10 Best Places to Visit in Jordan

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When you think about Middle east the first thought that comes to anyone's mind is beautiful desert landscapes. The ancient Arab civilization is famed for its architectural marvels and the skyscraper buildings across the globe. Jordan is one of the amazing countries in the middle east famous for the Ancient monument Petra. Not just Petra it is a tourism hub for many enthusiastic travellers out there. There are numerous places to visit in Jordan by exploring the desert land. Moreover, the trip to Jordan throws you into a perplexed state with its different natural beauty.

Jordan is one of the safest countries to travel in the middle east. If you are a solo traveller, then this is one of the best places to explore in the middle east in terms of security. It's always advisable to hire a local guide who has good knowledge about the places to visit in Jordan. There are many travel tour operators with amazing offers. They provide a safe and comfortable stay for the tourist like memorableindia.in and so on.

Travel tips to Jordan

It is always advisable to wear conservative clothes which are not quite revealing and tight. Also, carry a scarf especially if you are visiting religious places. It is a way of showing respect to their culture.

Don't drink water from a tap, always have water from water bottle delivered to you.

When food is offered to you, don't reject the food as it offends them.

Seek permission before photographing any locals, especially women.

Eating food by using hand, which is part of the culture in most of the Asian and Middle east countries.

Places to visit in Jordan


Nabateans' capital city is famous for the ancient archaeology marvel. The rock monument is carved and built in the mountains. Locates between the red sea and the dead sea. This ancient monument Al-Khazneh is the major tourist site in the Petra the beautiful temple made of amazing pink and red rocks. Also, falls in the seven wonders of the world category.


One can visit this place throughout the year however there is a little time varies depending on the season. In summer the visiting hours are from 6 am – 6 pm whereas in winter it is 6 am – 4 pm. If you are planning to stay here overnight then take a pass. There are numerous passes available here based on the number days your planning to stay. Catch a bus from the Amman to Petra which is cheap and the best means of transport.

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The capital city of Jordan is a blend of ancient historic and modern constructions. Also, it is the largest city in Jordan. A popular tourist site, which is visited by millions of tourists yearly. It is one of the top 5 places to visit in Jordan. When you are in Amman, never miss the opportunity to explore the Jordan museum to know the history and culture of the place, Art gallery along the open-air market to buy amazing local Jordan artefacts. Besides this, also visit the popular Roman Amphitheater and the Amman citadel to have a sight of sunset which gives an unparalleled view from the place.

Mount Nebo

This place is considered as a religious site in Jordan. It is the prehistoric site from the Christian era where Moses is said to have taken rest for a few days. On the top of the Nebo mountain, there is a memorial for the Prophet Moses. The scenic from the Mount Nebo of the valley gives a picturesque view to the tourist. Thus, it is said to one of the places to visit in Jordan.

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Madaba is the nearest town to Mount Nebo the total travel time is around 15 minutes whereas Amman's capital city is 45 minutes. So plan a day trip to visit this sacred place.


An ancient Greek-Roman architectural marvel even though it is in the ruined state amazes its visitors. This place is also known as Gerasa. If you're into ancient history and architecture then you should definitely visit this place. It locates 55 km from the Amman the ancient roman ruin is one of the best places to visit in Jordan. Here generally visitors take a stroll in the hills and valley of the Jerash which as a rich collection of plum, Pine trees, and the olive. One can reach here through a private vehicle or the bus.

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Dead Sea

Are you a beach person? Then plan a visit to the interesting sea waters it is the border between both Jordan and Israel. One can easily see through the emerald waters the sea beds are of different marine colours. In fact, most of the tourist who visits here indulge themself in the mud bath by applying the therapeutic mud on their body.

Another interesting fact about Dead sea is due high saline level in the water one can easily float on the seawater without any help. So, the major activity here lazy lying on the seawater and make yourself float like a log. One needs to hire private transport to reach this place as there is no direct transport.

Image by Gidon Pico from Pixabay

Umm Qais

One of the popular places to visit in Jordan. It is also well known for the ruins of ancient city Gadara. Besides these places provides an amazing view of the Yarmouk River, Lake Tiberias. Just a 2-hour journey from the Amman if your planning for night stays then plan a stay at Gadara to experience a real Umm Qais. The best way to reach Umm Qais is to take a bus to Irbid city, from there catch a minivan with other tourists to the Umm Qais.

Wadi Rum

Want to visit the desert canyons in Jordan? Then plan a trip to Wadi Rum which has a high cliff, along with amazing sandstone arch, canyons. Besides these, here one can see the natural caverns. Never miss overnight stay in the desert. Tents are available here for the tourist in different price ranges. Lying down on a comfortable mattress in the open sky in the summer desert watching the stars is an indescribable experience anyone can ask for.

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The tourist bus is available from Petra to this place. But, unfortunately, only one bus will be running. Tourist should be ready by the time. If your looking for some privacy taxi is also available which is a bit expensive compared to the bus.

Mujib Nature Reserve

You may feel overwhelmed with continuous visits to historic places and deserts. Looking for adventurous actives at Jordan Mujib Nature Reserve offers numerous adventurous actives for adventure lovers. Based on your interest one chose the activity like hiking, zip-lining, rock climbing, and so on. Another interesting fact about the Mujib Nature Reserve is that the narrow reserve path slowly merging with the dead sea waters. The total distance from Amman to this place is around 90 km.


Another adventurous tourist destination in the places to visit in Jordan. Aqaba is a famous place where Jordan generally chills and enjoys. The place is famous not only for fun and relaxing but also it provides a picturesque view of the mountains and blue waters. The famous activities here are diving into the sea and snorkelling. This distance from Amman to Aqaba is 285 km.

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A religious place popular for the Baptism, worth visiting as it is considered a place where the baptism of Jesus Christ was carried out. This place is located on the eastern banks of the Jordan River. The distance from Amman to Al Maghtas is 55 km. Moreover, it is declared as one of the world heritage sites. Besides, one can also visit other two religious sites near to the Al Maghtas if time permits.


Jordan is a beautiful desert country in the middle east, well know around the world for its amazing architectural marvel- Petra. Besides this, it is also one of the top countries in the travel list of travel lovers. The above mentioned are some of the places to visit in Jordan. For the comfortable and tension-free travel contact the tour operators memorableindia.in.

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