7 Exotic Islands in the World

Pristine landscape, turquoise bluish and greenish waters, sandy beaches, cool soothing breeze define the exotic islands in the world. Wandering amid their intoxicating environment is heavenly and divine. Their limitless beauty unleashes an enigmatic aura and charm, enticing the travellers into its core. Strolling across the sandy beaches, breathing in the freshness prevailing in the air and immersing into the magnificent grandeur is a traveller's envy.

In this challenging days of pandemic when people are locked down indoors, I thought of gifting them with a list of 10 exotic islands of the world. It is a short virtual tour into the heart of these beautiful places, perfect travel destinations to be added in your bucketlist.


The crystal clear glittering waters, the vast stretches of whitish sands, the corals and the lavishing resorts are the unique characteristics of the Maldives. It is one of the spectacular islands in the world and most popular among travel freaks. The island is a preferred choice for several Honeymoon couples, an ideal spot to unwind the love and affection for each other. Surrounded by the majestic Indian ocean, Maldives offers a plethora of opportunities for water sports. Diving and snorkelling are some of the prominent activities that can keep you engaged in the island.

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Palawan in the Philippines

Natural limestone formations peeking out from the sparkling clean waters, the lines of lush green palm trees, the coral reef and the thrilling wildlife define the uniqueness of Palawan islands in the Philippines. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, offering a sumptuous amount of charm and entertainment. One can visit the fishing villages on the island and acquaint with the life and habitat of the fishermen and their families. Karst Mountain Elephant Cave and Ugong Rock are the two prominent rock formations rising above the sea waters. The islands are the host for two famous UNESCO world heritage sites – Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park and Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park.

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Seychelles is considered to be one of the most attractive islands in the world. Packed with the turquoise coloured waterbodies, dense forests, rocky boulders and the whitish sands, it is a perfect spot to spend an eventful vacation. It is essentially an archipelago of about 115 granite and coral islands. Seychelles is famous among anglers, especially due to the abundance of marine animals and fish in its waters. The lines of palm trees add an extra charm to this marvellous and delightful place.

Capri in Italy

Witness the bird's eye view of the wondrous island of Capri and experience its overwhelming beauty. It is a traveller's paradise, alluring many into its stunning natural wonders. The huge emerging cliffs of limestone, the majestic arch, the clear blue waters are like a painting adorned by the powerful brushstrokes of an artist. The island's sensational beauty mesmerizes the nature admirers, no doubt it is widely popular since the ancient times. The key attraction of the island is the Blue Grotto. It is a dark underwater cave where the sunlight passed through to produce an electrifying blue colour. Yachting is the favourite sport during the summers.

Bali in Indonesia

Bali is a rendezvous of culture and beauty intermingled and intertwined wonderfully much to the awe of the travel freaks. It is one of the most visited islands in the world. Encompassed with the historic monuments, religious temples, forests and the breathtaking beaches, it offers moments of solace and serenity for the visitors. The sublime beauty of the island transports the mind to a world of tranquillity and purity. Sitting and relaxing within nature's vicinity offers peace and calmness. The environment is ideal to unwind your mind and soul.

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Fiji Islands

The jaw-dropping beauty of the Fiji islands has been a fascination for travel enthusiasts, nature admirers, painters, and film directors. Its mystic views and gorgeous landscape are alluring and tempting. The place is an ideal vacation spot to fulfil your wanderlust desire. It is a scintillating collection of 333 fabulous islands, wrapped with nature's exhilarating beauty and magnificence. Wildlife is at its full swing in Fiji, flocked by a wide array of animals and birds. The dense mangrove forests and the coral reef magnify the beauty of the place.

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Hvar in Croatia

A picturesque island adorned by bright and beautiful houses, blue clear waters, pristine hamlets and the serene landscape. The palm trees lined along the seashore and the lush greenery exponentially enhance the brilliance of the place. The freshness in the air refreshes the mind and uplifts the soul into a world of eternity and tranquillity. The vibrant lavender fields, the fascinating vineyards and the rocky rugged mountains are its treasure trove.

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