One Day Trip in Mumbai, a Finest City in India

Mumbai, the capital city of the state of Maharashtra, had always been a dream for me to visit since my childhood. Encompassed by beaches, ancient cave temples, majestic buildings, and the booming Bollywood industry, it is the largest city in India and also the most populous city.

My dreams had been fulfilled in a sumptuous manner when I got my job with placement in Mumbai. I still remember each and every day I had spent in Mumbai, visiting a multitude of places. Years passed and then I shifted to a different city, but the memories had not faded yet. This year during the winters I was excited again to visit the fabulous city to resonate to the wishes of my son. It was a short trip but a sweet one. I would like to float my readers into the short yet mesmerizing journey on my one day trip in Mumbai.

We arrived in Mumbai on the 24th evening, glittering with the Christmas lights and decorations. Memories rushed in, the moment the flight landed at the Mumbai airport. My son was excited to watch the streets and buildings of the city. Every part of the city has its own grandeur and elegance. After a quiet dinner inside the hotel where we had put up, we decided to rest and enjoy the beauty of Mumbai night.

Gateway of India

The next morning, our first destination was the Gateway of India. Built in 1924, the 85 feet high arched monument was symbolic in serving as the entry point for Viceroys and Governor generals of the British empire into India. Situated at the banks of the Arabian Sea, it is significant in being the most important landmark of Mumbai. You can reach the place by cabs, local buses or trains. Since the day was 25th December, the place was extensively crowded with people of various generations. After spending 30 mins at the spot, we proceeded to board the ferry services towards Elephants Caves.

Ferry Journey to Elephanta Caves

We spent almost 3 to 4 hours at the Elephanta Caves. You may like to read about my journey to the Elephanta Caves which I wrote in my blog. Here is the link for its “Elephanta Caves”. It was one the best spots of my one day trip in Mumbai.

Elephanta Caves

We returned to the hotel, a bit tired after the long walk at the caves. We decided to rest awhile and then venture out more into the city. After a gap of almost 2 hours and a light lunch, we thought of exploring Juhu Beach. We set out fast as we did not want to miss the daylight at the beach. The road towards the Juhu Beach had changed a lot, especially because of the spectacular Bandra-Worli Sea Link. The eight laned incredible bridge links Bandra in west Mumbai to Worli in south Mumbai. You will be amazed at the magnificent concrete steel architectural works of the bridge. The skyline at the backdrop is stunning which will remind you of Manhattan and HongKong. The beauty enhances further with the sounds and the breeze of the majestic Arabian Sea waters.

We were completely refreshed as we reached the Juhu Beach. The lively beach welcomed us with its cool serene beauty. My son happily ran around the beach. He started creating some sand arts which is a craze for him whenever he visits a beach. I gazed at the wide stretch of sand and the sparkling sea waters. A feeling of tranquility and peace engulfed me, freeing up my mind with the tensions and anxieties. The horizon seemed to beckon me to its enchanting charms.

Juhu Beach

Ruptured into the magnificence of Juhu Beach, we did not want to miss out on the famous Falooda of Mumbai. We walked up to the beach food and beverage stalls, beaming with life. Relishing on the delicious Falooda, we met Santa Claus. My son was excited to meet him and more importantly, was super happy with the gifts. It was one of the memorable experiences in my one day trip in Mumbai. We spent a further 30 minutes near the beach and then started on our next destination, Marine Drive.

Marine Drive, popularly known as the Queens Necklace, is a 3.6 km long semi-circular land stretch along one of the bays of the Arabian Sea. Illuminated with the bright street lights resembling the pearls of a necklace, the place is popular among the locals and the tourists. Lined with huge palm trees, you will feel a soothing effect of the balmy breeze around. We sat at the edges of the Drive to rejuvenate our mind and soul. My son enjoyed jogging for a few minutes and energize himself.

Marine Drive

It was just about dinner time and we finalized on settling down for a Continental Dish at one of the restaurants near the Marine Drive. The food was wonderful and tasty at Pizza By the Bay, one of the favourite hang out places for locals and tourists. We had one of the best one day trip in Mumbai.

After an adventurous and remarkable day out in Mumbai, we proceeded towards our hotel. The day was well spent with fun and enjoyment. If you are visiting Maharashtra, do not miss out on Mumbai. It has lots to offer to create a memorable event in your life.



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