Explore the Bewitching Musandam in Oman

Are you a UAE resident or a visitor visa holder? Back-to-back holidays on the trot in the UAE? How about booking a one-day trip to Musandam in Oman? The UAE shares a land border with Oman. Salala in Oman is a frequently visited beautiful and popular spot. Musandam is another amazing location in Oman albeit a bit lesser known. Despite its middling popularity, it is a worth visiting place to spend a memorable day. More so if you are in UAE. Access to Musandam is more convenient for those in the UAE. Expats in UAE eagerly look forward to long weekends to break free from their monotonous and harsh lifestyle. If you are one among them, Musandam gives you all the thrill and relaxation you need. The visitors often anchor at either Musandam Dibba or Musandam Khasab to enjoy their day.

What awaits at this breathtaking spot are dramatic beach-side sights, enterprising activities, and mountains and caves to explore. The waters in the area are famous for spotting dolphins. Besides that, you can engage in swimming, snorkeling, banana boat ride, hand-line, fishing, and speed boating.

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Musandam Peninsula – The exotic location

Unlike the glitz and glamour of Dubai and its skyscrapers and concrete jungle, the wildness of Musandam summons you to a tranquil paradise invoking the poet in you. As you drive away from Dubai Abu Dhabi or Sharjah and into Ras Al Khaimah, the geographical difference will be evident. And if you happen to be in Oman, Musandam is situated nearly five hundred kilometers away from Muscat, the capital of Oman. Cut off from the rest of Oman and enslaved by the UAE, Musandam can be accessed more easily from the UAE. The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in UAE is the nearest border point from where one can cruise to the Musandam peninsula. Mountain range 6500 feet above sea level, seacoasts covering large areas of serene waters, amazing views akin to Norway's fjords, and of course water activities keep you overjoyed and occupied. The dramatic northeasternmost tip of the Arabian Peninsula is a magical combination of mountain and maritime landscapes. It is only apt that Musandam is known as the Norway of Arabia.

Most of the steep-sided fjords, cliffs, and mini-islands scattered in Musandam are inaccessible sans boats. Do you have an inclination for marine biology oceanography or pictographs? The fossils and petroglyphs above the blue waters and the marine life underneath unravel a unique world in front of you. The mountain range in the peninsula throws up another exciting reason to visit Musandam. A train of limestone peaks and massifs form the most spectacular landscapes you could admire. Although most of the one-day-trip visitors intend to spend the time in water activities, a few would explore the village of Musandam. It is inhabited by three main tribes: the Dahoori, Kumzari, and the Shehi. Living in one of the rather isolated and inhospitable environments, these villagers' lifestyle and culture are deeply embedded in history and nature.

The tour packages

Do you have a UAE resident or Visit Visa? If then, a hassle-free Musandam tour from Dubai, Sharjah, or any other Emirates is possible. Usually, the day itinerary commences between 6:30 to 7:30 AM by picking you up from the designated points in UAE. Irrespective of your Emirate, the tour agencies make arrangements to pick you up. After completing border formalities at Dibba, by 10.00 AM you would be at Dhow Boarding Point. Dhow is a traditional, wooden boat spacious, decorated, and designed to keep you entertained. Even the road trip up to the boarding point is exciting with the mountain rage and endless desert views on either side. Before embarking on the cruise, there would be a welcome drink and a briefing about what is to be expected. Nearly an hour of sailing before setting the anchor at Haffah Beach. It is where you will be engaged in most of the in-water activities until you are hauled up for lunch on board. Post lunch is a short trip to the White Rock where you can admire and capture the natural beauty of the white cave. Before jetting back to the shore, you will have the opportunity to try out fishing skills in the open sea. Before 5.00 PM, you will be back on the road driving back to your destination reminiscing the exhilarating memories.

Cost: AED145 (variable depending on season and agency). The amount includes pick up and drop, dhow cruise, kayaking, speed boating, snorkeling kit, banana boating, food, and beverages.

It is recommended to get in the waters to swim or snorkel or fall off a banana boat just for the freaking fun of it. Therefore, pack your backpack accordingly.

Engaging activities

After the lengthy road drive, the sea cruise starts from Dibba Harbour. The traditional wooden dhow cruise lasting around an hour in itself is an enjoyable experience. Kayaking, speed boating, and banana boating are entertaining activities. Deliberate falling off of the banana boat is a fun-filled moment.

Are you interested in more adventures? Then plunge into the waters. Swimming and snorkeling in the pristine waters can be an amazing experience. Thinking of exploring more? Paddle towards Fisherman villages, the village of Zeke, Limestone caves, White caves, and cutting rocks.


  • The Limestone caves seen in the area now are on the verge of extinction.
  • A strategic location in Musandam shares a border with Oman, UAE, and Iran.
  • Spotting dolphins, sharks and even whales depends purely on luck!

Food and beverages

Apart from the fun and frolic, the delectable food and drinks offered by the tour operators are a highlight. In addition to the welcome drink and snacks, you will be served a buffet lunch which includes sufficient servings of Arabic food, fish, and chicken delicacies. Coffee, tea, juice, and fresh fruits are also available on board.

When to visit?

The tourist season happens from late October until April when the temperature is bearably moderate.



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