6 Luxurious Pool Villas in India for a Perfect Vacation

Luxury in a highly sophisticated villa with private pools. Don't you feel it's enticing? Spending a vacation with your loved ones in one of these pool villas in India is indeed a splendid experience. Sitting and relaxing at the pools while immersing in the grandeur and charm of the villas generate indeed a genuine feeling of satisfaction. Vacations often demand a complete bliss, a wish to be disconnected from the hustle and bustle of city life. In this article, I will specifically discuss the luxurious pool villas in India which you can select and decide for a perfect vacation.

Marari Villas in Kerala

If you desire to spend a quiet and romantic vacation with your partner, then Marari Villas in Kerala is the perfect place for you. It has 2 villas named Hibiscus and Orchid, both with glittering outdoor pools. There are options for dining near the pool while enjoying the beauty of the sparkling waters. There is a sun terrace beside the pools where the guests are offered a shower, hammock, umbrella, sunbed, and even an attendant. The villas offer a lot of activities for adventure and sports lovers like kayaking, boating, fishing, cycling, and touring the village, and appreciating their handmade crafts. There is an option for candlelit dinner with your partner, which you must never miss.

Tariff: INR 12000 per night

Maya Bas in Sikkim

Maya Bas in Sikkim is one of the perfect pool villas in India to spend a time of solitude and ultimate relaxation. Wrapped with snow-capped mountains and an intriguing outdoor pool, you will love to enjoy strolling around the resort. Besides, it has a balcony to sit, relax and even walk around. Fishing, gardening, and hiking are some of the activities to be involved in the resort. The resort offers Barbecue facilities too.

Tariff: INR 14000 per night

Island Pool Villa in Goa

Island pool villa in Goa is one of the incredible pool villas in India. It is truly a heavenly experience to relax beside its swimming pool bordered by large natural stone designs. The atmosphere around the villa is calm and peaceful, truly surreal and tranquil. The resort has a balcony, a lounge, and also provision for cooking food in the kitchen. The greatest advantage of staying at the resort is that its closer to Caranzalem Beach and Vainguinim Beach

Tariff: INR 9000 per night

Suryavilas Luxury Resort and Spa in Himachal Pradesh

It is one of the beautiful pool villas in India, adorned with breathtaking landscapes and scenic views. Suryavilas Luxury resort and spa at Himachal Pradesh is a place where you can feel an aura of surreal calmness. It's just an awesome experience to sit and relax at the poolside while sipping into one of your favorite drinks. You can enjoy the mesmerizing views of the mountains from the rooms of the resort.

Tariff: INR 9000 per night

Cherai Beach Resort in Kerala

Kerala has one of the finest pool villas in India. The Cherai Beach resort happily counts itself on the list. The resort has a private mini pool for the guests. The rooms are warm, pleasant with a luxurious bathtub. The decor at the villa is spectacular, offering a splendid opportunity to spend a romantic time with your partner. There is a terrace and shared lounge at the resort to relax and stroll around.

Tariff: INR 6000 per night

Vedic Village spa resort in

Vedic village spa resort in West Bengal is one of the beautiful pool villas in India. It is a perfect place to spend a romantic escapade amid lush green surroundings and a surreal ambiance. It has an outdoor swimming pool to relax and chill out with a book or a drink. Besides you can enjoy a lot of different activities at the resort in its games room, fitness center, bowling alley, and children's playground.

Tariff: INR 8000 per night

So if you love pools, then you can select from some of these exotic pool villas in India. The stay will definitely be memorable and wonderful.



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