Touring Walvanda Tribal Village in Maharashtra

Walvanda tribal village, a hidden treasure of Maharashtra, is gaining popularity with its unique tribal culture and lifestyle. Inhabited by the Warli tribe, you can experience the traditional life of the tribal population amid the serenity of the village environment. You will be amazed by the simplicity and the generosity of the tribal people. Their hospitality is worthy of appreciation.

About the Tribe “Warli”

The word “Warli” essentially imparts the meaning of a piece of land. Artifacts and pieces of evidence studied by historians prove that the tribes existed since the Neolithic Age. They form the largest tribal population of Thane in Maharashtra. The Warli tribes were originally hunters as per the paintings and murals. Warli paintings are quite famous among the ancient arts and crafts of India. The paintings depict scenes of men, women, animals, birds, and landscapes.

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In the modern era, the Warli tribes are engaged in agricultural activities for their living and survival. They have transformed themselves from their traditional hunting lifestyle to a more polished way of living. They have now farms in their village where they are engaged in the cultivation of different types of vegetation. The key attraction in the village is the craftsmen and artists specializing in the Warli paintings and arts.

The Natural Beauty of Walvanda Tribal Village

The moment you step into the calm atmosphere of Walvanda village, you would be transformed into a world of peace and charm adorned by its greenery and rustic beauty. Away from the hectic and busy life of Mumbai, the village offers complete relaxation of the human mind and soul. The farmlands are a treat to the eyes, mesmerizing you with the soothing breeze. You can watch the farmers working in the paddy fields inside knee-deep waters.

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The green meadows dotted by the small huts of the village paint a wonderful scenic beauty. You can refresh yourself with the freshness of the air for surreal calmness. The atmosphere is enchanting and delightful. You can spend an entire day at the village immersing in its ethereal beauty.

The “Warli” Paintings in the Walvanda Tribal village

You can observe the paintings on the walls of the huts. The paint was originally made by a thick mixture of rice paste, water, and gum. The paintbrush was curved from a bamboo stick. The walls of the mud houses served as the painting media with the artistic drawings adorning them. In modern times many mud houses have been replaced by brick and mortar houses. So for obvious reasons the paintings are now seen on the walls of the brick houses.

Warli paintings were considered an auspicious ritual performed by the tribes during any religious or traditional ceremonies. The ritual has been passed on generations and the heritage is still existing among few people in the tribal families. The artists and craftsmen of the villages, nowadays, create the paintings for sale and also for the tourists who visit the village for spending time with the tribal people.

The Agricultural Farming in the Walvanda Tribal Village

Agriculture is the main source of income for the Warli tribes, the majority of the people being engaged in the activity. You can observe the paddy fields spread across almost the entire farming area of the village. Additionally, the villagers engage in growing bamboo, essentially to use it as a mesh for protection during the monsoons.

It is a wonderful experience to watch the rice harvest when the grains are whisked away by the farmers and heaped on the fields to be sent to the rice mills. The planting of paddy in the fields is also an activity to watch, being performed by standing inside the muddy waters.

Activities to be done at the Walvanda Tribal Village

You can engage in a wide array of activities with the villagers:

  1. If you have an interest in agriculture then you join the farmers for planting rice seedlings, harvesting and separating the grains and the husk. You can even learn about the history of rice and how it gained popularity as the staple food of India
  2. Learn the Warli painting's intricacies from the tribal artists and craftsmen. You will know about its ancient history and the scenes depicted by the paintings
  3. Watch and participate in a tribal dance along with the village dancers and singers coupled with the rhythmic beats of a traditional wind musical instrument called Tarpa
  4. Learn the traditional cooking methods and recipe from the tribal women
  5. Understand the history, traditions, and culture of the Warli tribe

Best time to visit Walvanda Tribal Village

The best time to visit Walvada is between the months of September and March during the winters and the late monsoons. The weather is pleasant and comfortable with a cool breeze, perfect for sightseeing.

How to reach Walvanda Tribal Village?

The nearest airports and railway stations are Mumbai and Pune. You can hire a cab to reach the village. If you are staying at Mumbai and Pune as part of your tour in Maharashtra, then it's better to avail of a cab.

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