7 Amazing Things to do in Wayanad

Guest post from IndiaTravelBlog. Do you love visiting hill stations? Have you been planning any such trip recently? If yes, you should consider visiting Wayanad. Wayanad is a beautiful hill station situated in the state of Kerala, also known as God's own country. It is renowned for attracting tourists from all across the world for its phenomenal beauty and enthralling weather. You can visit waterfalls, enjoy the aromatic of spices, explore innumerable caves, and make this trip memorable for your family.

Looking for a place to stay is not difficult. You can find many resorts in Wayanad for a week-long stay. Because Wayanad is visited by people all around the year, looking for accommodation is easy. Resorts are well furnished with all kinds of necessities and luxuries. They are available at affordable rates. So, what's stopping you from booking your next holiday and giving yourself and your family the much-needed break.

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To enjoy your stay in Wayanad, you should know about the different things that you can do there and different places that you can visit. Here's a list of all the things that you can do in Wayanad and all the different places that you can visit. The list is as follows:

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

If you enjoy taking a close look at the wild animals, observing them closely, Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is one place you should visit without a second thought. This sanctuary is spread over 344 sq km. You can click photographs of peacocks, tigers, panthers, etc. Apart from that, you can take yourself and your family to jungle safaris that are full of adventures.

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Kuruva Island

Peace is rarely found in the chaotic life of metropolitan cities. If you want to relax amidst nature and enjoy the calm waters, you should visit Kuruva Island. It covers around nine hundred fifty acres of land. It will take you almost an entire day to cover one-fourth of this island. This island is situated in the center of the Kabini River. You can enjoy the bamboo rafting. At the end of the day, you will be in awe of nature.

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Edakkal Caves

Caves are full of mysteries. You never know what you may end up finding there. Caves are fun to explore with a bunch of family members shouting and getting lost in the tunnels. If you have always wanted to try cave exploring activity, you should visit Edakkal Caves. They are situated in Ambukuthi Hills. You can find the entire surface area of the cave covered with ancient inscriptions. Not only that but you can have a good time interpreting the pictorial paintings carved on the surface of the cave.

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Do you get excited by the stories of night camping or camping in the wild? If yes, you are in for a surprise. You can try camping in Wayanad without any difficulty. Kerala is renowned for its picturesque beauty. How can you visit Kerala and not experience camping! Worried about where to set up a camp. Nowhere other than the hills. Once you set up a camp with your family or friends, you will realize why people love camping to such an extraordinary level. The view of hills up so close is simply mesmerizing. You will remember this experience years down the line. Apart from this, you can enjoy other activities such as trekking in the hills, fishing in the river flowing through the hills. There's no dearth of activities that you can indulge in if you wish to make your camping night interesting.

Chembra Peak

Because Kerala is home to some beautiful hill stations, trekking is a common activity here. If you want to partake in this activity, you should visit Chembra Peak. It is widely known amongst the trekkers and is one of the most sought after places for trekking. Chembra Peak is situated at sixty-nine hundred feet. Before you begin trekking, you need to avail passes from the Meppadi Forest Department.

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Trekking is not preferred by everyone. So, if you wish to try out another activity, you can choose cycling. You can borrow a cycle from a shop or ask someone at the resort to arrange it for you. You can travel across the town on the bicycle. Wayanad is turned out to be worthy of exploration. Do not forget to carry your camera or phone for clicking some good pictures. You will have something to show your friends on this beautiful trip.

Farm Tour

Do you miss the peace of the village life amidst all the chaos? If you do, you can experience village life by taking a farm tour. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Wayanad. Once you start the tour, you can get familiar with different crops and spices that are grown in the fields of Kerala. It is worth experiencing.

If you have been thinking about places for holidays, book your tickets for Wayanad. You can tour the entire place on a short visit and you can visit it at any time of the year. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip now!

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