9 Summer Fun Things to do in Verbier, Switzerland

Guest Post on 9 Summer Fun Things to do in Verbier, Switzerland

Are you in love with mountains? Do you like the peace and the sweet mist air that the mountains provide to you? For people who like such mountain regions, Verbier in Switzerland is the best place to visit in the summers.

Firstly, before telling you about the various places, activities and things to do in Verbier, let me introduce you to this amazing place.

Verbier is a village located in South-Western Switzerland. It is known to be a beautiful holiday resort and a Ski area in the Swiss Alps. Verbier is most famous for its skiing locations and opportunities. Many skiers prefer to stay in this region due to the steep slopes and amazing views it provides for skiing.

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The Top 9 Things to do in Verbier

It is natural that we all look up and research a lot about the place we are going to travel to. Therefore, your job is made easy here. Let us throw some light upon the activities that can be enjoyed during a good summer break at Verbier.

Tips: You can always hire a car service in Switzerland to travel through one to another.

Trail in Bisse du Levron

The Trail in Bisse du Levron is a perfect family hike for summers and is one of the best things to do in Verbier. The Bisse du Levron is an irrigation channel that flows from high above Verbier between the altitudes of 1900 and 2400 meters. The pathway flows along the irrigation channel, joining Verbier through a gentle slope, thereby offering the tourists and hikers an amazing and peaceful view.

The atmosphere comprises silent, peaceful meadows, birds chirping, and streams flowing, making a trickling sound. Moreover, what could be better than a mountain restaurant? The Bisse du Levron provides for a beautiful mountain restaurant named La Marlenaz, which is located on a terrace at the height of 1895 m. The restaurant provides an amazing view of the valley below.

Bisse du Levron | Verbier - Val de Bagnes | Office du Tourisme

The Local Food of Verbier

Verbier satisfies its citizens with a variety of cuisines present here. The Walliser Rohschinken is dry pork that is derived from the Canton of Valais. This is taken to be in the most enriching experiences of Verbier. However, only high-quality pork legs that have been obtained in Switzerland are used to make this delight.

Another exclusive delight of Verbier is by the name of Walliser Trockenfleisch. It is exclusively made from the beef raised and slaughtered in Switzerland itself. The beef is first mixed with some herbs and spices, which are finally rinsed off before it is hung in the cool mountain air.

Walliser Trockenfleisch – Wikipedia

Raclette is known to be another famous dish of Verbier. It is recognized to be a nutty Swiss cheese made from cow's milk. These are some main delicacies that one must try if they pay a visit to Verbier.

Raclette - Wikipedia

Learn the Art of Cheese Making

The Val de Bagnes region of Verbier is famed for its cheese production, where Raclette and Tomme Cheese are hugely popular. The area of Verbier also provides a great opportunity to organize an excursion and learn about the art of preparing and producing cheese just in front of you. One of the fun-filled things to do in Verbier.

Cow to Cheese is a half-day activity where you would go to a cheese-producing facility in Verbier. Thereafter, you would visit Alpine pastures where Herens cows gaze. This is then followed by a lunch at a great mountain restaurant in the Alpine Pastures where you have to sample the cheese produced.

Cheesemaking - Wikiwand

Hiking to Pierre Avoi

Another hiking experience that would leave a huge impact on your spiritual and mental being is hiking to Pierre Avoi. The hiking experience of Pierre Avoi is slightly a bit difficult than that of Bisse du Levron.

The Pierre Avoi is a tall rock formation situated at an altitude of 2473 m. Its uniqueness is that it provides a 360-degree view of Verbier, the Rhone Valley, and the Mount Blanc Mountain range.

The Pierre Avoi hiking can be accessed by taking the Savoleyres mountain lift from Verbier. The initial stage of the hike is pretty simple until the final climb to the top of Pierre Avoi. Several ladders and chains are provided in the final climb to assist the hikers in reaching the summit. It is one of the thrilling things to do in Verbier.

Fichier:Verbier vu de la Pierre Avoi.jpg — Wikipédia

The Experience of Raclette Cheese at Fromagerie D'Etiez

The actual experience of visiting Verbier starts from Fromagerie D'Etiez. This is the place where you would get an opportunity to witness the production of cheese from the very start to the end.

Here, pure milk arrives early in the morning from farms, and then the processing is started. The unpasteurized milk is warmed and mixed with cultures to thicken, forming a curd.

It is then placed in big circular moulds and pressed for a designated amount of time. The milk is pressed and turned until it reaches the desired consistency.

