6 Spectacular and Amazing Islands in India

India, my motherland, is a place where nature unwinds exponentially mesmerising and enticing the globetrotters and the travel enthusiasts. Mountains, beaches, islands, lagoons, valleys, forests and many more adorn its gigantic landscape spreading from north to south and east to west. My today's venture is to acquaint my readers with the spectacular islands in India. Unique in their enigmatic beauty and grand in their enchanting charm, each of these islands rejuvenate the human minds in their own significant way. Let us embark on a short virtual tour into the heart of the islands in India.

Diu Island

A minuscule island wrapped by nature's serenity and peaceful environment and culturally influenced by the Portuguese. Situated along the southern coast of Gujarat it has imbibed part of the state's culinary habits and customs. Diu Island is one of the fascinating islands in India, small yet majestic in its inherent beauty, attractive architectural monuments and cultural vibes. The longest beach festival of Asia, Festa De Die, is held here every year spanning December, January and February.

Its key attractions are the Fort of Diu, the St. Pauls and St. Francis churches, the Zampa gateway, seashell museum and many more. Marine life is at its peak along with the emerging limestone cliffs, the whitish sand beaches and the rocky bays. You can engage in a wide variety of activities staring from water and jet skiing, parasailing, hot air balloons, desert biking and many more.

Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Havelock Island

One of the most popular islands in India, enraptured by pristine hamlets, golden beaches and sparkling blue sea waters. The surreal calmness in the island entices thousands of tourists every year. It is situated within the array of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Havelock is significant for its coral reef and scuba diving.

Soaking into the mystic landscape of the island is a heavenly experience. No doubt, it is frequented by honeymoon couples and families, ready to witness its elegant beauty. You must not miss visiting the Elephant beach, Radhanagar beach and Kalapathar beach while touring the island.

Munroe Island

A conglomerate of 8 islands at the backs of the Kerala backwaters. It is one of the most stunning islands in India. It is named after a Scottish Colonel John Munroe. He was phenomenal in creating a well-planned canal network in the island. The island offers splendid opportunities for cruises and various water sports.

During Onam, the island is jubilant with locals and visitors celebrating the 10-day harvest festival. The prominent Kallada boat race is held every year drawing crowds from all over India and abroad. You can stay in a houseboat and enjoy the enthralling beauty of the island. The key attractions of the island are the Varkala and M.G. beaches, Thenmala, Jatayu rock, Palaruvi Falls, and the Shendurni Wildlife sanctuary.

Majuli Island

It is not only one of the incredible islands in India, it is the biggest river island of the world. Wrapped by a unique ecological balance and diversity, it is a must visit among the tourist destinations of the country. Situated in the state of Assam and surrounded by the waters of the river Brahmaputra, it presents breathtaking views of the sunrise and the sunset.

Rented motorbikes are available for the tourists to hire and explore the island conveniently. You must visit the cluster of 21 monasteries belonging to the Vaishnavite religious sect. Another key attraction of the island is the Mishing village where you can mingle with the tribes and feel a part of their culture and habitat. Watching the artists creating masks with curated patterns and designs is a wonderful experience.

Image by Zak261826 from Pixabay

Netrani Island

Sublime beauty, dazzling landscape, marvelous scenery, majestic rocky cliffs and the crystal clear blue waters are the attractive features of the island. Situated in the state of Karnataka and known also by the name Pigeon Island, it is an amazing travel destination. Marine life lovers will have a blast witnessing the sharks, whales and the butterflyfish.

Surrounded the waters of the gigantic Arabian Sea, its scenic marvel allures thousands of tourists every year. The place is significantly religious with temples, churches and mosques located in its vicinity. The island provides a plethora of opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving and other various water and adventure sports.

Lakshadweep Island

It's a cluster comprising of 36 islands flanked by lines of palms trees and coral reefs. International tourists can visit only 3 of the islands – Bangaram, Agatti and Kadmat due to security restrictions. Adventure sport lovers can enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling into the bluish waters of the Arabian Sea. You can also go for kayaking, glass boating and exploring the vivacious marine life.

The island offers a unique opportunity to discover the sea life and the habitat of the marine organisms. The lush green forests, and the white sandy beaches magnify the serenity and tranquility of the place. Its surreal calmness provide a soothing sensation to the human soul.



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    Those all look so vacation worthy! They look like peaceful, beautiful islands that would be hard to leave!

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    Netrani Island looks like such an awesome place to visit and explore for yourself! I hope to be able to travel here one day and see it.

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    It’s nice of you to feature these great islands of India. I haven’t read blogs that talk about them much.

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    I wouldn’t mind renting a bike or scooter and going around to explore the land. There’s something majestic about being on an island.

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    spectacular info indeed.

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