout the fruit markets during May and June. With its light yellowish pulp and rich flavour, it always has takers.


Chandrakaran is a variety of Kerala. It is popular mainly due to the special mango curry made with it.  The medium-sized, yellow-sweet fruit makes it a favourite among one and all during the season. With lots of juice and fibre, it is a real treat during summer. Kerala grows dozens together in bunches. Indians prepare pickles from the unripe mangoes. They also preserve them in saltwater.

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