Unwinding “Sri Lanka” with its spectacular beaches

Sri Lanka, an island and a country in South east Asia, is encompassed by the majestic Indian Ocean. For years the country has been a major tourist destination and one of its beauty lies in the many serene beaches that adorn its land.

The position of the country makes its ideal for experiencing both the monsoon winds, the North east as well as the South west. This is a unique offering of nature which makes Sri Lanka ideal for visiting any time of the year to be enchanted with either the serenity of the south western coast waters or the tranquility of the east coast waters.

The beaches in Sri Lanka are ideal for the adventurous water sports like yachting, water skiing and surfing, scuba diving, kayaking etc. On the other hand you can sit quietly and enjoy the enthralling views of the beaches adorning nature's flora and fauna.

The Southern Beaches

Tangalla or Tangelle beach, located in the Hambantota district of Sri Lanka, is well known for its richness in marine life and is well inhabited by many species of animals and birds especially the turtles. The shorelines of the beach have an array of mangrove trees and blue lagoons which add in to the beauty of the beach. The beach is an isolated place and hence one can enjoy the feel of calmness and quietness. There are few places you can visit near the beach the Mulkirigala Rock Temples, the Clock Tower, a Buddhist temple and some amazing view points to immerse into the vastness of the beach.

Beruwala bay beach, located in the South of the capital city Colombo, is famous for some splendid beach spots. This beach is also quite secluded and isolated from the hustle and bustle of the city life. One can relax one's mind with the freshness of the cool breeze and get rid of the anxiety and life tensions. You can visit the Kechimalai mosque, the harbor and also enjoy the boat rides.

Bentota beach, located near Beruwala beach, is an ideal destination for river safaris or cruises. You can see flocks of tourists visiting the place indulging in many water sports or swimming and wading through the blue waters of the ocean. You can go for paragliding, snorkeling, parasailing, diving and fishing. There are several beach resorts where you can stay for easy access to the beach. One can enjoy the fresh prepared sea food at the beach side stalls and shops. The place is also famous for bird watchers as its said to be one of the famous breeding ground for many migratory birds.

Mirissa beach is situated in the Matara district. It is said to be Sri Lanka's paradise and once you visit the place you will be completely mesmerized by its perfect beauty. The sound of the waves crashing down the shores creates a magical ambience. Its splendid to watch the Mirrissa whales and dolphins in the crystal clear sea waters. The nightlife of the beach is excellent with the lights from the restaurants and pubs beaming all over. You can enjoy the fresh sea foods at the roadside shops.

Unawatuna Bay beach, located in the Galle district, is an ideal place for adventurous sports. The coral reefs, golden sand, blue clear waters, palm trees adorn the beach. The beach is ideal for swimming and several water activities. While the bay beach is the main one, there are several small beaches nearby the Wijaya beach, Dalawella beach, Jungle beach and Mihiripenna beach. The beaches are quite calm and serene and one can spend days strolling across the shore lines. You can visit the Japanese peace pagoda to enchant yourself with the Golden Buddha shrine. Another interesting activity to watch is the famous stilt fishermen. The stilt is a single pole of wood situated on the waters which has a crossbar where the fishermen place themselves to catch fish with the fishing rods.

Dickwella beach, located in the Matara district, offers quite a calm and serene view of the sea waters. The beach is flanked with palm lines overlooking the waters. Its well protected with reefs, sandbars etc. and hence quite a safe place for swimming. You can enjoy yourself on the swings hanging out on the trees.

Koggala beach is one the best beaches in the world with its blue lagoons, lakes, mangroves, spice gardens. You can watch the rarest species of turtles at this place like the Loggerheads, Leathery turtle, green turtle. The Martin Wickramsinghe Folk Museum is located nearby and you can witness Sri Lankan culture and heritage. The Kottawa reserve is a must visit with the dense rain forests and nature's exotic beauty.

The Eastern Beaches

Arugam Bay is located in the Indian ocean and its uniqueness lies in the way its surrounded by wild life. During the peak season June till August, the bay becomes a surfer's paradise when many companies organize surfing events. You can climb up the Elephant rock to have a full view of the vast ocean. The turquoise waters of the ocean are sure to uplift your energy and boost up your mind. You can also visit the Yala National park located near the beach.

Uppuveli beach is a small beach and quite isolated and deserted. If you want to spend a day with no crowds and night life, you can visit this place. You can select a secluded corner for a swim and spend a solo time with yourself.

The Western beaches

Negombo lagoon, populated by coconut palms, rice and paddy fields and marshy grasslands, offers a diversified view of nature's flora and fauna. Its also an ideal place for bird watchers and wild life photographers as the place is inhabited by a wide variety of birds like herons, gulls, terns, cormorants etc. You can go for fishing and also enjoy some of the popular fresh sea foods.

The beaches of Sri Lanka can be visited any time of the year depending on the interests and purpose. Some can be interested in the water sports while others may want to calm themselves in the serenity of the beach. Some of the beaches in Sri Lanka are still unexplored and some need further attention to attract more visitors which hopefully will be done in the coming years to continue expand


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