Adriti and Her Gonu Dada – Ganesh Chaturthi Special Story

Once again we are back with the Children's story. This is Ganesh Chaturthi special. It is a story of a little girl, Adriti, and I have named it ‘Adriti and Her Gonu Dada'. The story is a means of introducing the kids to Indian mythology and culture easily, in a manner approachable to them. ‘Adriti and Her Gonu Dada' is a story about little Adriti's encounter with Lord Ganesha, whom she lovingly calls ‘Gonu Dada'. She befriends Lord Ganesha and gets to know about him through conversations while gobbling laddoos. Well, laddoos are not only the favorite of Lord Ganesha but she too loves them. Through this story, she learns how wise, smart, loving, and dedicated Lord Ganesha is. She also gets to understand why he has an elephant head and what his body parts represent. I am sure, like their bonding in the story, in real life too, kids will place complete trust in him.

The Story

Since ‘Adriti and Her Gonu Dada' is a children's story, the hand-drawn illustrations are made appropriate for children, and the story is hand-written too. The story talks of Lord Ganesha's parents, siblings, and wives. It also narrates significant incidents from Mythology which focus on him.  Let's look into the story of this auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. Please refer to all the images to read the whole story.

The End

At the end of the book, Lord Ganesha, i.e., little Adriti's Gonu da, promises to send her the selfie he clicked with her. He did send it from Kailash, wishing her prosperity, knowledge, and wisdom. May Lord Ganesha bless all the children just as he blessed her, with prosperity, grace, true wisdom, and knowledge and shower them with happiness and love. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all. Lord Ganesha will remove all obstacles and usher prosperity and wisdom.



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