The cheese, after being formed, is submerged in salt to add extra flavour to it. Finally, the cheese is stored at monitored and cool temperatures on wooden shelves. The Raclette Cheese is stored at least for 90 days before it is sold to the public.

Fromagerie d'Etiez à Vollèges, Valais - Mon Producteur

Check the Herens Cows at Alpage du Tronc

After the tour ends at Fromagerie, the next interesting spot is Alpage du Tronc for viewing the Herens Cows. The cows named after the Val d'Herens region of Switzerland are a small, honoured breed of alpine cattle.

These cows are mainly bred for beef, but they also produce around 3000 kg of milk per year. Moreover, they are highly adapted to graze on the grass of high altitudes.

Inalpe à l'alpage du Tronc - Landscape & Rural Photos - nicou.VS - Air pur

Explore an abandoned mine deep at Alpine Flavours

Another unexpected tour you would experience at Verbier is discovering deep mines. The travel from deep mines to Alpine Flavours is yet another tour organized by the Verbier tourist office.

The interesting fact about this excursion is that you would come to know about 150 different types of minerals underground, enhancing your knowledge overall.

The walk time to the mines from the starting point is about 1 hour. In between, you tend to cross forests and pathways. When you reach there, the guide will provide you hard hats and torches before entering the dark passage. As the temperature drops considerably once you enter the tunnel, you should have proper warm clothing protecting you.

Enjoying E-Biking at Verbier Bike Park

The E-biking activity is famous at Verbier, especially during summer. The Verbier Bike Park has around 800 Km of trails and mountain roads, suitable for E-Biking.

E-Biking is a great way of covering a lot of ground without any required effort and taking a calm look at the scenery. If you are not in great shape or do not have much experience with E-bikes, the added assistance provided by these E-bikes is perfect.

Moreover, there are a few mountain restaurants that you can stop by while you are at your E-Biking experience.

Relax in a Luxury Spa

Finally, we all want to relax a bit after such a long and tiring experience don't, we? So, the last and the best place to visit at the end of the tour is a luxurious spa. All you have to do is visit the W Verbier Hotel and go to the AWAY Spa.

The Spa has a big relaxing space of 800 square meters. It includes nine treatment rooms, a jacuzzi, a steam room where you can relax completely and feel rejuvenated and refreshed for the remainder of your trip.

W Hotel Verbier | Escape to the extraordinary

Moreover, there is also an indoor/outdoor heated swimming pool. You can select whichever you may want and relax completely. The spa experience will give you a further stress-free trip and make you remember your experiences more peacefully and pleasantly.

Here are a few activities which are a must-do if you plan your summer stay at Verbier. There are many more experiences which you will be able to enjoy with your loved ones at Verbier. Happy Traveling!

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  • June 18, 2021 at 1:54 am

    Switzerland is so pretty, and I love all the interesting things there are to do there. I would love to see how they make their cheese.

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    I love all of these so much! It’s been a dream of mine to visit Switzerland for decades. I really want to go there!

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    Wow! Some of that scenery looks amazing! As as a cheese lover, I have to say I do love a Swiss cheese too! Great blog!

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    Oh, Switzerland. There’s not a corner that doesn’t look good. I’d like to walk through a quaint trail as well as learn the art of cheese-making.

    • June 19, 2021 at 9:11 pm

      Plus, of course, I want to try the local food in Switzerland. I love how delicious the meats and the cheese look.

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    Switzerland looks incredible. The good and the spa day are right up my alley!

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    Switzerland looks so beautiful! Would love to visit!

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    I have always wanted to visit Switzerland. I have heard pictures and videos do not do it justice.

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    You had me at the food… and then I saw that dreamy spa. I really need a vacation in Verbier!!

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    What an absolutely gorgeous place to visit! I especially love that you recommend so many activities surrounding cheese which makes sense given that area 😃

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    One of the best places to visit in Switzerland during summer is Verbier. Verbier, It’s some of the best in Europe

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    I never think about visitig Switzerland during the summer. I would like the cheese making and spa activities. Thanks for sharing!

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    I’ve never been to Switzerland before but I’ve heard tons of amazing things there. It would be nice to visit that place someday with the family.

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    Wow! I have never been to Verbier and yes, I would love to learn the art of cheese making. The visit to Alpine pastures and lunch with the view sounds just perfect. Happy to know there is so much to do there. We hope to visit in the future.

  • June 21, 2021 at 11:20 am

    What a great travel guide to Verbier! I would love to visit there!!

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