Interview with Lady Writer – Cryptic Soul

You must be wondering for sure about what is hidden behind the 2 words “Cryptic Soul”. I was also curious in the beginning when I started interacting with her. Yes, she is a young lady who lovingly pens down her thoughts into words of poetic and literary tunes. Today, I am happy to share my interview with Lady Writer – Cryptic Soul. Well, yes that's her mysterious nickname.

Raised by her mother alone since she was 8 years old, Apoorva is a passionate and talented lady. The way she manages her studies and her literary journey are commendable. She is an electric engineer by academic qualifications. Currently, she is pursuing a MBA degree in Business Analytics. She is a firm believer of a divine energy driving her into this journey.

Apoorva likes to read and write a lot. I think that's what is a speciality of a good writer. Few of her interesting hobbies are collecting coins, painting and sketching. I am glad to conduct the interview with lady writer – Cryptic Soul. Hope you enjoy reading about her experiences and her literary journey.

The Excerpts from my Interview with Lady Writer – Cryptic Soul

What or Who influenced you to become a poet?

I always believed that writing is a calling, somewhere the lord of writing is deciding for us – what to write, and whatnot. And in life, some things happen and lead us to that way. The way there I became a poet, I started writing when I was in 10 std.  Raw solitude inspired me to write. When I sit alone in silence, I write, write about life and all.  And in that my mother is my inspiration for life. My mother taught me to live in the moment happily, no matter what. She tells me sometimes, time takes our exam with what time has taught us, but live courageously, and fight for what you believe in. She made me believe that the almighty will always show us the right way. He always enlightens our path, roses or thorns whatever comes in his way he will guide us with it.

On which genre do you focus while writing your ?

Well, I can say  I've not written on particular genres. Till now I've written on love, motivational, heartbreak, fiction, technical. Being a technical student I've written articles on technology as well, specifically on Blockchain and on general topics.  My upcoming novel is fiction as well. And I love to write about love and sensational topics. Mostly I've written randomly, not planned and there's a lot which I still need to write about.

When did you write your first poem? When did you first publish your first poetry book and how was the experience?

I started writing when I was in 10th std,(15 years old). I wrote my first poem in Maths tuition class. A funny story, I was late for my maths tuition and Sir told me to sit at last bench. I was sitting there but my mind was somewhere else and exactly that time I penned out my first poem. It is about ‘who I'm'.

Due to hesitation or lack of confidence, I never showed it to anyone. I kept it to myself until college when I told my friend that I've written something. She told me that it is worth showing to the world. I started posting and getting reviews. Last year I created a separate page for writing purpose only, which is anonymous to my friends and relatives. Because I wanted to know about real reviews and I wanted to see where I'm standing in this world of writing. And then I started writing under the name ‘Cryptic Soul'.

What is your greatest achievement as a poet? 

For a poet, the greatest achievement is when people start recognizing you and your work. Today I am really grateful that some people are actually recognizing me and know me because of my work.  I believe there is no personal achievement for a writer or a poet. Whatever we achieve is because of the readers we have. Whatever today I'm, is because I have great readers. I can say my greatest achievement is to get published and to be recognized by Google itself. I've many certifications which I got from these publications for writing well.

When did you first publish your first poetry book and how was the experience?

That was a fantastic experience. Getting published is what all writers want. Four years back from today I got an offer from a well-known Publication to publish my work. I have published my work in four different books of poetry that is:

1. Words ( a journey from me to you) by– Writers pocket

2. History ( theme based) by- Writers pocket

3. Rhythm of souls. by- Reasons and Laughter.

4. Dil ke alfaaz by- Gracious 

5. Pearls of illusion (coming next month) by- Fanatixx

During this time I got a chance to work with Writers Pocket, Reasons and Laughter, Gracious Publication and the fifth one which is upcoming with Fanatixx publications. It indeed is a great experience. These all are books of poetry available on Amazon and Flipkart as well.

Through my experience, I can say that I have learnt many things while I was writing and working with them. I have learnt to write on a particular theme with the word limit. When there is a word limit to write, you need to play smart with words. Because you want to express your feeling with a limited amount of words. That's when you learn to write it in limit and expressing fantastically. I can say this surely was a great experience of my life and I know there is more to come. There is learning even in small things all we need is to open eyes and grab the opportunity to learn.

Please share your journey as a poet

As a person, I have seen many ups, downs and solitude all around. My poetic journey is parallel to my life journey. Whatever I feel whatever I experience in life it reflects in my poetry. In life, I and my mother live alone. It's been 14 years to my father's death so we both are living and learning from life, through life. That is what reflects in my poetry. There are many people who are supporting us and our journey.

My journey as a poet is going hand in hand with my life. I have experienced that it is very important for you to express yourself the way you feel. As a writer, there was a time in my life where I started questioning my worth. I started thinking about when I die where my words will stay with peace, where my thoughts will be living. Exactly after that, I got a chance to publish my work in books. That is where my words are resting and living. Living in the book, even when I die they still are there. Even when I die, my words still will have life.

My journey has been really great since I started. I didn't know that I would come this far with my words and with my feelings. But, Almighty has given me a chance to publish my work and to be known as a poet. Every journey has a step and it is important to walk there step by step. I started and I was just writing without knowing that my work will be recognised by someone someday. But then it happened for the very first time. Writers pocket and their Publication recognised my work and showed interest in publishing it. That's when I became a published poet. Soon after that Google recognised my work and then my work became Google searchable. I cherish all these things that I have got on this journey. I cherish all the experience I cherish all the people who are supporting me on this journey.

Any tips you want to convey to the budding poets?

To all the budding poet who is published or not published yet, write from depth of your heart whatever you feel. There is no boundary to write. Somewhere someday your work will be recognised. There is a ray of hope waiting for you. Just walk, never stop doing what you are doing. If you think you are writing bad or worthless then, listen stop self-doubting and questioning yourself.

You need to believe in yourself and in your energy. Once you start believing in yourself, nobody can stop you. There is no energy that can stop you. Just write with all the passion you hold and with all the ink you have left. We often see legend writers, they too have started from somewhere. Nobody came perfect from the mother's womb. We all learn here in this life and write with our experiences. So do it now, write it now, your time is now. 

What are your future plans?

Currently, I am working on a fiction novel of my own. I can say it is halfway done and I want it to publish it as soon as possible. This is my short term goal for the future. What I am thinking is to publish it in 2021. And I will continue to write my poetry and publish them on Instagram and in books. I'm not a novelist yet but I want to be a novelist and write about my experiences with life.

I am actually amazed after my interview with lady writer – Cryptic Soul. The amount of positivity that is embedded in her soul will lead her to achieve great heights. I love the way she expressed herself and shared her thoughts. I wish her all the best in her journey ahead. May she attain all the success in her life and present her beautiful creations.

Hope you enjoyed my interview with lady writer – Cryptic Soul. Please follow her in Instagram to read more about her beautiful collections.


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