West Virginia – A Haven of beauty

West Virginia, present in the eastern part of US, is considered as the most scenic states with its natural wonders and mysteries. Since its located within the Appalachian region hence its often nicknamed as “The Mountain State”. Adorned by the tall spruce trees, the majestic gorges, the green mountains, the gushing sound of waters along the mountain rocks and mesmerising forest trails, the place has been one of the most interesting destination for many travellers.

Let's go on a virtual tour in this splendid place and tranquilize ourselves.

So close your eyes friends and get ready to be transported to the fairy land of your dreams.

Here I open the door into the heart of the dense forest with the tall trees emerging high in the sky with their vibrant coloured leaves. Mother nature seems to dance around the trees whizzing past a smooth flow of cool air. The sound of those little streams flowing between the rocks and the trees create a rippling effect of enchantment.

Do you see those white waters flowing between the beautiful lush green trees? And the arch bridge over it with its pure reflection in the clear waters? Soothe your eyes into this scenic beauty and let it paint your mind with its green painting brush.

Hey, can you hear those gushing waters of the falls? Keep yourself engrossed with the stunning view of the snowy waters flowing down along the rocky mountain walls. Look as far as you can see for a treat into the vastness of the numerous tree tops decorating the landscape with their multi coloured bright leaves.

Now here we go rafting and boating and diving into the blue and green waters of the majestic lakes. Indulge into the panoramic view of the vivid environment around. Sit a while on the rocks at the lake side and breathe in the fresh cool air to refresh your body and mind. Relieve yourself of all the stress and anxiety. Forget your worries and troubles.

Are you now ready to be drifted into the depth of this wonderful fairyland? Let's start discovering the limitless beauty hidden. Take a leap into the river sides. Watch the reflection of the golden sun rays on the river waters. Stroll around the parks and enjoy the greenery. Listen to the birds chirping around the trees. Play with the squirrels and the butterflies. Relive your childhood and let your mind dance with the air. Get your romantic buds enlightened.

Do you love horses? Then come with me, lets go for a horse ride galloping down the forests and in between the trees. Run along with the white clouds embellishing the sky. Encapsulate yourself with an adventurous atmosphere.

Let me take you now to the end of your journey. Do you notice a beautiful small town with a ferry and a historical fort? Come and watch the historical park, the rivers and the forest trail. If you are not tired, lets hike a bit along the trail to experience nature's beauty.

Now slowly and steadily open your eyes and immerse yourself into the memory of the marvellous fairy land.

Do you know what are the places you have visited? Here you go

West Virginia has been alluring millions of tourists from across the world. It's the finest place for a great vacation where you can get engaged with various kind of activities. Not only will you enjoy nature's wonders but get acquainted with many historical forts, parks and small towns. Adventure freak tourists can enjoy the different water sports and activities.

What are you waiting for? Plan a vacation soon and I assure you that you will never regret.


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