Kansua Temple

Kansua Temple or Karneshwar Temple is considered one of the most auspicious temples in India. Situated on the banks of the River Chambal in Kota, Rajasthan, it entices thousands of devotees, pilgrims, and visitors every year. The beautiful temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a very popular pilgrimage site. It has the our-headed holy Shivalinga protecting humanity with divine power and eternal strength.

The Mythological tales behind the temple

The 1250-year-old temple was gifted by legendary Madhao Rao during the reign of the Mughal Emperor, Jahangir. As per popular beliefs, the Mughals accepted the gift with great pleasure. They had a great inclination for art, craftsmanship, and culture which prompted them to take custody of the gift. From then on, the temple is being worshipped by the locals to offer their devotion to the Lord and to seek his blessings.

The Intrinsic architectural charm of the Kansua temple

The four-headed Shivalinga is the key attraction of Kansua temple. This iconic structure is unique among all the temples in Kota. Miniature Lingas adorn the Shivalinga, much to the amazement of the devotees and the onlookers. Each of them is carved out of stone with fine details, portraying the artistic talent of the ancient craftsmen and artisans.

The intrinsic sculptures carved on the outer and inner walls of the temple proclaim its magnificent beauty, dating back to almost thirteen centuries back. It illustrates the extreme talent and skills of the artists and craftsmen, with each part of the temple displaying its sheer brilliance.

Every morning, the rays of the rising sun glorify the temple and the ShivaLinga with its golden aura. The temple enlightens and transforms into a magical land, traversing the human soul into a world of eternity.

The Magnificent Flora

A well-curated and blooming garden surrounds the temple, further personifying its beauty and elegance. The lush greenery is a treat to the eyes, providing a soothing feeling. You can go for a quiet stroll along the garden pathway for refreshing your mind. The serenity is complete bliss, offering a cool feeling with its calm breeze and peaceful abode.

A pond or Kund near the temple is considered holy by the locals. It is customary to dip into its waters for purity and then go for Darshan of the Lord. Some even carry the waters for offering at the feet of the Lord.

Festivals celebrated in and around the Temple premises

A number of festivals are celebrated at different parts of the year near the temple premises. The most popular among them is the Dussehra, where the effigy of Ravana is burnt to shred away all the evils from the world. During Maha ShivRatri, many devotees crowd at the temple to worship the Lord. The pilgrims consider it holy to dip into the pond waters before offering their prayers.

Best Time to visit the Temple

The best time to visit Kansua temple is between the month of October and December. The weather is pleasant and comfortable. You can also visit during the monsoons when the temple flourishes within its spectacular flora.

How to reach the Temple?

The nearest airport is at Jaipur and the nearest railway station is Kota Junction. From both places, buses and cabs for hire are available in abundance to reach the temple. The temple is also well connected by road from various parts of Kota, and major cities of Rajasthan.

Traveler's Know-how before visiting the Temple

Few tips for the travelers for a safe and comfortable visit to the temple

  • Leave your footwear outside as part of the Hindu traditions and respect for the Lord
  • Pets are not allowed inside the temple
  • Camera and video photography is permitted inside and outside the temple
  • Food stalls are present near the temple for the visitors
  • Washroom facilities are also available for the tourists and devotees
  • The temple opens at 6AM and closed at 7PM

There are various interesting facts and stories shared by the locals about the temple. It is believed that Shakuntala, the legendary character of Hindu mythology, had resided inside the temple for shelter.

So next time when you visit Kota or opt for a tour to Rajasthan, do not miss out on visiting this offbeat place.



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