Top 6 Animation Movies for Young and Old

Guest Post on Top 6 Animation Movies for Young and Old

Animation has long been an art form and in the game of its production. New players have entered that make it technically and in terms of fiction. As a result, the animation is now a particular category of the Oscars since 2001. Until then, any child-animated film that managed to reach the coveted nominations for the awards clashed in an unequal race, with the other nominations for best film of the year.

Since then, many steps have been taken forward. The animation movies are technically excellent and have a surprisingly good script and, in fact, one that can lead parents – with their children – or without them, to the cinemas. Because now cartoons can attract people to the cinema and not just from the comfort of their couch. But what are the most worthwhile animation movies that young and old should not miss?

With different titles focused on genres of drama, comedy, action, suspense and even horror, the diversity of animation movies for adults has grown in recent years in an unprecedented way. While there was a time when “cartoons” were considered an entertainment medium for children, today there are numerous animated series for adults that have managed to have a considerable impact on the industry.

Whether it's its quirky art style, intricate animation, or irreverent story, here are some of the most popular animation movies for young and old. Of course, we are aware that Japanese animation also has numerous titles aimed at adults. However, this time we will focus on Western animation since anime is considered a separate genre by itself.

Finally, this list seeks only to recognize the talent and creativity of adult animated series. Therefore it is not made in any specific order and it does not mean that one series is better than another, since it is merely a matter of taste. Having cleared this up, let's get started!

Although we have all seen movies without respecting the age rating (how much would we have lost if not …), there are certain stories that, by the mere fact of having an animated bill, may invite us to think that they are a good option to see with the smallest of the house. And no: films like ‘The Tomb of the Fireflies' or ‘The Sausage Party' have not taught that these films are not exempt from harsh stories, not because they are animated.

We've compiled several contemporary titles that can play tricks on you with the smallest of the house if you do not know them previously. But, as an adult, you are going to fall in love.


The oversensitive prince Farquaad expels the fairy tales' heroes from the country, forcing them to find refuge in the swamp of Shrek, a strange green dragon. To find his inner peace again, he agrees with the prince to free his future bride, Fiona, from the Dragon Tower.

Shrek (character) - Wikipedia

Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc. is one of the most tender cartoons of Pixar. Inspired by childhood phobias and turns horror into laughter through the adventures of a particular monster. These monsters scare children with some ultimate purpose. They invade their rooms through magic doors, collect the strangleholds and turn them into energy from which their city is powered. But the monster starring in the film is not just an ordinary monster.

Monsters, Inc. - Wikipedia

Ice Age

During the ice age, a mammoth, a sluggard, and a tiger undertake to return a baby to its parents. But in reality, the tiger intends to lead the child straight to the nest of a herd.

Ice Age (2002) - IMDb

Lilo and Stitch

Thinking it is a dog, a Hawaiian orphan girl “adopts” a strange creature and names it Stitch. But Stitch is the product of a dangerous experiment. He was born on another planet, escaped and now is somehow the number one wanted “thing” in the Galaxy.

Lilo & Stitch | Disney Movies

Finding Nemo

A landmark film that won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. It continues to this day as one of the best animation movies in cinema's history; with unforgettable protagonists and an exemplary screenplay.

Finding Nemo - Wikipedia

The Incredibles

Another Disney production stands out and is awarded. The story? The US government is withdrawing all superheroes. Mr Incredible, his wife, Elastigirl, and their children are now living a boring life, without being able to show their abilities; when a mysterious woman secretly asks him to undertake a mission. He is unaware, however, that this may be a well-established trap.

List of The Incredibles characters - Wikipedia

How beautiful it is to watch cartoons. When we looked up to our heroes and tried to look like them – it reminded us of our childhood. We woke up and slept with the voices of our favourite cartoons still in our ears. Also, we watched all the above movies thousands of times. We almost memorized them, and we would recognize their voice among thousands. Sometimes even to such an extent that if we hear these characters speak in a different voice; they will be just complete strangers to us.

Actors, singers and TV personalities spend hours in front of a screen, a computer, a microphone. They bring to life the heroes of our childhood years. All these magical experiences are based on the fantastic work that has been done in voice acting. Talented industry professionals continue to produce creative content that can be used in cinema and other forms of entertainment. Great agencies in the industry, such as Voquent, are constantly looking for voice actors; who will bring to life their own creative work. Essentially so the new generations of children and adults can continue to enjoy these outstanding entertainment projects.


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