The Delicious Street Foods of India

Street foods of India are unparalleled and unmatched when it comes to taste and its delectable factor. Almost all the states of India specialize in traditional and authentic street foods, savored and liked by thousands of food lovers. In my article, I will share some of my choices of Indian street foods which will drive you crazy with their unique mouth-watering tastes.

Pav Bhaji from Maharashtra

Pav Bhaji is one of the specialty street foods of India and that of the state of Maharashtra. The delicious dish is comprised of the bread Pav popularly known in English as a small bun and the lips smacking Bhaji or the veg curry. The Pav is fried with butter for the extra effect on the taste buds. The Bhaji is the best part of the dish, its thick and spicy with a pinch of butter, lemon, and onion for garnishing. You will roll your tongues after gulping on the delightful serving of Pav Bhaji.

Pani Puri or Poochkas from

A visit to Bengal is incomplete without tasting the crispy round Pani Puris or Poochkas. You can find the Pani Puri stalls in many streets of Bengal with people crowding in circles for tasting one of the delicious street foods of India. The Pani Puris are essentially round crispy balls stuffed with a paste of potatoes, chickpeas, and onions and dipped inside a liquid mixture of tamarind and coriander paste. The art of eating poochkas is to have them one by one within a miniature bowl made of dried leaves. The seller puts the stuffing inside the pani puris, dips into the mixture and serves them one by one. You will genuinely love the tangy taste of the dish.

Thukpa from the North-eastern states of India

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The north-eastern states of India are adorned by the beautiful mountains, lush green meadows, and chilled weather. The weather is perfect for the Thukpas or the Thukpa soup, a lips-smacking dish, and popular Indian street food. It is essentially a creamy soup with boiled vegetables and noodles. Boiled chicken pieces are sometimes added for the extra flavor and taste. You will love the dish as you sit and relax in the backdrop of the scintillating views of nature.

Aloo Tikki from the Northern and Western parts of India

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Aloo Tikki is one of the famous street foods of India. You can find aloo Tikki stalls in almost all the major states of India in the northern and western parts. The dish comprises of potatoes smashed to make a round shape and then fried in oil to give the crispy effect. The tikkis are served with a mixture of tamarind and mint for the yummy heavenly taste. The dish is liked by many foodies because of its crispy nature.

Choley Bhaturey from Punjab

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Originally from Punjab, Choley Bhaturey has immense popularity in other parts of India as one of the delectable street foods of India. The bhaturey, circular in shape, is made from while flour dough and fried in oil. The choley is a curry made with chickpeas and cooked with spices for a thick gravy. A tinge of butter is added to the curry for the added flavor and taste. The dish is served with a tamarind pickle and salad. It's a perfect dish to fill your stomach for the day.

Idli Sambar from Chennai

Idlis are the prominent street foods of India, an authentic dish from its southern parts. The dish has now widespread popularity in almost all parts of India due to its healthy component. Made from a paste of rice and pulses, it is boiled in a steamer and then served with the sambar. The sambar is a tangy mixture prepared with pulses and vegetables. The streets of Chennai are flanked by the idli sambar stalls and it's a must try when you visit the place.

Kachori from Rajasthan

Bikaner Kachori is one of the authentic street foods of India with its origin in Rajasthan. Made from a dough mixture of flour and boiled pulses the kachoris are made crispy and round shaped. They are stuffed with mashed potatoes and served with tamarind mixtures, coriander mixtures, and curd. You will love the different colors of the dish. It brings in a pleasant feeling inside the mouth as you roll it with your tongue.

Bhalley from Jammu and Kashmir

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Bhalley is renowned Indian street food, originating from Lakhanpur in Jammu and Kashmir. The dish is prepared with smashed boiled pulses and is circular in shape. It is fried in oil for the crispy taste and served with coriander and tamarind mixture. The streets of Lakhanpur are filled with the vendor street stalls selling the famous Bhalleys. It is a delicacy among the locals and the tourists visiting the place.

Dabeli from Gujarat

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Dabeli is one of the delicious street foods of India, and its origin is mainly from the Kutch region of Gujarat. The Dabelis are made of boiled potatoes mixed with spices. The mixture is then stuffed inside a bun and served with garlic, tamarind chutneys. The dish is occasionally garnished with peanuts, pomegranate, and crispy sev mixture. If you visit the streets of Gujarat then you will not be able to roll your eyes off this delectable dish.

Litti Chokha from Bihar

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Litti Chokha is one of the healthiest street foods of India, a specialty from Bihar. Be it lunch or dinner, Litti Chokha is sure to quench your appetite with its stuffed balls made from grams and the spicy chokha made from brinjal and mashed potatoes. The balls are baked on ovens which burn from wood or charcoal, which imparts the dish a unique taste. Due to its stomach-filling qualities coupled with its taste, the dish is gaining popularity in different parts of India.

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