One day in Lausanne, Switzerland

Each city, each town you visit in Switzerland makes you wonder, ‘Oh I wish I could stay here forever'. And then you look at the purse, and alas, realization strikes you at once. Well, jokes apart, Lausanne is one of the many dynamic and picturesque commercial towns in Switzerland. Even if you are short on time, spending just one day in Lausanne, you can cover most of the attractive spots therein.

Vibrant with various activities, the people-filled town is frequented by tourists and locals alike to spend at least one day in Lausanne. Multiple shopping areas, gourmet food outlets, flamboyant nightlife, several resorts and parks, and Lake Geneva and the Alps at a distance set the tone for your trip. Before moving on to other places, spend one day in Lausanne and enjoy the best of it.

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Lausanne – the best small city

Olympic capital of the world, yes, that is the most appropriate attribute given to the scenic town. Since 1994 Lausanne has been the Olympic capital. Besides this, you have several other reasons to spend one day in Lausanne. The proximity of Lake Geneva and the Alps, Architectural heritage, gothic structures, vintage churches, a cathedral, scores of university campuses, bustling city life and parks and more make this one of the unmissable places. A few of the highlights below:

  • 11 kilometres of shoreline along Lake Geneva
  • 360 hectors of parks and public gardens
  • 60 kilometres of cycle tracks
  • Headquarters of the international Olympic committee
  • Fifth largest city in the country
  • Cultural, educational, business and sports hub
  • Capital of Canton of Vaud

Stroll around the city

Leisurely wandering around the city best illustrates the enchanting atmosphere of the city. Since the city is built on three hills – Bourg, Cite, and Saint Laurent, at the valley of Lake Geneva, Lausanne effuses glamour and splendor. Certainly, there is no better way to explore the city when you have just one day in Lausanne. Strolling down the hill from the medieval Cité through the pedestrian Old Town to the main train station does the trick. The compact city is home to 20% of the population of Canton of Vaud. Despite the throng of people around, you will never cease to admire the sights all over. Escaliers du Marché to Place de la Palud, Flon to Rue Marterey, you have it all to feast your senses.

Saturdays and Wednesdays are the market days. Fill your purse and shell it all out. On Rue de Bourg, the central Place de la Palud, and Place de la Riponne stalls are erected. From the latest trends, and designer brands to street food, fruits and veggies, cheese and chocolates, you can shop, window-shop, just walk on till you drop.

Cathedrale Nortre-Dame de Lausanne

Built-in Gothic style between 1170 and 1240, Cathedrale Nortre-Dame de Lausanne continues to be an iconic structure in the city. Boasting a history of over a thousand years, the impressive structure is one of the most celebrated architectural wonders in the country. Although the Reformation period adversely affected the splendor of the structure, the largest cathedral in Switzerland continues to draw tourists in tens of thousands. Situated on a hill, the cathedral is surrounded by other buildings thereby partially obscuring its view. Obviously, you cannot miss this spot when you spend one day in Lausanne.

Olympic capital

Here you have the world's largest information center about the Olympic games. The International Olympic Committee was formed in 1894. Built-in 1993, The Olympic Museum shows off the amazing moments from the Olympic games through 150 screens and 1500 objects. Sounds superb? It certainly is.

On the steps to the museum details of each Olympic event are etched. The IOC and Omega designed the Countdown Clock to highlight the role of Lausanne as the Olympic capital. And it doesn't just stop there. The city is also home to over forty different international sports federations and organizations.

Hang out in Ouchy

Having spent the day strolling around the city, Ouchy has to be the spot to spend the evening. An ideal place to relax in all seasons. Dotted with posh hotels and shops, the lake-front landscape overlooking Lake Geneva attracts everyone.

Whiling away leisurely hours along the shore of the lake is going to be enchanting. People-watching, enjoying the local snacks, and swimming in the lake, you would not realize how time flies here. There is a ferry service at Ouchy offering cruises to destinations around the lake and all the way up to France.

Bel-Air Tower

Built-in 1932, the 55-meter-high tower is one of the skyscrapers in Switzerland. The 15-storey building accommodates offices, shopping complexes, houses besides an auditorium. The structure is listed as a Swiss cultural property thus making it worth visiting.

Explore Museums and Parks

Small city they say, yet the sheer number of museums, parks, and other cultural attractions here would amaze you. Apart from the Olympic Museum, there are other interesting places to hang out.

The Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts is devoted to contemporary design and arts as the name suggests. The Collection de l'Art Brut exhibits drawings, paintings, and sculptors by artists from the marginalized section of society. Below are a few more interesting places to visit when you spend one day in Lausanne.

  • Musée de l'Elysée
  • Hermitage Foundation
  • The palais de Rummine
  • The cantonal museum of fine Arts Lausanne
  • Lausanne Botanical Garden
  • Lausanne Opera
  • The space of inventions
  • Rolex learning center
  • Roman Museum Lausanne
  • Lausanne History Museum
  • Espace Arlaud
  • Hand Museum
  • Beau-Rivage Palace
  • The Maison Lavaux

View from the Cathédrale de Lausanne

Tourists visiting the cathedral make sure to capture the enchanting view from the top. The panoramic view covers the entire city along the expanse of Lake Geneva and the mountains beyond.

How to reach?

Swiss rail connects the town with the rest of the country and beyond. Major highways intersect the city while the passenger ferry connects the city beyond Switzerland. Geneva airport is 51 kilometers away from the city.



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