Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba – Last Indian Restaurant

Chitkul valley in the Sangla valley of Himachal Pradesh is considered the last inhabited village between the borders of Tibet and India. Its beauty is enigmatic and regal. Your experience can be exponentially multiplied once you sit and relax at Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba, cherishing its delectable local food and beverages. Converted into English, it essentially implies the last street-side restaurant within the boundaries of India.

The Dhaba is phenomenally prominent due to its location and the fact that the roads of India end here. Tourists love to visit the street food restaurant and munch in the local foods and its hot tea, whilst immersing into the picturesque landscape.

The Location of Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba

The journey towards Chitkul along with the majestic Himalayan ranges and the gorgeous valleys is a splendid experience. The moment you reach your destination, you can locate the signboard of the Dhaba, written in Hindi in bold letters. It is present just at the entrance of the village. The location of the Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba is peaceful and enchanting. Overlooking a scenic cliff, you can witness the fascinating views of the vast mountainous region and the gushing sounds of the river Baspa.

The Menu

The Dhaba offers three courses of meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner. The signboard also mentions the same. The food is simple yet delicious. If you are a street food lover, then you will really enjoy the dishes. You can enjoy a sumptuous meal with rice, lentils, different curries both vegetable and chicken and the green salad. Well, if you are in for some light snacks, you can enjoy the same too here. Tea, coffee, noodles, momo, bread and eggs are available for the guests.

Tea served in transparent small glasses is a speciality of Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba. The interesting part is most of the food items are cooked instantly and served hot and fresh. The masala omelette, hot noodles stir-fried with vegetables, the rich dal or lentils with a creamy layer, and the evenly cut curated salad are the favourites among the tourists. You can even sit outside at the benches and enjoy your food with the breezy air whizzing past you.

A Relaxing Experience

Hindustan ka Aakhri Dhaba is a family owned restaurant, the members being well-mannered and courteous. The wooden chairs and tables simply provide an authentic experience of a street side food stall. You can gulp your food or sip a cup of hot beverage while savouring your eyes into the exotic beauty of Mother nature. The soothing breeze, the freshness in the air intertwined with the delicious taste and smell of the food, is indeed a memorable experience and feeling of goodness.

Tourists visiting Chitkul must never miss the opportunity to visit the Dhaba and relish the local dishes. The simplicity dwelling inside the Dhaba provides warmth and relaxation to the visitors, tired of trekking or driving along the mountain trails. You can easily rejuvenate your heart and mind, ready to again explore the stunning beauty of the valley. The fact that it is present at the border, attracts more and more tourists. It is thrilling to sit at a Dhaba where the Indian road ends and appreciate the food and nature both coupled in a single place.

How to reach?

The place has all the means of transport well connected with it. You can either reach the airport at Shimla or Chandigarh and then drive down to the place by a car. There is a railway station at Shimla. But best is to arrive in Delhi and then board the toy train from Kalka to reach Shimla. Thereafter you need to hire a car and arrive at Chitkul.

Most tourists prefer reaching Chitkul by road, witnessing the astonishing mystic scenery through the entire journey. The state tourism department plies a number of buses too for the tourists. How amazing it is to travel across the pristine and surreal environment and then relaxing at a cosy place like Hindustan ka akhri Dhaba and lighten up your mood.

So friends, whenever you are planning for a trip to Chitkul, keep a certain amount of time free for enjoying the food at the Dhaba. Bet it will be a great experience, a memory to be cherished in your heart. Travelling solo or with a group, you must not miss this beautiful street side shop and the lovely people running it for years.



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    I heard about last dhaba and their delicious food. Thanks for sharing pictures.

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    Wow look like an adventure just to get to this spot. I bet this was a very memorable restaurant!

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