Big Foot – The Ancestral Goa Museum

I had been very late in completing the travel articles for my Goa trip in March 2023. A further delay won't be good and hence collected my thoughts today to write about “Big Foot” – the Ancestral Goa museum located in Loutolim, a pristine village in South Goa. The place is calm and quaint, a perfect spot to leisure and spend time in peace. It is also one of the popular places to visit in Goa and is frequented by many tourists.

Big Foot is essentially a museum in the open air and stretched across a vast area of land, proudly portraying the culture and life of the locals. You can capture quite a good deal of information about the traditions, attire, habitat, and historical events of the Goan life.

Historical Facts of Big Foot

The story of Big Foot is interesting, revolving around a man called Mahadar. He was a rich man, possessing immense wealth. But he had a heart of gold, and distributed all his treasures to the needy, assisting and helping them in their livelihood. He helped the villagers using all his resources and means so that they were not deprived of food or clothes.

People took advantage of his goodwill and started fooling him by pretending to be poor. They took away plenty of his money, wealth, and goods and left him in poverty, forcing him to sell his house and live on the roads. The villagers ignored and refused to help him in his time of distress, even though he had helped them during their tough times.

Mahadar started praying to God to provide him a simple abode where he can pray for the betterment of the people even though they had deprived him. God granted his wish but provided him with just a rock to stay on instead of a home. He did not complain and stood on the rock on one foot and started to pray. convinced by his sacrifice, purity, and honesty, God took Mahader to heaven for a peaceful and divine life. Mahadar's footprint was left behind n the rock and people prayed to respect him. It is believed that people's wishes get fulfilled if prayed with dedication near the footprint.

Things to see at Big Foot Goa

There are various things to see at Big Foot. Images and structures of farmers, food sellers, fishermen, and women, village women busy in their household work, the various dairy farms, poultry, potters, people with palanquins, cobblers, barbers, cleaners, carpenters, bangle sellers, street food sellers, and others from different professions can be seen.

Big Foot displays a huge number of replicas and real herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, chocolates, medicines, etc for visitors to purchase. Along with it, there is a butterfly park, cactus park, and a rubber plantation area to visit. The structures and images at Big Foot resemble the hardworking nature of the Goanese.

Another interesting thing to see in Big Foot is the process of making Feni – the famous Gooan drink made from cashew. Besides there are churches and temples installed to show the unity of religions. Replicas of marriage parties can also be seen. There is also an Art gallery in Big Foot where paintings and artworks of various artists are displayed.

Sculpture of “Sant Mirabai”

A special attraction in Big Foot is the longest laterite sculpture of Sant Mirabai, made out of stone. Maendra Jocelino Araujo Alvares was the creator of the amazing sculpture, 14X15 meters, within a span of 30 days. Mirabai is seen in this creation, playing the Ektara instrument. There is the influence of the Gandara School of art in the creation. You can observe the Kumkum on her forehead, Paisona around the ankles, Pattli around her wrist, and Fullam on her head. The ornaments have added the feel of the Goan culture.

The Limca Book of Records has recorded this creation as the Longest Laterite Sculpture in India.


9 AM to 6 PM every day.

Entry Fee

INR 100 per person

How to reach

The nearest airport is Dabolim, 30 km away. Buses and taxis are available for travel. The nearest railway station is Margao, 9 km away from Big Foot. If you want to travel by road, then the best option is to stay at Margao and travel to Loutolim by car.


If you are eager to know about the history, traditions, culture, and heritage of Goa, then you must definitely visit Big Foot.



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