6 Famous Cathedrals in Europe

Guest Post on the 6 Famous Cathedrals in Europe by Kriti

Times are gone wherein travelling was just about food and shopping. In recent years, travelling is seen as an opportunity to explore various cultures, places, and diversity in the world. The trend of travelling and exploring is growing to be more significant. Numerous religious places and buildings have bow began to be seen as important tourist spots.

One of the mainstream locations for travellers is the continent of Europe. No matter which country one picks, it is splendid. Apart from the renowned monuments and tourist spots, cathedrals have become a predominant point of tourist attraction.

Cathedrals are churches which include a seat or a cathedra for the bishop. Most of the cathedrals located in Europe are a treat to the eyes! They have been in existence for a long time. Yet have remained beautiful throughout the decades. Many cathedrals in Europe act as major tourist spots. Irrespective of their religion, travellers, and tourists visit these alluring cathedrals every day. Here are some of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe, a taste of what this continent has to offer.

Notre Dame, Paris

Almost every person has heard about this cathedral. It is one of the finest in the world. This exquisite cathedral is the embodiment of the French Gothic style of architecture.

Notre Dane is a Catholic cathedral. It was built back in the 12th century. This cathedral has the cathedra of the Archbishop Of Paris. It is one of the symbols of the French nation.

The cathedral, unfortunately, caught fire in April 2019 at the time of its renovation. It underwent serious damages. It was a widespread incident that reached the entire world. The cathedral will remain closed maybe at the end of 2024 for the ongoing work.

St Paul's Cathedral, London

This cathedral is mesmerizing and it almost seems unreal. It is located in London, United Kingdom. This cathedral contains the cathedra of the Bishop of London.

The Infamous Great Fire of London destroyed the old building of the cathedral. A renowned English architect, Sir Christoper Wren, constructed the new cathedral in the 17th century. This cathedral features the famous dome structure in all its glory.

This cathedral has found its identity as one of the most noteworthy tourist locations in the United Kingdom.

St Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna

This is an ancient European catholic cathedral. This cathedral was built in the 12th century. It is the home to the cathedral of the Bishop of Vienna. This marvellous structure is located in Vienna, the capital city of Austria.

This cathedral is an important part of the Habsburg and Austrian history. It is featured in various events.

The construction of the cathedral dates back to the 12th century. It is turning to a black colour in recent years for the skyrocketing pollution rates. To prevent this from happening, the government has launched many conservation and restoration plans.

Cathedral Of Barcelona, Barcelona

The original name was the Cathedral Of The Holy Cross And Saint Eulalia. This magnificent gothic cathedral is located in the beautiful country of Spain. Its construction dates back to the 15th century.

This cathedral is a dedication to a co-patron young saint, Eulalia. The Roman Period bears a witness to his unfortunate and sad martyrdom. One of the significant features of this cathedral is a Gothic arcade which habitats 13 geese. Saint Eulalia was 13 at the time of his martyrdom. The geese are a mark of respect to the legendary saint. This cathedral lists as one of the most attractive tourist spots in the country.

Duomo Di Milano, Milan

Duomo Di Milano or the Milan Cathedral ranks high among the largest cathedrals in the world. The designers and the architects started the construction of the cathedral back in the 14th century. They completed in the 20th century, the longest ever construction witnessed in history. This cathedral has the seat to the Archibishop Of Milan.

Approximately 70 architects have worked on this project through the span of six centuries. The fourth-largest cathedral in the world, is definitely a golden monument in the history. Its enchanting beauty is a treat for the eyes in the modern times.

St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

The sixth one in my list is St. Vitus Cathedral. It is located in the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic. This Roman Catholic cathedral incorporates the seat of the Archibishop Of Prague.

This cathedral is located under the Prague Castle ownership among other significant buildings. The origin of this cathedral traces back to the 14th century.

This beautiful gothic style church lists among the most beautiful and famous cathedrals in Europe.

These six cathedrals were just a gist of what Europe has to offer in terms of ravishing historic churches and cathedrals. The ancient era is significant for building most of the famous cathedrals in Europe. Yet they have retained their importance and beauty throughout history. You may be a follower of the church or not. Yet these important historic buildings are worth a visit if you are travelling to any European country.


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