Cruising in the beaches and backwaters of Kerala, India

Kerala, God's own country, is an epitome of beauty in itself flanked by the streaming backwaters and the white sandy beaches. Located on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the southern part of India, the place is unique experiencing the confluence of the sea waters and the backwaters. In this article, I would like to immerse you in a wondrous virtual trip to the beaches and backwaters of Kerala.

Freshwater lakes, rivers, backwaters, and seashores dominate the ecosystem of Kerala. If you are eager to calm your mind besides the serenity of flowing waters, then it's a must-enter in your travel bucket list. You can enjoy the boat rides, cruises, and houseboats while munching on the delicious seafood and the cool fresh coconut water.

The beaches lined with palm and coconut trees and the backwaters surrounded by the paddy fields and greenery impart a stunning view of the landscape. You can enjoy the cool breeze and allow your thoughts to sway with it into a world full of dreams. So here we go with the list of the beaches and backwaters of Kerala.

Beaches of Kerala – where lies the eternal serenity

Kumarakom beach, located in the Kottayam district, is one of the phenomenal beaches of Kerala for relaxation and enjoying adventurous water sports. You can stay at the resorts near the beach and enjoy the various facets of nature's beauty from dawn to dusk. The famous snake boat festival is held every year in the beach waters charming many tourists across the world.

Kovalam beach, located almost 16 km from Thiruvananthapuram (the capital city of Kerala) is known for its awesome beauty. The crystal clear waters with the shores lined with coconut trees create a mystic feeling and triggers a strong magnetic force that attracts one into its magical core of wonders. The beach is perfect for one who likes to sit and enjoy nature's magnificence quietly. You can also go water surfing, diving, and parasailing along the curvy waves.

Shangumugham beach, in Thiruvananthapuram, is one of the perfect destinations for a weekend gateway and is frequented by the locals. It's charming to walk along the golden sands of the beach as the fluffy waves splash along the shore. As the sun sets, the sky is lit by the vibrant shades of red creating a magical atmosphere around.

Varkala beach, in south Kerala, is a perfect destination for travelers who prefer a calm and serene place for perfect relaxation. One can select a peaceful corner and spend quality time alone or can go for a swim or sunbathe. The spectacular essence of the beach is the widespread cliff along with the backdrop of the waters. There are several Ayurvedic centers and spas to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Bekal beach is said to be a trekker's paradise. The serene beautiful beach waters surround the Bekal Fort, the largest fort in Kerala shaped like a giant keyhole. A long walkway along the beach offers the most enthralling and picturesque experience along with its wide lineup of trees and the soothing cool sea breeze. The exotic ambiance of the beach attracts many tourists who want to indulge themselves in the relaxing landscape. It's a wonderful place to trek alongside the mystic sandy shores and the enchanting array of coconut and casuarina trees. You can enjoy a quiet evening in the beach while being tranquilized by the stunning views of the sunset.

Kappil beach, located near Bekal beach, is also an ideal spot for tourists where one can enjoy the golden sands along the shore. The shores are lined with coconut and casuarina trees. One must climb the Kodi cliff to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Cherai beach, in the Ernakulam district, is also one of the most popular beaches of Kerala. Many travelers or locals spend the weekends on the golden sandy beach. The uniqueness of the beach is the lagoons and the backwaters. The beach is clean and perfect for a cool bath or a swim in turquoise clear waters. The humming sound of the waves creates a scintillating effect, hypnotizing the mind with its musical rhythm.

There are many other lovely beaches in Kerala where one can spend a day enjoying the soothing breeze, the serenity of the shores, the splashing sound of the waves, the golden sands, the crystal waters, and the panoramic view of the sunrise and the sunset.

Backwaters – An Integral Part of Kerala

Alleppey or Alappuzha is known as the “Venice of the East”. It is heavenly to experience the wonderful landscape with the lush green lands encircling the glittering water stretch. You can cruise around the backwaters in a boat or enjoy a memorable stay in the houseboats. The chirping sound of the birds, the splashes of the water birds, and the cool air portray an exotic environment of limitless wonders. You can enjoy the freshly prepared seafood at the banks, a superb treat for many.

Ernakulam backwaters are located in Kochi, the Queen of the Arabian Sea. It's wonderful to watch the confluence of the lake with the Arabian sea where the two water bodies converge into a single stream. As one goes cruising through the backwaters, one can watch some of the architectural monuments constructed years ago by the Chinese, Dutch, Arabs, British and Portuguese traders and merchants who invaded the place.

Periyar river is one of the longest in Kerala and it is well known for the presence of a wide variety of animals and plants. One can opt for a cruise or a boat ride to observe these rarest species.

Vembanad Lake is the longest lake in India and is famous for the stunning snake boat races during Onam. The rhythmic sound of the oars during the race sets up a completely different atmosphere. People flock here for caressing themselves with the scenic beauty of the lake. You can watch some of the aquatic animals take a dip into the waters.  

Ashtamudi Lake, in the Kollam district, is the second largest lake in Kerala. It is known for its lush green trees, the swaying cool breeze, the panoramic beauty, and the simplicity of the small villages.

There are few other lakes, rivers, and backwaters in Kerala which enchant every year millions of tourists.

Mother Nature has embellished her mystic wonders into this remarkable and astonishing place full of greenery clinging around the pristine waters of the seas and the lagoons. If you want to indulge yourself in a world full of peace and tranquility, then Kerala is the best place to visit. Hope you enjoyed the trip to the beaches and backwaters of Kerala.



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