Reminisciencing US Visit: A Weekend at the Niagara Falls

Today as I was scanning my photo album, my mind flashed with memories of the past. And the past was none other than my 2 years stay in the US at Stamford, CT. During my 2 years of stay, I had traveled across many places in the US. The list is huge and I feel great to think that I got the opportunity to visit some incredible places. Hence I thought why not reminiscence the US visit in a series in my Travel Blog. Not only it will refresh my memory, but it will also give me the opportunity to share my memorable experience with my readers and well-wishers. I would happily start with my trip to the majestic Niagara Falls, one of the mind-blowing Natural Wonders of the World.

Whenever I remember my trip to Niagara Falls, the epitome of beauty, my heart fills up with delight. It was one of the remarkable places I visited on my list of travel destinations. It was an entire road trip which made it more adventurous. We had 2 cars and 8 of us taking a turn in driving the cars. It was a weekend and we started our journey on a Friday afternoon. Our target was to reach the place as early as possible and enjoy the Falls under the moonlight. Then spend the weekend witnessing the gushing water showers of the looming Falls. 

The Road Journey

The total journey took us more than 6 hours as we crossed the NY-17 W and I-90 W. We took a break only twice for some snacks, drinks, and refreshments. But did not waste much time as we had to reach before it gets too late at night. As we took the turn towards the Niagara Falls Boulevard, our hearts started pounding with excitement. I had read about the Falls a lot in many articles, journals, and travel articles, but watching the incredible wonder in real in front of my eyes was like a dream come true. 

And then we entered into the most thrilling part of the journey, the gushing sound of the waters splashing across miles and miles the eyes can search for. I felt like my entire mind and soul was encapsulated by the grandeur of the spectacular beauty. Never imagined, the first sound of the waters could be so entertaining. My heart refreshed in a minute and unknowingly a smile flashed across my face. 

Well I know when someone writes a travelogue he/she generally lists own the places to visit near and at Niagara Falls. But I would refrain from doing that as I would like to talk about the two main attractions which are mind-blowing and the unique part of the whole trip. The memories are still fresh and alive in my heart and mind. As I think about them I still get goosebumps and an unknown excitement occupies my soul. 

Immersing into the enchanting Niagara Falls

The next day being a Saturday, our first visit was at the Maid of the Mist. Yes, that is what the ride is primarily known as, touring the visitors by boat excursion across the waters. History says that it has a long history dating 150 years back. You would first need to reach the Observation Tower where you would be given a blue-colored rain poncho to wear on. After that, you need to board the double-decker boat for a cruise across the mighty falls. The boat traverses from the base of the American Falls and then approaches the Horseshoe Falls. As the boat slowly approached the center of the Falls, I was left aghast by its vastness and the amount of water gushing down from heights.

The entire place looked heavenly as the waters dashed spreading sprays of water on us. We shouted in ecstasy and delight at the magnificence and thrill of the whopping beauty. The excursion filled our hearts with unparalleled joy which seemed to be limitless. As we descended down the boat at the end of the journey, we were rejuvenated and refreshed. We started on our next venture, the Cave of the Winds.

The Cave of the Winds is essentially walking along winding trails moving you closer towards the Falls. You can watch the power of the Falls in front of your eyes. At first, you will be provided with yellow-colored rain ponchos to keep yourself from being wet by the water splashes. After wearing them we descended down a gorge and then started walking along the wooden trails. The trails took us towards the Hurricane Deck where we were awestruck to observe the Bridal Veil Falls right in front of us. The white snowy waters descending from a huge height transformed it into a more splendid experience. We were mesmerized by the enigmatic beauty of the Falls. Spellbound we stood to gaze at the captivating beauty. Our feet were almost stuck at the place until we forced ourselves to return back to the hotel. 

After an overnight stay at the hotel, we returned back to Stamford on Sunday. We were speechless at the enchanting beauty of the Falls. It was a fantabulous experience I enjoyed in between my regular hectic work schedule. I could never forget the trip, each and every moment is still alive in my memory. Many of you might have visited Niagara Falls and would really be happy to know about your experiences. Till then have a good day.

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