Picturesque Places to Visit in Baden, Switzerland

When you visit a country as spectacular as Switzerland, you have multiple choices in front of you in terms of places to visit. Of all the cities, townships, and villages in Switzerland, places to visit in Baden, Zurich did attract me. At one glance, there are hardly any particularly spectacular places to visit in Baden. However, being there, and experiencing what the small town has to offer, you would realize places to visit in Baden are actually stunning.

Having booked a hotel at Neuenhof, Baden, I took the airport taxi to Baden. The taxi driver was of Turkish origin and could speak English. As we drove past the picturesque surroundings, he talked at length about the city. Nearly an hour's drive we reached the hotel. I must admit when he handed me a 125-frank bill, all the pleasantries we exchanged mattered little. However, fair is fair and it is what it is. I instantly realized places to visit in Baden involve costly surprises.

It was an impromptu decision to visit places in Baden and the adjacent township of Neuenhof. Hence, I had not planned on what to do after reaching the hotel. Checking in the hotel was an easy and smooth process. Glad to acknowledge that all the staff at IBIS Baden were able to speak in English. The exquisite room and the magical view from the window were so precious. Oh, by the way, their breakfast was worth every frank they charged.

About Baden

Baden is considered as the gateway to Zurich. Located on the bank of river Limmat, the old town is known as “Aquae Helveticae” after its calm and serene atmosphere. Even poetical language would not suffice to adequately convey the tranquillity experienced at Baden.

If you are not looking for the humdrum of city life and the grandeur of posh streets, places to visit in Baden are tailor-made for you. It is not that places to visit in Baden are entirely devoid of other attractions like festivals, museums, theatres, and old castles. However, visitors choose to spend their vacation at Baden thanks to its mild climate, hot springs, and enchanting sceneries. The very name of Baden means “bath” or “to bathe”. In fact, the entire town of Baden is a hub of wellness and thermal spas that have mineral-rich water. And for this same reason, foreigners and locals have been frequenting the town for decades.

It was my first experience in Europe and the ever-alluring view from my hotel room window, helped me forget the fatigue of the flight. I could hardly stay put. Although it felt like twilight as early as 4:00 PM, I ventured out unmindful of the cold breeze whizzing past. There are many places to visit in Baden that highlight the key sights of the town. Ideally, trekking or cycling around the area would be just the perfect bet. In any case, I was not looking forward to a blast of a time, but a few tranquil days.

About Neuenhof

Neuenhof is a smaller township in Baden. You will be surprised by some of the unique things to do and places you can explore at this lesser-known destination. You can definitely plan a few hours of a side trip here while traveling to Zurich or Lucerne. Certainly, it is one of the places to stop by to take a break and relax.

River Limmat

The very sight of River Limmat spiraling through the verdant terrain did enthrall me to the core. The river crosses the entire city. They say summer attracts crowds of people to the banks of the river for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing in the bright sunlight.

Apparently, the river is clean and safe except on cold and rainy days when the current is too strong. Narrow walking trails by the side of the river are just so perfect and would entice you to walk on. The shrubs and plants grown naturally are well maintained by the authorities. When in full bloom the entire area resembles a colourful carpet-clad valley.

The Holzbrücke-Covered wooden bridge

You are just drawn to it even as you walk near the bridge. The 39-meter covered wooden bridge connects two banks of the river Limmat. The bridge was built as early as the 13th century and had to be rebuilt almost half a dozen times after being destroyed each time. Designed by the famous architect, Blasius Balteschwiler, the existing bridge was built in 1809. It is a prominent spot at Baden.

Visit the Historic Museum, Bailiff's Castle

Baden is a pretty town spread on either side of the Limmat River. In and around the old town you will find many historical and ancient buildings. Bailiff's Castle is one such spot that now is converted into a museum. The museum is recommended to those who want to know about the establishment and development of Baden through the Industrial Revolution. Apart from that the museum would shed light on how the enchanting baths and natural spas were created in Baden.

Hiking And Trudging

The ridge path is just so attractive and apparently safe. I am not sure how many kilometers I hiked and strolled around the town and hilly terrain. If not for the fear of losing track of the trails, I would have kept the stride on. With the kind of cool weather and soothing ambiance, who would want to stop? Chirping birds and spiraling Limmat on one side and a few steps upward, a road where traffic was at a good pace, did push me to go on.

How to reach?

Baden is well connected by road and railway. From Zurich, Baden is nearly one hour's drive. And if you are boarding the train, it is hardly a 30-minute affair and much cheaper.

P.S. Spoken language and most of the signboards are in German in Baden. However, in my experience, the locals were extremely friendly and helpful. Hence, the language barrier could be nullified.



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