8 Delectable Rajasthani Dishes

India and its versatility are very well known. India's rich culture beholds the secret of unity in diversity. Every culture has its rituals, patterns, dishes, authentic food items, and cooking styles. India has original and well-known cooking styles as well as versatile dishes. The definition of Indian cuisine is precisely a mixture of love, purity, authenticity, cooking style, and authentic spices and herbs. Indian cuisines are different yet perfectly balanced. Approximately 31 dishes define Indian cuisines and according to the scientists, they have examined more than 2000 Indian dishes in a common thread. Indian dishes are most popular across the globe. They are liked and loved by the masses almost everywhere you travel. In this article, we will share one of India's 8 most quintessential mouthwatering Rajasthani dishes. I sincerely hope that you all will enjoy reading this and give these dishes a try.

Dal-bati, churma

Dal-bati and churma are authentically served on a complete platter. It also includes coriander chutney, kadhi, chach, gatte ki sabzi, garlic chutney, tomato chutney, and salad. Bati is prepared with coarse wheat flour and normal wheat flour. It is nicely kneaded with salt, curd, and water. Once the dough is ready, it should be kept aside for 15 minutes.

After that round equal balls should be made and roasted in a well-heated bati oven or in an earthen stove with cow dung cakes (kande). This gives bati a smoky taste. Once they are well cooked and golden brown they are greased with a lot of ghee and served hot with dal. The dal is prepared with Toor dal and an authentic flavourful Tadka of red chilies, garlic cloves, asafoetida, and mustard seeds. The third important element of this dish is Churma Ladoo. It is prepared with coarsely ground wheat crushed and cooked with ghee and sugar. This platter comes under one of the most popular Rajasthani dishes.

Gatte ki sabzi

Gatte ki sabzi is one of the most delightful Rajasthani dishes. It is a blend of authentic spices mixed in a perfect balance. This dish has 2 parts, first, the gate, and the 2nd is curry. Before making sabzi, Gatte is prepared with a dough of gram flour, salt, red chili powder, asafoetida, and water, after preparing the dough, small dumplings are prepared with the kneaded flour. For the curry, Indian spices like, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida, coriander seeds, coriander powder, beaten yogurt, garam masala, ghee, and ginger are required. After the preparation of the curry the gram flour dumplings are added to the curry and served hot with either chapati or dal-bati.  The perfect blend of spices makes this curry totally irresistible.


Ghever is a round, fried disc-shaped sweet prepared with ghee (clarified butter), all-purpose flour, ice, milk, dry fruits, and sugar syrup. The preparation style of this sweet is very different yet difficult. It is prepared by adding ghee and ice in a bowl. They both should be rubbed continuously and vigorously until the mixture becomes white in color. After that add flour and milk accordingly until you have a batter for flowing consistency.

To fry this Ghevan one must have a round mold. Keep the mold inside the ghee and add liquid batter little by little until the mold is covered. Make a hole in between the disc with a stick. Once they are nicely fried and golden brown, dip this Ghevar in sugar syrup for some time. Some people simply garnish the Ghevar with dry fruit and serve. Some people like to top it with fresh cream, Rabdi, or condensed milk. This sweet is listed as one of the most delightful Rajasthani dishes.

Kair Sangri

Kair sangri is one of the most expensive vegetables. It is around Rs.600/ kg. The dish is made with dried Kair berries and Sangri Beans. It is rich in protein and can be used as a diuretic. Also, it acts as a tonic and appetite stimulant. It is highly recommended for cold, cough, and asthma patients. Kair sangri is cooked simply and easily with common ingredients like Red Chillies carom seeds, salt, ajwain, and a couple of spices. It is extremely tasty leaving a lingering taste on your tongue.

Kadhi- Lapsi

It is a sweet, sour, and salty romance. This is another simple yet delicate dish. Kadhi is prepared with Chach, a little bit of gram flour, and an authentic Tadka of mustard seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves, salt, red chili powder, ginger, and garlic paste. The Lapsi is the sweet jaggery porridge prepared with ghee and water on low flame. When kadhi and Lapsi are eaten together, it'll give your mouth a blend of mixed flavors including sweet, salty, and sour.  It is among one of the most authentic Rajasthani dishes.

Mawa kachori

Mawa kachori is one uncommon kachori that is unlike other kachoris. The usual Kachoris are prepared with the spicy filling of potato, onion, and lentils. But this Kachori is prepared with a sweet filling of milk solids, dry fruits, saffron, and spices. Like the usual kachoris, they are prepared by making dough. It is then filled with a sweet filling, which is fried in ghee rather than oil. Once it is golden brown it is then dipped in sugar syrup. It can be served hot or can be stored for some time. The dish is mostly prepared during the time of Festivals or teej. This is among the most underrated Rajasthani dishes.

Bajre ki raab

Bajra is called the pearl millet. It is healthy and should be consumed for good gut health. Bajre ki raab is a hot liquid prepared with ghee, Bajra flour, water, jaggery, carom seeds, and ginger powder. It is mostly consumed in winter and is commonly consumed by breastfeeding mothers considering its high nutritional value. It is a complete and comforting food.

Bajra roti and lahsun chatni

Considering the nutritional value and taste of Bajra, many Rajasthani dishes are prepared with Bajra. One popular dish is Bajra chapati with Lahsun Chatni. It is one of the most common Rajasthani dishes, available at local markets, hotels, dhabas, and motels on the highway. Bajra roti is simply prepared with Bajra flour, and salt kneaded with water.

The Lahsun (garlic) Chatni is handmade and prepared on a grinding stone and not with an electric mixer grinder. It is believed by traditional locals that grinding all spices over stone will bring out authentic flavors of garlic and spices. Definitely, it takes time to prepare this authentic chutney. It is a blend of spices like fresh red chili, salt, red rock salt, a lot of garlic, coriander seeds, and ginger. Then it is blended over grinding stone until a smooth paste comes out. This dish is among the oldest and most traditional Rajasthani dishes.


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