11 Charming Places to Visit in Salalah, Oman

Come to Khareef (monsoon) season and the places to visit in Salalah turns vibrantly green dotted with fascinating waterfalls. Rains, waterfalls, and greenery are commonplace in Salalah. Yes, you read it right. We are certainly talking about a city in the Gulf region. The Picturesque places to visit in Salalah, Oman, have been attracting visitors in thousands for a very long time.

Surrounded by a mountain range on one side and a beautiful coastline on another, the city is one of the best places to visit in Salalah, Oman. During Khareef, the city is adorned with a festive mood and tourists flock in from all over the country and abroad.

Although most people travel to enjoy the cool climate and the beach, places to visit in Salalah provide more options for a traveler. My friend and colleague in Oman, Jino FB@jino.joy.52 and Shabu FB@Shabuabdulmajee have visited the location several times. The photos & videos are shared by them.

Al Mughsail Beach

Al Mughsail beach is one of the popular places to visit in Salalah. Embellished with white sands and crystal-clear waters, the beach is a favorite among families. The green-clad mountain range and the natural fountains in the rocky edges surrounding the shore add extra charm.

Al Marneef Cave

Not far from the beach is the Marneef Cave. Nature lovers frequent the spot often. Among the several holes and sea caves surrounding the mountains by the beach, Al Marneef Cave is a natural wonder. The spot is always buzzing with people.

Salalah Festival

Besides the places to visit in Salalah, the Salalah Festival attracts good number of people in the season. From July to September every year, when there are adequate rains, and the temperature drops the festival is held. Cultural and traditional shows light up the region to welcome the visitors. The beautifully decked location always leaves you with beautiful memories.


Salalah's Fruit Huts

Who doesn't love tender coconuts and fresh fruits? When you are in a festive mood, fruit huts in the vicinity are must-visit spots. In fact, these huts are popular places to visit in Salalah. Natural fruit juices, coconut, fruits, and various snacks are on display to lure you. Several other vendors selling various items can also be spotted in the region.

Madinat Al Haq

Natural green pastures, hills, and wadis await you at Madinat al Haq. The place is considered as one of the must-visit places in Salalah. Abundant rainfall during the season blankets the spot with natural a green cover.

Boat Trip

The Beach stay can be enjoyed in multiple ways at Salalah. You have the springs in the rocky regions or the clear sea waters to amuse yourself. The braver ones among you can opt for a sail in a local wooden Omani boat. It is a unique experience that is coupled with adventure and excitement.

Jabal Samhan

In the Dhofar mountain range, Jabal Samhan stands tall with the highest peak point. Thus, the location provides the highest viewpoint. Besides the view, with a drizzle and mist in the air, the ambiance can leave you with soothing experiences. The valley and the distant sea become spectacular from the top when looked through the floating clouds.

Ayen Razat

The naturally beautiful location dotted with freshwater springs is a popular tourist location during the season. The vegetation, greenery, and waterbodies amaze you to the core.

Ayn Sahalnoot

Another location to sightsee and relax with the family in Salalah is Ayn Sahalnoot. Cutting through the fog and rains, driving to Ayn Sahalnoot in itself is a magical experience. During the season, the location welcomes you with greenery all over. Waterbodies and a cool climate make the spot a perfect picnic location.

Ayn Athum, Ayn Khor and Wadi Darbat Waterfalls

Visit during the Khareef and you will be amazed at the green wonders unraveling in front of your eyes. The famous Ayn Athum will be buzzing with tourists for obvious reasons. The 15m limestone waterfalls seeping down the cliff are a magical sight.

Ayn Khor is in Wadi Jardum at a distance of 20 Kms from the Salalah City. Be prepared for an off-road drive to reach this beautiful location.

Wadi Darbat is one of the spectacular waterfalls located in Dhofar region in Salalah. Family groups have much fun in the lake surrounding the area with all makeshift shops around. You can avail yourself the of pleasure boat trips too.

Historical locations

Not just the greenery, waterfalls, and beach, places to visit in Salalah goes beyond that. Historically important and archeologically significant locations are there as well. Taqah Castle, Sultan Qaboos Mosques, Al Balid Archeological Site, Nabi Ayub (Tomb of Job) and Sumhuram and Khor Rori are other major places to visit in Salalah.

Quick tips before visiting Salalah

  • It is the capital city of Oman's southern Zufar and Dhofar region
  • Best time to visit is between July to September.
  • Come prepared to get wet. Rains, waterfalls, and cool clime are normal in the region.
  • Spending a night camping in the region will leave you with mesmerizing experience.
  • While camping at night, do get necessary guidance and permission from local authorities.
  • Several family-friendly hotels and resorts are available in the region.
  • Much like the natural wonders, historical sites are exciting in the region.
  • Children travelling from rest of the GCC will be amazed by the naturally scenic location.
  • Muscat is the capital city of Oman.
  • Respect the local culture and dress code.
  • Salalah does have an airport besides other airports in Muscat and Sohar.
  • Places to visit in Salalah can easily be accessed by road from all major towns in Oman and UAE.



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