One day in Geneva, Switzerland

Bienvenue à Genève! Situated at the foot of the Alps, Geneva has been attributed with several spectacular spots. Hence, one wonders whether one day in Geneva suffices to see around. Nevertheless, when all you have is one day in Geneva, please make the most of it. Geneva is more famous for being the headquarters of the European wing of the United Nations and the Red Cross. Considered to be one of the best cosmopolitan cities in Europe, Geneva is also famous for watchmaking, chocolates, posh buildings, antique architecture, history, and culture.

A tourist visiting Geneva for one day would never miss visiting the Jet d'Eau fountain, the flower clock L'horloge fleurie, St. Pierre Cathedral, and the Place du Bourg-de-Four. The city by the side of Lake Geneva is truly a magical location to visit while touring Switzerland. Make sure to spend at least one day in Geneva. When it comes to quality, there is no compromise on the professional Swiss approach. Hence, rest assured, your one day in Geneva will be just as amazing as the city is.

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A walking tour

Being a small city, a walking tour is recommended when you spend one day in Geneva. Walking along the shores of Lake Leman which offers splendid views of the Alps is a lovely way to start.  Geneva's Old Town, shopping street, Saint Peter's Cathedral, and the Town Hall are other attractions you can cover. Crossing several parks and fountains walk over to the theatre district at Place Neuve. Moving on to the Jet d'Eau fountain, CERN, Place du Bourg-de-Four, the Jardin Anglais, and finally to the Bastions Park to admire the Reformation Wall.

Jet d'Eau fountain

Touring one day in Geneva is incomplete without spending a while at Jet d'Eau, the world's tallest water fountain. It is one of the landmarks of the city. It was installed in 1891 at the very heart of the harbor area to promote tourism. The star of Geneva harbour as it is known, Jet d'Eau boasts of a maximum height of one hundred and forty metres and 500 litres of water per second. To make it more attractive on special occasions, a lighting system lights up the water fountain.

It is also the tragic site of Princess Sisi's assassination and a memorial can be seen in her honour.

St. Peter's Cathedral

A 12th-century archaeological wonder that stands tall at the highest point of the Old Town. It is the largest church in Geneva. Visitors climbing the 157 steps to reach the top of the North Tower of the cathedral are commonplace. The view from the top is breathtaking.

Ancient chandeliers, architectural molds, and paintings would amaze any visitor. The cathedral houses a few chapels and a shrine within its spacious structure. A side aisle inside houses tombstones of church officials from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Place du Bourg-de-Four

“Place du Bourg-de-Four” is the French translation for the Latin term “Forum of the Burgundians.” The market square is popular for shopping and fairs besides being a top tourist attraction.  The city square is constructed in such a way that it includes several prominent spots. On one side there is the Palace of Justice towards Verdaine Street and on the other side there is a city square with a marble fountain. In the other direction are the Palace of Justice, Saint Peter's Cathedral, and the high-end shopping arena. Then, there is the Passage des Degres-de-Poules.

UN Headquarters

Geneva is famous the world over for housing the European Headquarters of the United Nations. Since 1966 the Palais des Nations located amid the Ariana Park, on the banks of Lake Geneva has been housing the Headquarters. The palace has 34 conference rooms and approximately 2,800 offices. A whopping 8,000 meetings are held here annually.

The best part is a few sections of this international territory are open to the public. You can even opt for the guided tour which is available in twelve languages. You get access to tour the Hall of Human Rights, the “Concourse”, the Assembly Hall, and the Council Chamber, and watch a film presenting the activities and objectives of the United Nations Office.

Price from: CHF 10

Jardin Anglais

Swiss watches are coveted possessions for many. Here is one of the tributes to the watch industry in Switzerland. Jardin Anglais or English Garden is a world-renowned symbol of the Geneva watch industry. Located on the lake shore opposite the Jet d'eau, the Jardin anglaise overlooks the Liman Lake. With its famous flower clock and the Four Seasons fountain, it is a fun spot you cannot miss. Being home to several hundred-year-old trees, the park is a beautiful, green space to spend an evening.


Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire is an intergovernmental organization running the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Founded in 1954, it is one of Europe's first joint ventures. Here, physicists and engineers use the world's largest and most complex scientific instruments to study the basic constituents of matter. To promote educational and cultural programs, CERN offers tours of the laboratory for free. Situated at the Franco-Swiss border in Geneva, CERN is hardly six kilometers away from Geneva airport.

Reformation wall

The Reformation Wall, or International Monument to the Reformation is a historical structure erected in 1909. The stone structure engraved and with bas-reliefs projects statues of statesmen, pioneers, and protectors of the Reformation. It is a hundred meters long fortification. The four great preachers erected on the wall are Guillaume Farel, Jean Calvin, Théodore de Bèze, and John Knox.

World's longest bench

Perched high on a hill, Geneva's Old Town houses the World's longest bench. The climb up becomes a soothing experience when you sit on the Guinness record-granted bench enjoying the ambiance around you.

There is more to do and see around in Geneva. However, do you have time and energy? The Grand Théâtre and Geneva Opera House, scores of museums such as the International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, “Musée international de l'horlogerie”, art galleries, parks, Plainpalais Flea Market are all there to see.



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