Pattadakal – The Temple Town of Karnataka, India

Pious and divine Hindu temples define the unique religious significance of India. Wrapped within Hindu mythological facts and tales, they are architecturally attractive and interesting too. Pattadakal in Karnataka is one of the pristine places in India gifted with amazing temples of Hinduism and Jainism. The surreal calmness dwelling in this region purifies the human soul, a path to eternal bliss.

The entire site is listed in UNESCO World Heritage locations due to its cultural significance. Located at the banks of the River Mahaprabha, it portrays the traditional heritage of Indian culture and customs. There are about 10 temples in Pattadakal symbolizing the aura and charm of the Chalukya dynasty. Created between the 7th and 8th century AD, the intricate design and rich architecture entice tourists from the different regions of India.

Mallikarjuna Temple

It is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva reflecting the Vimana architectural style, mostly prevalent in the southern part of India. In the interior at the main sanctum, you can find the Shiva Linga. The establishment of the temple dates back to 740 AD and its creation is attributed to queen Trailokya Mahadevi. Shrines of Goddess Durga, sculptures depicting tales of Ramayana and Mahabharata adorn the temple.

Virupaksha Temple

The temple follows the famous Dravidian style of architecture and is the largest among all. Queen Lokamahadevi was the pioneer behind the creation of the temple. Exquisite sculptures and images of the Hindu gods and goddesses beautify the temple walls and pillars. The carvings and the inscriptions are noteworthy, denoting the talents and skills of the ancient craftsmen and artisans.

Jain Narayana Temple

The artistic beauty of the temple is remarkable, no reason it draws thousands of tourists every year. At the entrance, you will be greeted by the huge statues of elephants. It follows the Dravidian style of architecture in its design and carvings. The temple pillars are made of sandstone with exclusive images of dancers and other humans in different actions.

Papanatha Temple

It's the among the oldest of all the temples in Pattadakal. The architectural design is a combination of Nagara and Dravidian styles. The beautiful sculpture of the temple is a testimony to a well planned layout. The temple comprises of about 20 pillars coupled with elaborate decorations, ceilings, columns and parapets. The key attraction is the sculptured image of Lord Nataraja and the Shiva Linga.

Other small temples

There are many other small temples in the region that you can visit and spend an entire day filled with devotion and piousness. The prominent among them being the Kadasiddheshwara temple, Jambulingeshwara temple, Galaganatha temple, Chandrashekhara temple, and Sangameshwara temple.


Several inscriptions or writings have been engraved in the pillars of the temples in Pattadakal. They provide valuable information on the grants and sponsors made by the kings and queens of the Chalukya dynasty behind the construction of the temples. Mostly the writings are in Sanskrit, the traditional language of the Hindu philosophy.

The Significance of the Temples

The temples are a symbol of the religious sentiments of the rulers and the royal families of ancient India. The belief in Hindu mythology is prevalent within the sculptures and images carved inside the temples. They symbolize the artistic preferences of the kings and the queens. In some of the temples, you can also find images of musicians and the traditional musical instruments engraved in them. They bear proof of the cultural inclination of the people in ancient India.

Visiting the temples tune your heart and mind into a world of peace and enchantment. Your mind will be transported to a heavenly environment devoid of worries and anxieties. Devotees and pilgrims from various parts of the country visit the temples to offer their prayers and seek their blessings. Every year in the month of February, a dance festival is organized by the state government. Folk dancers and other artists perform entertaining the audience by their vivacious talents and skills.

Reaching the place is quite easy and convenient since it is well connected with the rest of the state and different parts of India. Badami is the nearest railway station and Hubballi is the nearest airport. Buses and cars are available in abundance to reach Pattadakal. The place has many comfortable resorts and hotels. You can stay overnight and enjoy 2 to 3 days at this wonderful site.



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